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How to pressure wash your vehicle

Know the ways to wash your car or truck using a pressure washer.
There is a common misconception amid some car and truck owners that a pressure washer will damage the paint of their vehicles, as it is very powerful. However, the fact is that it is a safe working method to keep your vehicle as it is. Moreover, you will need little effort to clean your vehicle using a pressure washer. Another benefit is that this cleaning technique will not damage the fragile parts of your car or truck. This will make sure that problem areas, such as the wheel wells and the grill will be suitably cleaned.

Systematic method to wash your car or truck using a pressure washer

To get started

Before starting your washing process, move your vehicle to the open space. Then, close the doors, windows, and sunroof. Before washing, take loose items away from the bed. Take appropriate care to cover any uncovered electrical parts in your vehicle. Remove all obstacles in the area to allow you to have a comfortable car washing.

Once you have set up everything to wash your vehicle, follow these three easy and effective steps to clean your vehicle like a pro.

Step-1: Apply detergent bottom up to prevent streaking. Use a quality detergent to remove the dirt. Apply a delicate spray method to your vehicle using a 40-degree nozzle.

Fill the detergent tank with the car wash detergent and then attach a garden hosepipe to your pressure washer. Remove the stubborn dirt or mud and other tougher stuck-on insects from your vehicle by holding the lance at three feet from your vehicle. While washing the wheel wells, you have to get less within 6 inches. This is because they are inclined to be the dirtiest, particularly during fall and winter.

When you clean your car or truck after a long trip, you can use a cleaning brush accessory to grind off the bugs from the grill.

Make sure a bottom-up method to prevent the detergent from streaking on your vehicle.

Step-2: Leave your vehicle with the detergent for at least five minutes

When you finished the removal of grime and dirt from your vehicle, you have to allow the detergent to clean intensely into the surface. Allow it to sit some minutes while spraying it to keep it damp sporadically.

Step-3: Remove the detergent from run and wash it from top to bottom to have the best washing

Rinse the detergent all away after making sure that you disconnected it. Then, drag the trigger whilst pointing away from your vehicle to wash it from the system.

Now, once again spray your vehicle top down using a 40-degree nozzle. As before, keep the lance at three feet from your vehicle.

Take care of the delicate parts, such as light covers and mirrors, by backing away a foot away over those delicate parts.

If your car or truck is attached with stickers, spray them front on, rather than at any angle to prevent them from peeling.

While washing the tray or beds of your truck, it is better to use a more powerful spray nozzle. You can use a zero-degree or a 15-degree nozzle, according to the amount of dust accumulated in the beds and in the tray of your truck.

Choosing the best pressure washer to clean your vehicle

You can use a medium-duty gas or electric pressure washer´╗┐´╗┐ to clean your car or truck. This is because they are versatile and affordable, which are capable of hitting the spot with a safe pressure that ranges from 1,700 PSI to 3200 PSI. This will not damage the paint while removing the smudge from your vehicle completely.

Gas pressure washers

When you use gas pressure washers, you have to prepare to invest more money. However, you will get the required benefits for your money, as well. Some of the notable benefits include:

They will offer a powerful performance.

They are long lasting.

They can be operated without electricity, meaning they can be used in remote areas and job sites.

Thus, professionals and experienced contractors mostly use gas pressure washers.

Electric pressure washers

While opting for electric pressure washers, you have to consider two things, meaning you want either light duty equipment or heavy-duty equipment. Most electric pressure washers are used to clean around a home.

Useful tips on using your pressure washer safely

1. Use your pressure washer by standing on an even and firm surface to get solid footing and good balance.

2. It is safe to use an eye-protection device while using a pressure washer.

3. Avoid using gas pressure washers where there is little to no ventilation.

4. When using a gas pressure washer, it is safe to wear some hearing protection.

5. Avoid touching your electric pressure washer with your damp hands or without plugging it out from the socket.

Final thoughts

Pressure washers are available in different models and sizes with diverse cleaning skills. Whatever model and type you are buying, it is better to go through the user manuals that come with

the pressure washer. This will educate you on the way to set up the pressure, as well.