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How to Pressure Wash a Deck With a Power Washer

Everything You Need To Know On How To Pressure Clean Your Wood Deck

A wood deck is a great investment that improves the existing space by adding value to your home. Protecting such an investment not only makes it more appealing but extends its durability. You should clean and treat your deck in every 2-3 years.

If you do not take good care of your decks, it will stain and appear weathered from barbecue grease and so on. You can protect your decks from weathering and stains by pressure cleaning.

The question is, how do you know it is time to pressure clean? Well, the answer is simple by testing with water beading. Trickle some water on the deck, and if it drenches you know its time, but if beads of water form on the wood surface then your deck is fine at the moment.

Using pressure to clean a deck is quite convenient and efficient than brushing by hand. The article below will show you how to pressure clean your wood deck in the best way possible. You could use this model from Ryobi, not too expensive.

Different types of pressure washers (Sun Joe washers included), come with different abilities. You must read the manufacturer's guide carefully prior starting any cleaning project to ensure the particular model is suitable for the job.

NEVER at any moment disregard the instructions given by the manufacturer for your safety.

If you do not own a pressure washer, put your worries aside as you can rent at the home centers, the popular ar 383 which is available as of $40 per day.


Before beginning, make sure your working space is ready.

To prevent sliding or tripping remove all obstacles from your work area.

Ensure the plants close by, light fixtures and electrical components are covered.

Get rid of the loose debris by sweeping.

Make sure the windows and doors close by are locked.

When selecting the appropriate area to place the pressure washer, put into account the currents of the air and wind.

Settle on the suggested spray pattern or else the spray tip for the work. This kind of information is available in the pressure washer manual, which comes with most models like the Simpson model here.

Cleaning With A Pressure Washer

To ensure you get the best results, experiment with the distance and the spray pattern on the deck area that is inconspicuous prior cleaning.

Do not forget to examine the high-pressure spray on a concealed region to be certain that the settings cannot damage the surface of your deck.

Applying The Cleaner

Use a wood cleaner created for pressure washers with a soap nozzle of low pressure.

Rub the detergent starting from the bottom heading to the top of the surface.

Scrub off the solution using a brush in between the deck balusters and the tight edges.

With every pass cover the thickness of some few boards with the cleaning solution.

For the stained and dirty areas, scrub using a rotating brush.

Avoid working on hot surfaces or regions that are exposed to direct sunlight

Leave the detergent on the surface for the time indicated in the manufacturer’s guide.

The detergent should not be left to dry on the surface.

Since you have now completed the procedure of applying the cleaner, now it's time to follow all the instructions of the pressure washer manufacturer so as to flush out the detergent from the deck.

Spraying Off The Cleaner

Use the grain of the wood to spray the cleaner off the deck

When rinsing, start from the top down to avoid streaks. For extra cleaning use overlying passes.

Leave your deck for 48 hours after spraying to dry then apply the sealer following the instructions of the manufacturer.

Upon completing your cleaning task, use the washer manufacturer's guide for reducing water pressure, eliminating liquid from the pump and the for correct storage.

Pressure Washer Safety

Below are general instructions that you must follow when using a pressure washer

You should have knowledge of turning off the pressure and discharging pressure from the system.

When operating a pressure washer, make sure you are on a steady surface, a stable footing and right balance.

When the pressure washer is working, you should NEVER leave a wand or a spray gun neglected.

Always be aware of the direction of the pressure washer spray

Ensure anyone near where you are using a power washer is wearing an eye-protective specified in the guide.

NEVER make a mistake of directing a wand or a pressure washer at human beings, animals or plants.

To use the cleaning chemicals, you must stick to the manufacturer’s guide


NEVER work with the pressure washer pump when the water supply is not connected and switched on. The manual may suggest leaving the pressure washer for a few minutes after use to allow it to rest.

NEVER operate a pressure washer which is powered by gasoline indoors or in an area without the right ventilation. Place the engine exhaust far away from busy areas.