What is Husqvarna X-TORQ® Engine?

X-TORQ® is the latest technology from Husqvarna for 2 cycle gasoline/oil mix fueled engines, which it claims will reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, as well as lowering noxious emissions by up to a whopping 60%. This technology causes the engine torque output to increase over a wider rev range, thereby delivering maximum power. The …

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Makita JR3070CT AVT Reciprocating Saw Review: Poor Shoe Design?

If you’re looking for a sturdy reciprocating saw that can be used for a variety of jobs from cutting through nails to metal to drywall and wood, then the Makita Sawzall JR3070CT might be just the tool you need. It has less vibration than other saws of this type, due to the unique Makita AVT technology. This …

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Champion Power Equipment 7-ton Log Splitter Review

If you’ve recently started heating with wood, you have probably discovered that splitting wood by hand is hard work and, well, not all that fun. You may have started to do some research into log splitters, and come upon the Champion 90720 7-ton splitter as a possible purchase.

7 Clever Ways to Use a Leaf Blower

Of course we all know we can use a leaf blower to well… blow leaves and keep the driveway and flower beds clean, but did you know it can be so much more useful? With that in mind, here are seven other innovative ways to get the most out of this handy outdoor tool.

Backpack Leaf Blowers Vs Lightweight Leaf Blowers

If you have decided to buy a leaf blower, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you require a lightweight blower designed for light yard work or are you in search of a heavy-duty machine to fulfill commercial property needs.

Delta Industrial 46-460 Midi Lathe Review: Too Small?

Are you looking for a simple to use lathe to turn spindles, bowls, pens, ornaments or other small projects? If so, keep reading this Delta Industrial 46-460 Midi Lathe review. This lathe is not only sturdy and heavy duty, it also won the Editor’s Choice Best Overall Award in Taunton’s 2012 Tool Guide.