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Best Battery Testers: ZTS MBT-1 Made in the USA

Choosing the best battery tester isn’t as simple as it sounds. With numerous models on the market, it can become a little overwhelming. As this article will explain, all battery testers are not the same. Believe me, you’re going to be surprised.

Before I let you in on the truth behind battery testers, consider this. Batteries are so common in our daily lives that most of the time we forget we are using them.

Call them what you will, flat battery, discharged battery, run-down battery, completely dead battery, whatever – they look the same when they’re fully charged as when they’re dead.

That’s the frustrating thing!

This clever gadget will take away all those frustrations.

Test all your batteries
ZTS Multi Battery Tester - ZTS MBT-1 [New 2019 Version] With Pouch & Cleaning Cloth Kit
Limited testing range
ZTS Mini Battery Tester (MINI-MBT) Bundle with Protective Soft Case for MINI-MBT Battery Tester
ZTS Mini
Test all your batteries
ZTS Multi Battery Tester - ZTS MBT-1 [New 2019 Version] With Pouch & Cleaning Cloth Kit
Limited testing range
ZTS Mini Battery Tester (MINI-MBT) Bundle with Protective Soft Case for MINI-MBT Battery Tester
ZTS Mini

ZTS Battery Tester Review – Best Home Battery Tester: ZTS MBT1

The following are what I consider to be the best battery load testers available. Each one has been carefully researched to ensure it meets all the necessary requirements in a powerful unit. If you are looking for the best car battery tester, then see our review here.

The Best Household Battery Tester

ZTSMulti Battery Tester
Probably the most functional battery testing unit around
Once you've used this, you won't want to look at any others
Easy peasy to use

ZTS MBT-1 Multi Battery Tester Review

ZTS is a US company that has specialized in electronic testing equipment since its creation in 1976.

The MBT-1 is probably the most versatile battery checker on the market.

The MBT-1 has been updated for 2020, and can now test a wider range of lithium button type cells.

this is the best battery tester

What Cells Can It Test?

Naturally, you would expect this machine to test alkaline, NiMH, and NiCd rechargeables—and of course, it does. However, it’s the ability to test other formats as well that initially make this unit stand out. It’s almost a universal battery tester.

Is This The Best Battery Tester For Small Batteries?

Barring combined cells (as in power tools) and the enormous 6-volt batteries found in older 35mm cameras—there are few batteries it cannot test.

It can test small button and coin cells such as the “LR44” and “3v lithium CR2032”.

Additionally, the more substantial 18650 batteries are catered for.

I have provided a complete list of battery compatibilities in the specifications section.

Is This The Best 18650 Battery Tester?

It has to be the most reliable tool for analyzing your 18650 batteries and tells you the battery condition. You can find the best 18650 battery charger here.

Is This The Best Tester For Rechargeable Batteries?

Absolutely! This will certainly test your rechargeables, and it’s also very portable.

Is This The Best Tester For Home Use?

Yes, we’re sure that currently there is no better alternative. It will test a large variety of dry cells, it’s a button cell/coin cell battery tester, a 3-volt battery tester, it will test CR3032, CR2, and CR123 batteries. It will also test your 18650 flashlight batteries.

It will test D cells as well as AA and AAA cells, both alkaline and Lithium. It is also a 9v battery tester.

How Does It Test Batteries?

The MBT-1 uses the pulse load system. Therefore, it is perfect if you want to know the exact status of your battery, not just the voltage.

There is no requirement for the user to manually select settings. The unit automatically recognizes the battery type and performs the correct pulse test.

After approximately two to three seconds (dependent on battery) the results are given. The unit automatically cuts off after the test to prevent unwanted drain.

Probably the top battery tester around
Once you've used this, you won't want to look at any others
Easy peasy to use

What I Like About the ZTS MBT-1 Multi Battery Tester

  • Tests over 40 different battery types, including button cells
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Performs its own internal battery test.
  • Detailed charge status indicator.
  • Uses pulse load testing, not voltage.
  • Excellent flashlight battery tester.
  • Checks more than just the battery voltage.
  • Clear test results, quickly see the status of your battery.
  • Alkaline battery checker as well as lithium.

What I Don’t Like About the MBT-1 Multi Battery Tester

  • A little bulky for portable use.

Final Thoughts on the MBT-1 Multi Tester

It’s difficult to see how this quality battery tester could be improved.

Pulse-load testing, combined with a detailed LED display, will ensure you always know the current condition of your cells.

ZTS Multi Battery Tester
Probably the most useful battery checker around
Once you've used this, you won't want to look at any other battery analyzers
Easy peasy to use battery

MBT-1 Specifications


8 inches by 4.5 inches by 1.25 inches


14.5 ounces

Internal Power

4 x AA Cells

Pulse load

Dependent upon the type of battery tested



Pulse Load Test Time

Between 2 to 3 seconds

Terminal Material

Brass with a nickel plating

Cell Compatibility

3.6-volt lithium-ion rechargeable (RCR123A – 18500 -17650-18650)

1.5-volt button cell (364377 – 371 – 392 – 395 – S76 – A76 – A625 – A640 – LR44 357 – 303)

1.2-volt nickel-metal hydride rechargeable (NiMH)

1.2-volt nickel-cadmium rechargeable (NiCd) (AA – AAA – C – D)

1.5-volt lithium (AA L91 – AAA L92)

3-volt lithium-coin (CR1216 – CR1220 – CR1232 – CR1612 – CR1616 – CR1620 – CR1632 – CR2016 – CR2025 – 58L – 1/3 N – CR2032 – CR2320 – CR2430 – CR2450)

6-volt “28” series (28A – S28 – 28L – 544 – 4LR44)

3v battery tester lithium cylindrical (CR123 – CR2)

1.5-volt alkaline (AA – AAA – C – D – N)

12-volt alkaline (A23)

9-volt alkaline and carbon-zinc

ZTS Multi
Probably the finest battery tester around
Once you've used this, you won't want to look at any other models
Excellent aa tester

ZTS Mini-MBT Multi Battery Testers Review

It would be hard to improve on the ZTS MBT-1 reviewed above. The Mini version may not be an improvement, but it does take it in a slightly different direction.

