Your Guide On How To Operate A Leaf Blower

Since they were introduced onto the markets in the 70s, the leaf blower has rapidly turned into an important labor and time saving tool for cleanups for homeowners and landscape maintenance companies. A leaf blower is an efficient tool for cleaning debris, grass clippings and leaves from construction sites, parks, driveways, sports arenas, parking lots and sidewalks.


In these particular situations a leaf blower is regarded as far more cost and time efficient when compared to a broom or a rake. In addition, leaf blowers are also utilized to clean areas that are covered by bark or mulch and are better than using a hand tool. When they are used in the correct manner there should be little or no disturbance caused to surface areas.

What Is The Role Of The Leaf Blower?

You are able to use a leaf blower to perform the following functions:

•Vacuum leaves

•Gather and remove leaves

•Remove and gather up grass clippings

•Clean up parking lot areas

•Break up or dislodge grass that has become matted

•Clean out rain gutters

•Dry pavements and driveways

•Clean construction and farm equipment

•Remove fluffy or light snow

•Clean amusement parks and arenas

Leaf Blower Types

Leaf blowers are divided into 2 main types that include the backpack models, such as the Husqvarna 350BT backpack blower and the 130BT as well as handheld models. Both of these models are typically powered using a 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine. A few of the handheld blowers will include a vacuum-blower combination. Today there are a variety of models, performance options and attachments for different types of application. When comparing the models that were manufactured in the early part of the 90’s, the current leaf blowers have been manufactured to be far cleaner and quieter. The newer models are very powerful indeed. Check out our review of the new 360bt from Husqvarna.

How To Use Your Leaf Blower

Before using any type of leaf blower, it is always advisable to read through your instruction manual that will be provided. If you happen to buy a second hand model you can locate an instruction manual off the manufacturer’s website. It is important to understand how the leaf blower is supposed to work and the correct way to operate the device before you get started. Below are a few general rules you should be aware of:

•Do not allow children to operate the leaf blower

•Be careful when using your leaf blower and avoid pointing a leaf blower that is in operation at pets or people

•Ensure that any bystanders along with other operators are a minimum of 50 feet in distance. Also stop the device if someone is approaching you

•Avoiding operating a leaf blower if you are sick, tired or are currently taking medication that may cause you to become drowsy

•Do not use the leaf blower in a poorly ventilated area or indoors

•Inspect your leaf blower before and while you are using it to ensure the safety devices, parts and controls are all in good working order

•Never modify your leaf blower in any way that has not been authorized by an original manufacturer

•Never operate your leaf blower when standing on unstable surfaces, on a tree, rooftop or ladder. There are nozzle attachments that are provided with a variety of models that are designed to assist you in reaching these places

•Work carefully with your leaf blower and be responsible, courteous and safe

When operating your leaf blower you need to ensure you are dressed correctly. This can include hearing protection such as earmuffs or ear plugs, and goggles. It is also advisable to wear heavy-duty and non-slip work gloves, protective clothing that includes long pants and sleeves.

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