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Black Friday 2018 – Some Top Shopping Tips

Undoubtedly one of biggest shopping days of year, Black Friday’s have us eager with promise to score the best price on electronics, clothing and a whole lot more. That being said, remember that although you can score on some great deals, the hustle is tedious and some even end up losing out on fantastic bargains due to the lack of research.


Not to worry, we have it all covered for you here with shopping tips that will help you grab the best deals while avoiding overspending.

Starting out early

Gone are the days when looking for Black Friday shopping deals meant browsing through the adverts on the newspapers and tabloids one week before D-day. Now, the shopping event is far more complicated and sometimes morphed in to a whole month of deals and savings.

All through the event, you will notice online retailers regularly updating prices. Therefore, it is important that you check out the special offers leading up to Black Friday well in advance. Tracking specials being offered from your favourite retailers will help give you an idea of what the actual Black Friday deals could be... well, more or less.

Doing your homework

Being unprepared before heading out on Black Friday is a rookie mistake. Before Thanksgiving weekend, study the various online and print ads.

Signing for promotions by e-mails, on social media and via newsletters will give you access to offers made available by retailers that other shoppers may not have access to. Also ensure that you sign-up for these newsletters at least 2-3 weeks prior to Black Friday as it will give you ample time to get on their lists.

Getting Social

Generally, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are leveraged by retailers to engage with their followers as they try hard to boost engagement with their customers in the lead up to Black Friday.

More often than not, you will notice short engagement rewards which lead to special alerts, extra Black Friday discounts and other incentives.

Prioritizing your shopping list

Have your shopping list categorized in terms of their importance so that you can easily identify the items that you “must have” and focus on these first as you make your runs from store to store.

Loyalty Programs

Often, stores have a loyalty program in place offering sales and other promotions to members on the list that allow them to collect and redeem reward points. If you are part of any loyalty programs, inquire at the store on any special promotions and alerts for upcoming promotions, coupons and discounts for Black Friday.

Sticking to a budget

All shopping sprees come with a budget; therefore, allocating how much you need to spend on the items on the list will not leave you disappointed in the end. Resisting impulse buying isn’t easy especially when the prices are hammered down so much. So if you must grab an offer you can’t resist, balance it out with an item that is lower on your priority list.

Having a Game Plan in Place

There isn’t any time for window shopping on Black Friday as it is more of a hardcore shopping mega event and not having a plan of action on how you are going to go about it will have you lost in the shuffle.

Door buster deals are offered by all retailers to entice you to get into their stores, but knowing what you want ahead of time will help you purchase what you need and stay focused.

Compare prices before you head out

Spend time scouting prices of various stores online well before the Black Friday frenzy begins.

Getting to know the average retail price of the items on your list will help in scoring the best deal when you visit the store. Check for the various combination discounts that are available for the items you are interested in. Often accessories, would be an additional cost as stores offer only basic versions of items on large discount sales like Black Friday

Carrying the ads with you

This comes in handy especially when you need to call a particular store for getting their lowest prices as many stores have a policy that allows them to match or beat a price offer by a similar competitor store.

When you have the ads physically with you can show the advert as proof of difference if necessary. Don’t limit yourself to only newspaper adverts, collect print outs of any deals you find online.

Using Store Shopping Cards

Stores have a variety of channels via which they offer Black Friday discounts and more than often store credit cards have additional discounts on them that can reduce your overall spending while helping you get your hands on a great deal.

Grabbing Early Bird and Night Owl Specials

It is not uncommon for stores to run sales at odd hour – from past experience, we have seen that most early bird deals run anywhere between 4 am to 11 am to attract buyers and draw in a crowd.

Additionally, there also are midnight sales that run between 12.00 am to 4.00 am for those who fancy another round of the shopping fiesta.

Being aware of the store policy

Shopping decisions on Black Friday are made in a rush mainly due to the rate at which items run out. If for any reason you would need to return the item, you must be aware of what the stores exchange policies are.

Depending on how flexible or stringent they are will help you decide on whether you would prefer shopping there or whether a particular store needs to be avoided. Many stores create hindrances – like restocking fees-- so that customers avoid returning products they have purchased.

Check for finer details

In order to compensate for the reduced margins of profit, retailers push for add-ons such as extended warranty to the products purchased on Black Friday which are usually rife with exclusions and restrictions. This seen particularly on electronic items.