​This is possibly one of the best battery testers for small batteries out there.

ZTS Multi Tester Mini
Probably the second most useful battery tester around
Works just like its big brother, will test a smaller range of cells
Great tester aa aaa
Has great battery load tester reviews
Comes with soft pouch
Easy peasy to use

What Exactly Can It Test?

Please check below in the specifications for the exact battery sizes. But, in short, it can test nickel rechargeable batteries, standard and 9-volt alkalines, 18650s and 3-volt coins.

This will cover the majority of batteries that most people have in their household, this machine can test over 15 different types.

How Does the Mini-MBT Perform The Test?

As a good load tester, it uses a pulse-load test. It’s good to see that, despite being scaled-down, this feature has not been omitted.

Ease of Use

Like the MBT-1, using the mini version is simple. Place the positive end of the battery on the unit contact and a probe on the other, that’s it!

The contacts are still large and therefore comfortable to keep a battery in contact at all times. Even people with larger hands will find that operation is simple, despite the transportable size.

Once the microprocessor has powered into life and the two-second test is complete, the LED flashes. This indicates the remaining capacity in the cell—20, 40, 60, or 80 percent.

Size, Weight, and Build

If provenance is important to you, this tester may appeal. It is both manufactured and supplied from its US base in Ohio. They’ve been making quality battery analyzers for years.

However, it’s the size, weight, and build of this unit that makes it most appealing. Weighing just 3 ounces and measuring 4 inches by 2.5 inches, it can easily be placed in pockets or a drawer. That’s lighter and smaller than many smartphones.

This small unit is still sturdy and well-protected. The edges are rubberized to protect from bumps and scrapes. Furthermore, the “flat-face” design and lack of perspex, glass, or buttons, means there is little to be damaged or broken.

A textured edge allows the tester to be gripped firmly, even when being used with oily hands. This reduces the chance of accidental droppage.

What I Like About the ZTS Mini-MBT Small Battery Tester

  • Small and light—easily transportable and comfortable in the pocket.
  • Tests the most common cell sizes found in devices—and more.
  • This tester is made in the USA.
  • Large contacts and text are not compromised due to the overall size.
  • Pulse-load test—not voltage.
  • Probe and cable slot neatly into the tester’s side.
  • Sturdy with rubber-treaded edges.
ZTSMulti Tester Mini
Probably the second most useful dry cell tester around
Works just like its big brother, used to test a smaller range of batteries
Good battery tester household review
Anyone can use it to check battery s health
Simple to use battery tester

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Lacks testing ability for some cells—check specifications below for detail.
  • Carrying case involves an extra purchase, which can be found here.

Final Thoughts on the Mini-MBT Multi Tester

Although small, this tester is one of the most useful in the portable category. Compatible with a wide range of common, and some less common, batteries including the popular 18650, makes it ideal for the home user.

Size has not compromised important features, such as pulse load testing, terminal contact area, and typeface. Rugged, tidy, and easily held in the hands, it will still stand up to frequent use.

Mini-MBT Multi Specifications



Internal power

Pulse load

4 inches x 2.5 inches x 0.75 inches

3 ounces

4 x AAA Cells

Dependent upon the type of cell tested


Pulse Load Test Time

Terminal Material


Approximately 2 seconds

Brass with a nickel plating


1.2-volt nickel-metal hydride rechargeable (NiMH)

1.2-volt nickel-cadmium rechargeable (NiCd) (AA – AAA – C – D)

1.5-volt alkaline (AA – AAA – C – D – N)

3-volt cylindrical lithium-coin (CR123 – CR2)

3.6-volt lithium-ion rechargeable (8500 – 17650 – 18650 – RCR123A)

9-volt alkaline and carbon-zinc

ZTSMulti Battery Tester Mini
Probably the second most useful battery checker around
Works just like its big brother, will test battery health
Comes with soft pouch
Easy to use

The Bottom Line

As I have illustrated, having a battery analyzer is a worthwhile investment. It can save you money, reduce aggravation, prolong battery life and have a positive effect on the environment.

However, it is important to stress that there are many budget-friendly testers on the market that simply do not perform. In many cases they often don’t provide accurate results, only perform voltage tests.

They can actually drain the cell being tested. That’s why it is important to select the best battery tester.

In my opinion, the ZTS MBT-1 is the top battery tester on the market. With its pulse load testing feature, wide-ranging versatility in battery types and incredible ease of use— it’s hard to beat.

Even NASA uses these testers, so they definitely know how to put together a quality, easy to use battery tester!

That being said, I cannot finish without praising the Mini tester. For a smaller battery tester, it packs more useful elements than many other manufacturers’ full-size versions. Making it ideal for the serious domestic battery tester/ home user.

But, the cream of the crop of battery testers has to be the MBT-1.

I really hope that this article has helped you in making your choice. Choosing a quality battery tester will give you years of reliable use, and remove the guesswork when replacing cells.

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