Weed Eaters

Cordless String Trimmers From Ryobi Tools

If nasty weeds plague your garden, never fear — the Ryobi string trimmer is here. Also known as weed eaters and many other names, a Ryobi string trimmer will take care of any lawn invaders that aren’t garden gnomes.

EGO Power + Cordless Brushless String Trimmer

You need a new weed trimmer. But, you don’t want one that is gas powered and creates pollution, and you don’t want to drag a heavy electrical cord around behind you while you work. What other option is there?

Husqvarna 324L Review

Are you looking for something to take your landscaping work to the next level? For many people, that thing is a string trimmer. A well-mowed lawn and a perfect garden are great, but a string trimmer can help you put those finishing touches on your outdoor area that can make all the difference.

Best 4-Cycle Weed Eater Buying Guide

If you want a perfectly maintained lawn and garden, a good weed eater is pretty much a must have nowadays. A good weed eater is great for a variety of jobs, including keeping the edges of your lawn and garden clean and uniform.

Makita Weed Eater XRU09 Cordless Review

A string trimmer is a great tool for putting those all-important “final touches” on your lawn. Once you are finished with the mowing, you could use a string trimmer to clean up everything from the edges of your lawn to the tough weeds and grass that a mower can’t handle!