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How to Clean a Concrete Driveway With a Pressure Washer

The driveway to your home is the first thing that you and your visitors encounter as they approach your home. Having a clean and tidy driveway not only enhances the overall curb appeal of your home but is also hygienically recommended. Like many homeowners, you have a concrete or brick driveway and you either use or intend to use pressure washing technology to achieve your cleaning objectives.

Granted, as good as this approach is it is, cleaning the driveway is not always a walk in the park especially if you have a concrete or brick driveway. The good thing is that this doesn’t have to be the case; you don’t have to spend a whole Saturday and involve everyone in scrubbing the driveway clean. As long as you do things right, and you have purchased the right pressure washer, you can have your driveway sparkling clean without taking unnecessarily long time and effort, and still have time to also clean your wood deck. So, what is the secret?

Adequate preparation

Adequate preparation might sound far-fetched to anyone who just picks the pressure machine and off to cleaning the driveway. This approach might seem easy and convenient but on the flip side it might be the very reason why your cleaning efforts end up being clumsy and never yield the expected results. Adequate preparation implies a number of things. For one, you have to understand the implications that a concrete or brick driveway has on your cleaning activities.

These kinds of surfaces are porous. This means they get dirty easily since dirt and other tiny debris get spaces to call home on these materials. In addition, tires of the

vehicles coming to your residence bring a host of unwanted substances that require to be removed effectively if the driveway is to be truly clean. Such irritating substances include oil, grease, dirt and all manner of grime. No wonder a pressure washer is the best option you have to get rid of all these.

However, having the right equipment is just part of the story; there are other considerations you should make as far as the pressure washer is concerned. The nozzle is a very important component of this device. It determines the force at which the water is gushed to the surface. The secret behind choosing the right nozzle lies behind the nature and type of the dirt, grime and stains on your driveway.

Basically, there are three types of nozzles and each is meant for a specific purpose.

The yellow colored 15 degree nozzle, the green- colored 25 degree and the black colored nozzle. The yellow nozzle is best used to prepare the surface by removing things like mildew or paint, dirt and can be used in these kinds of surfaces.

The green nozzle does an excellent job of sweeping away mud, dirt and leaves from the driveway, deck and sidewalks. The black colored nozzle is actually a low pressure accessory ideally used when applying detergents on the surface you are cleaning.The long and short of this is that you need to understand your driveway and the nature of dirt that you want to clean. How does all this affect the cleaning process?

The actual pressure cleaning

Cleaning this entry into your home is a process that basically involves the following four steps.

Clearing the driveway

This is involves removing anything that might interfere with the actual cleaning. You don’t want to encounter obstacles on the driveway that will impede the cleaning; move any cars away from the driveway. In simple terms, ensure your pressure washer and the water are not hindered by any items on the drive way.

Assess the driveway

In this step, establish the nature and stubbornness of the dirt and stains you have to contend with. This will determine the best nozzle or combination of nozzles to be used in the cleaning.

Remove the oil, grease and paint from the surface. Excess grease and oil on the surface can be a big challenge in the cleaning process. In case you have these substances sticking on your drive way, soak them up with saw dust or similar material. Alternatively, you can saturate such spots with engine degreaser or paint thinner for about 10 minutes. This will loosen and absorb much of the grease, oil and paint and have your surface ready for the next phase.

Make use of the right chemicals

Cleaning the driveway requires chemicals or cleaning agents that will not only remove the dirt but also sanitize the place. Use the right nozzle to pre-treat the surface with pressure-washer detergent or degreaser. The detergent will clear all the remaining stains and dirt and sanitize the surface in the process. The degreaser is necessary if there are spots where the preceding step did not eliminate the grease completely. There are many brands of detergents for use with this machine in the market. It is advisable to use eco-friendly detergents that will protect the environment and are safe to the people and life around. Allow the cleaning solutions sit on the surface for about to or so minutes.

Pressure wash

Using the right nozzle, preferably the green one, direct your high-pressure stream over the surface of your concrete or brick driveway, getting rid of grime and dirt as you move along. In case you have patches of the driveway that require to be chiseled off, the yellow colored nozzle comes in handy.

With these tips on how to pressure wash your concrete or brick driveway you will have clean and hygienic with much less effort and time. The results will always leave you satisfied and proud of at least four things; your pressure machine, your concrete or brick driveway and of course, your newly-acquired cleaning prowess.