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Wondering how to find the best power tools or how to use them and make them last for years?

Then thetoolboss.com is the place for you. If you’ve ever shopped for tools, you know there is a lot of information out there, much of it conflicting. Is cordless better? Do batteries offer enough power? Does a gas engine really require more maintenance? How much of a pain is using an appliance with a power cord versus recharging batteries all the time? We answer all of those questions and more.

By seeing our reviews for each brand and model of chainsaw, reciprocating saw, pressure washer, leaf blower, wood lathe, log splitter, generator and just about any other home or contractor tool or appliance, you’ll be able to figure out which one is best for you right away by reading not only our reviews but also seeing what other users think. Whether you’re a do it yourselfer or professional contractor, we’ll give you comparisons of price, value, performance and most importantly – let you know what people who have already bought that tool think of it (and if they’d buy it again).

When you go into a hardware or big box store, it’s oftentimes easy to get distracted by all the shiny objects, whether they have motors or not. In my 45 years in the construction and engineering businesses, I’ve been in those stores more times than I can count and made a purchase on the fly, only to come home and not be happy with the tool at all. If I would have done just a little homework first, I would have realized that cool-looking grinder (insert your choice of tool here) really didn’t hold up to the advertising and wasn’t a good deal in spite of its sale price. I wish I would have looked at online reviews before I went shopping. (That's something that everybody takes for granted nowadays, but it really is a relatively new facility.)

Instead of walking into a retail store and guessing which make or model is best for you, take a look through our reviews. This is a quick way for you to find out if that tool will suit your needs and if it does everything you need it to do before making that purchase. Whether you’re working on a job site or just have some leaves to get rid of in the yard, you want the best tool for the job. Our reviews will help you make that choice. Even better, we can let you know where to get it so you really do get the best sale price.

Sometimes (oftentimes) you’ll find buying power tools online can get you the best price, but make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable dealer. Buying from a reputable online dealer ensures any manufacturer warranties will be in place should you need them. We scour the internet to find the best places to buy your new tools so you not only get a good deal but you’re also protected should something go wrong.

Once you get your new tool home, you’ll also find helpful articles here on how to use it best and keep it running for a long time. Whether you’re looking to fell a tree or looking for different ways to use your new leaf blower, you’ll find a lot of helpful information.

So with that said - get comfortable and take a look around. See what new products are on the market, and see if they’re right for you. We want you to have the best tool for every job, and we’re committed to helping you make the right decisions on what to buy so you can be your own tool boss too!

We know what it’s like when you’re considering a new piece of equipment for the home, garden or the  job site. We are committed to the task of thoroughly reviewing tools and equipment so you are better able to make a sound decision regarding which particular tool to purchase.

After more than 45 years of working in construction and engineering businesses, as well as having an extensive home workshop, you can rest assured that the benefit of the experience you are getting here is all good and should save you many hours of research to find the best product for your particular application.