Pressure Washer Buying Tips


A good pressure washer gives great value for home and professional jobs alike. Pressure washers can be used for nearly everything including automotive cleaning and deep cleaning stain removal. They offer sufficient liquid power for various types of cleaning jobs around the home.

Water pressures have water streams that vary in strength; some blast with sufficient power to strip paint and others are able to wash away most stubborn stains. This is the reason why it’s important to continue reading this post to find out how to buy a pressure washer that best suits your needs:

Hot vs. Cold

Most models generate cold water pressure making them work just fine in many applications. One advantage of a Ryobi cold washer is just it enables the engine to focus on generating both force and pressure instead of heat. In addition, cold washers are the most common types on the market today. This is not to say that cold washers don’t exist. Hot pressure washer models offer similar benefits as traditional washers with the extra cleaning power of hot water as an additional advantage.

Gas vs. Electric

One huge benefit of gas pressure washers is that they clean much faster. This is because they have high pressure and flow rates. They are able to take on any kind of job you throw at them, like this snap on washer, even heavy concrete cleaning.

Some of the advantages of electric models include; they are smaller, potable and weigh half the weight of other models. Electric models also start up immediately the trigger is squeezed and will shut down as soon as the trigger is released. You won’t have to worry about the pump getting damaged due to extended idling. They can also be comfortably used indoors as they don’t have exhausts, but that isn't really advisable! There are some great new models around as well, check out this model from Greenworks.

Gas; however is the best model if you want a maximum power washer and the job done much faster.

Two Critical Ratings

There are two ratings that all pressure washers carry that impact on their cleaning power: the rate of water flow (measured in gpm- gallons per minute) and pressure (measured in psi- pounds per square inch). Although a model with lower ratings can perform almost any cleaning jobs as effectively as a powerful machine can do, however a pressure washer with higher ratings does the job much faster.

Although a higher pressure model performs much faster, do not allow insignificant differences in psi to influence your decisions on what models to purchase. For instance, there is no big difference between a 2,800 psi machine and a 3,200 psi model.

Consider the spray nozzle.

A second-story siding as well as other raised parts can be cleaned effectively using telescoping wand. Note that it is not recommended to operate a pressure washer from the ladder. The size of the spray, which range from concentrated jet to 40-degree fan, can be adjustable by attaching different tips or twisting the nozzle.

Consumer vs. Professional

Consumer pressure washer models are not able to withstand more frequent usage and tougher environments as the professional washers. For the gas-powered versions, this means a much bigger and powerful engine as well as more horsepower. There are also electric models. These professional pressure cleaners offer higher amperage compared to the consumer models. In addition, they work with a wide range of professional accessories that enable you do even more with this machine.

Consumer pressure washer models come at a cheaper price compared to the professional models. However, many of them still give heavy duty power. Depending on the pressure level, these models can clean second story siding, patio surfaces, outdoor grills and more effectively, Generac currently offer a great range of gas powered models. For basic home projects such as seasonal outdoor cleaning, the best models are the consumer washer machines.

The Hose is very important

Although nearly all high-pressure hoses are a hassle to wrestle with, however some are much stiffer and more stubborn compared to others. You may find the unit dreadful if the hose keeps fighting with you during usage and even storage. Best hoses are flexible, easy to unroll and do not retain much coil memory. The worst ones are bulky and thick and retain their coil memory. This makes them much tougher to work with and store.


A pressure washer can make a time consuming and difficult job very easy task that you can complete in no time. The most important step however is to choose the right unit for the job. You do not want to acquire more power than you require. Alternatively, if you do not have sufficient power, you are likely to spend a lot of time on the cleaning job. This is why you need to know how to choose which pressure washer to buy.