How to Pressure Wash a Deck With a Power Washer

My deck looked so awesome when it was new… do I get it back to its former glory? A new wooden deck adds so much to your home. Not only does it bring personal enjoyment by adding to the existing leisure areas of your house, but also by adding dollar value to your property.

Pressure Washer Buying Tips

Introduction A good pressure washer gives great value for home and professional jobs alike. Pressure washers can be used for nearly everything including automotive cleaning and deep cleaning stain removal. They offer sufficient liquid power for various types of cleaning jobs around the home.

How to Winterize Your Pressure Washer

Have you ever stashed away your power washer in good working condition during winter only to realize that it was not working a month or so later? This is because you did not follow the basics of how to winterize a pressure washer. Read on to find out how to go about it.

How to Safely Fell a Tree with a Chainsaw

Whether you have trees in your yard or just need the firewood, knowing how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw in the safest and most effective way possible is a great thing to learn.

What State Gets The Most Snow?

According to the National Climatic Data Center, Syracuse in New York receives the most snowfall on an average annually. The average snowfall recorded in this state is 123.8 inches a year. Other states that follow in terms of the highest average snowfall are Wyoming, Vermont, West Virginia and Alaska, all four of which recorded an average of …

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Husqvarna History — Where is Husqvarna From?

Husqvarna AB is a huge company with a passion for quality products and a highly trusted brand by many people. The Husqvarna group is a company that sells a range of quality products such as lawn mowers, sewing machines, chainsaws, garden tractors, string trimmers, power cutters and a lot more.