Best Time To Weed and Feed Lawn

Your lawn is generally the centerpiece and the pride and joy of your garden, especially in the summer months when you can show it off to your family and friends. You want it to be a healthy lawn that’s the envy of your neighbors— not one that’s full of weeds and balding of grass.

Best Time to Dethatch Lawn

A lawn is the pride and joy of any garden, and you want to be able to show it off, so it should be thick, lush and vibrant green—not yellowy-brown with a matted mess of dead grass, roots and stems. If your lawn is like this, it needs dethatching to get it back to its …

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How to Pressure Wash a Deck With a Power Washer

My deck looked so awesome when it was new… do I get it back to its former glory? A new wooden deck adds so much to your home. Not only does it bring personal enjoyment by adding to the existing leisure areas of your house, but also by adding dollar value to your property.

Different Types Of Battery

Selecting a battery looks simple at first. It is only when you first start doing some research, that you realize selecting a battery is a much tougher decision than you initially thought.

Essential Chain Saw Safety Tips

A powered chainsaw is a potent tool for a number of jobs, ranging from heavy duty landscaping to timber harvesting to more whimsical tasks such as intense wood carving and ice sculpture.