How Long Do Septic Tanks Last?

If you’ve recently bought a home with a septic tank, you’re probably wondering how long do septic systems last, mostly because they can be big-ticket purchases. Well, the answer to how long do septic systems last depends on several factors such as construction material, soil acidity, water table and proper maintenance practices. If you’re thinking …

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Does Drano Damage Pipes?

Drano – the all-American chemical drain cleaner was introduced in 1923, and is formulated to clear clogs. It eats away quickly at softened grease and clogs in pipes in your home by generating intense heat at near boiling temperatures and several chemical reactions happen until the clog dissolves. But ask any professional plumber if Drano …

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Liquid Plumr vs Drano – The Battle of the Best Drain Cleaner

Your home is woven with pipes carrying fresh water into your taps and appliances such as dishwashers and dirty water out of your drains. When they’re working fine, you really don’t give drains any thought, but only remember them when clogged. Eliminating partially clogged drains or fully clogged drains can be a daunting task for …

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Plumbers Putty vs Silicone – Which Sealing Compound To Use?

Repairments and renovations are inevitable for any homeowner, whether it’s a leaky tub in your bathroom, toilet, faucet, shower, or another drain. When it comes to fixing these issues, there are generally two different sealants to choose from – plumbers putty and silicone.

How Long Does Plumbers Putty Take to Dry?

Plumber’s putty – the good clay-like stuff you apply to seal leaks under your sink, under faucets and much more. Plumber’s putty isn’t the same as silicone caulk, and is a handy thing to have in a plumber’s toolkit and homeowner’s toolkit.

50:1 vs 25:1 Oil Mix Ratio

Whether you are purchasing a new motorcycle or looking at a large array of power equipment such as chainsaws and string trimmers, there is a very good chance that the equipment you are buying is run by a 2-Cycle Engine. Even most outboard motors used in boating are 2-stroke engines. This may come with a …

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Can You Use Dish Soap In A Pressure Washer? – DIY Dawn Powerwash

Pressure washers including a gas pressure washer and electric pressure washer are indispensable cleaning solutions and can be used to get rid of stubborn dirt and debris from your deck, house, vehicle, patios, and any other environment in your home or office.  However, pressure washers will only get out stains without causing damage to your …

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