Husqvarna 150BT Review Backpack Blower With Enough Power?

Are you looking for a mid-size backpack-style leaf blower with a powerful engine? Whether you’re cleaning up your yard occasionally or working around the neighborhood during the fall, the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower will get the job done.

What Type Of Engine Does It Have?

The 150BT gets its power from an X-Torq® engine that is designed to reduce exhaust emissions up to 60 percent, and it can increase fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent. The cylinder displacement is 50.2 cm3 with a 2.15 horsepower output.

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What Is The Blowing Capacity of the Husqvarna 150bt Blower?

This Husqvarna has a high, powerful blowing capacity and a very efficient fan design to deliver high airflow and speed.

Is It Easy To Start?

This leaf blower features an air purge system that takes air from the carburetor and the fueling system, so it starts easily. Most users say it starts on the first pull, and occasionally it takes two pulls to get it going. One user says if it’s cold, it might take two or three pulls, but if it’s warm it starts on the first try.

Is The Harness Comfortable?

The included backpack harness is padded and ergonomically designed.

It has many different adjustments, so there’s a very good chance you’ll find it comfortable. Another review from a woman who is 52 years old and weighs 125 pounds says she finds it very comfortable and easy to use.

Does The 150BT Have Cruise Control?

It does have a cruise control system. There’s a knob on the throttle that holds the speed.

Does It Include A Vacuum?

Unfortunately, this is a leaf blower only.

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What Type Of Gas Does It Use?

This blower comes with a 2.6 ounce bottle of oil, and you’ll need to add your own non-leaded gas. One user review says mixing one liter of fuel with 20cc of the oil works very well. The manufacturer recommends a 50 to 1 ratio of gas to oil.

Also, if your mix of fuel has been sitting for more than a month or so, it can clog up the carburetor, so be sure to mix up a fresh batch. Of course, when tossing it out, make sure you dispose of it at an authorized repository site.

Extended Warranty Option

You can extend your warranty period on this tool by purchasing oil at the same time as the tool itself. If you purchase a 6 pack of oil, this will extend your warranty by 1 year to a total of 3 years.

If you purchase premixed fuel at the same time, you will be able to extend your warranty by 3 years for a total of a 5 year warranty period.

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Husqvarna Pre Mixed Fuel
This is the one to buy to extend your warranty by three more years for a total of 5 years.

What Is The Speed Versus Volume?

This machine is 150BT and runs at 250MPH. The high MPH is actually better for moving heavier leaves around or even wet grass. A different model, like the 350BT works better for moving large piles of mulch or leaves. This machine also comes with different nozzles so you can adjust the airflow and speed.

What’s The Difference Between This And The 350 BT Model?

The main difference is that the 350BT model has a bigger tube diameter, so it has a higher volume of air, but it also has less force. So, you get a higher CFM with a lower MPH. Both are good machines, but the 150 will blast out a more concentrated blast of air but not as quickly as the 350 model.

What Is The Air Flow And Speed Rate?

The air flow in the housing is 392 cfm; air flow in the pipe is 434 cfm. The air speed is 251 mph, and the air speed using the round nozzle is 214.75 mph.

What If I Have Trouble Getting It To Start?

One user had an issue in that the unit wouldn’t start. If this happens, first and foremost check the red thumb switch is set to the “on” position. Many users have the best luck if they leave it in the idle position, then prime it, choke, and start.

What’s The Safest Way To Operate It?

When you’re using this type of equipment, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re wearing hearing protection and have some type of safety goggles or eye protection to protect your eyes from flying debris.

Wearing protective gloves is optional but may help some users. You might even want to wear a protective mask if the area where you’re blowing leaves is particularly dusty.

Above all, always be sure to read the instruction manual.

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When Should I Not Use It?

Never use the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower indoors or in an unventilated area. Fumes from the exhaust need proper ventilation as they contain carbon monoxide, just like a car engine. No gas leaf blowers should be operated in a confined space.

It’s also best not to use a backpack blower if it’s a really windy day, and not just because the leaves you’re blowing may blowback where you don’t want them.

How Do I Get It Started?

Once you’ve ensured everything is in good working order, push in the primer bulb until you see fuel flowing into the clear tube. While the motor is cool, close up the choke. Then, set the lever position. It has four different positions: Full Throttle, about 1/3 open, idling, and stop.

Then, hold onto the blower firmly with one hand. Pull the starter knob with the other slowly until you can feel it engaging. After that, give it a strong pull.

How Do I Maintain It?

First, always make sure it’s switched off and the spark plug is disconnected prior to doing any maintenance on your machine. Check around the ignition wiring, fuel line, and muffler to make sure there isn’t any damage that needs to be repaired.

Oil or lubricate any moving parts, replace the spark plug if needed, and always make sure the gas and oil are topped off to keep your unit in the best running condition.

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How Do I Store It?

Make sure to store your backpack blowers in a dry space, preferably indoors. Make sure the space is cool and well ventilated. If you’re packing it in for the season, it’s best to perform any maintenance necessary prior to storing it away.

Is It Easy To Assemble?

As with most leaf blowers, there are quite a few parts to this blower that you’ll need to put together after unpacking it from the box. First, you’ll connect the swivel joint and blower with the included flexible hose. The hardware you need to clamp them together is included.

Then, you’ll attach the throttle holder to the swivel with the included screw.

Next, fasten in the throttle cable to the hose. If you choose to attach the handlebar, you’ll do that next. The blower tubes come next. The blower tube twists on, so no hardware is needed for this step.

Lastly, adjust the harness. Try it on, and tighten the straps on the side so the pressure is distributed evenly across your shoulders. Adjust the waist belt until it is comfortable for you, making sure the weight of the blower is resting on your hip.

Tighten the buckle at the front so it is secure. If you choose to not use the waist belt, it’s best to leave it off entirely than keep it hanging loose as its worn.

Features of the 150BT Leaf Blower

* Engine: 50cc

* Air Speed: 250 MPH

* Cylinder Displacement: 50.2 cm3

* Weight: 22.5 lbs.

* Fuel Tank Volume: 42.24 fluid ounces

* Fuel Consumption: 455g/kWh

* Spark Plug: NGK CMR7H

* Warranty: 2 years

Pros of The Husqvarna 150BT

* Lightweight

* Easy to start

* Reliable

* Comfortable to wear


It seems like the only feature users would like to see in this model is the option of a leaf vacuum in addition to the blower. However, you would usually have to pay a lot more for an option like that, and many users just don’t need it. There are 70% Husqvarna 150bt reviews on amazon that are 5 stars.


If you’re looking for a lightweight backpack blower that is comfortable to wear and starts and runs easily, the Husqvarna 150BT leaf blower is a really good choice. In reviews, it gets 4.5 out of 5 stars with good reason. It’s solidly built, reliable and is great for any leaf blowing job you have to get done.

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Husqvarna Pre Mixed Fuel
This is the one to buy to extend your warranty by three more years for a total of 5 years.

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