Yamaha ef2000is Portable Inverter Generator: Buyers Guide

When you think of portable generators, all kinds of things may come to mind. If you are considering investing in a generator, you are probably thinking of a very specific purpose. Maybe you need to use some corded power tools in a remote location, and don’t have a way to power them. Perhaps you are someone who often gives this advice: I would rather have one and not need it than not have one and need it.” The Yamaha EF2000is will give you peace of mind.

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Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw Review

With a powerful 55.5cc engine and 20-inch bar, the 455 Rancher is one of the most popular top end models for homeowners, ranchers and farmers. Excellent anti-vibration technology, rugged build quality and the ability to take up to a 24-inch bar make this a truly versatile chainsaw that you can depend on for the most demanding landowner jobs.

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Husqvarna 445 Chainsaw Review: Do All Homeowners Need One?

For many homeowners, a reliable gas-powered chainsaw is an essential power tool to have close at hand. Trimming overgrown trees is a yearly preventative maintenance that can keep your property looking great. It will also reduce the likelihood of heavy tree branches crashing into your home during a storm. Even with regular trimming, stronger storms may knock over unhealthy trees with shallow roots. Here again, having a chainsaw is vital for cleaning up. We hope that you find our Husqvarna 445 review helpful in making your decision of which model chainsaw to purchase.

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Poulan Pro PR500N21SH Review: High Maintenance?

Are you looking for a reliable and sturdy push mower that starts every time without a problem? If so, the Poulan Pro PR500N21SH lawn mower may be worth checking out. With a strong 140cc gas Briggs and Stratton engine and steel housing, this mower is built to last.

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Snap On 2000 psi Electric Pressure Washer Review

Snap-On is a company from Kenosha, Wisconsin which has been making high-end equipment and tools for almost 100 years. They are well known to mechanics and other technicians for their excellent power tools, hand tools, and storage systems.

Among their power tools are an excellent line of pressure washers. On the higher end of washers is the Snap On 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer. If you are looking for a strong device that will get out even some of the toughest dirt and grime, you should consider whether this model is right for you.

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Ultimate Guide To The AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer

There are few tasks more tedious than cleaning off a deck, sidewalk, or patio. The dirt and debris get ground into the very pores of the materials and no amount of scrubbing seems to ever get them clean. For this reason, people have to turn to something more powerful than just old-fashioned elbow grease.

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Ryobi Pressure Washer: Does It Deliver? Find Out Here.

A home pressure washer can be one of the best power tools in your garage or shed. The versatile of uses and the convenience of cleaning off any number of items with the power of water is something that almost every homeowner can appreciate. With the right pressure washer, you can keep all your outdoor equipment, sidewalks, decks, siding, etc. clean without having to scrub with a brush.

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The Yeti 150 Solar Generator From Goal Zero: All Good?

We might not like to admit it, but we have become very attached to always having power. Whether it is at home during an emergency, or when camping, electricity has become a necessity, and is no longer the luxury it once was.

The Zero Goal Yeti 150 Solar Generator, although named after a fictional snowman, has been receiving some rave reviews.

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Confused About Battery Types? Get The Answer Here.

Selecting a battery looks simple at first. It is only when you first start doing some research, that you realize selecting a battery is a much tougher decision than you initially thought.

You are probably already buried in data, not all of which are consistent between different sources. With this article I hope to you give you some more information on how lead acid batteries work, and some guidance on how to get the best out of them. Continue reading