Get The Best Chainsaw Boots For Foot Protection

In addition to the standard requirements for safety boots at any tree-cutting or even construction worksite, chain saw operators should wear the best chainsaw boots that are made from cut-resistant materials.

chainsaw protective gear including the best chainsaw boots
Protective apparel for use with chainsaw

These boots offer protection from contact with running chainsaws, and, like chaps, can give you that split second of safety that may save you from a devastating injury. According to the safety regulations for footwear, boots made of ballistic nylon offer the best cut protection from a chainsaw.

Our best value option and suggestion for those who need boots for Light Use / DIY Use are the AdTec Men’s 9″ Steel-Toe Super Logger Boots. A great option for those that don’t need high-end commercial offering when it comes to their footwear, but still want excellent protection.

Again the commercial sector is cornered by one brand here with the Medium Commercial Use section winners going to Vikings Footwear Class 2 Chainsaw Boots.

Need a high quality professional pair of safety boots to cover absolutely any situation?, our number one pick for boots in the Heavy Commercial Use section comes once again from Viking. Their Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boots are simply the best on the market.

Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR – Professional Commercial Use

Viking is our number 1 and 2 choices on our list of best chainsaw boots. Their quality is simply unmatched for their price tags.

Viking Footwear Chainsaw Boots
Metatarsal area protected, impact protection to shin and chainsaw safe through multiple polyaramide and natural rubber layers
All rubber construction, water resistant
1.25 inch heel
0.5 inch sole
Extra comfort lining.
Just the best!

Their Viking Footwear Firefighter Chainsaw Waterproof FR Boots pride themselves on feeling like lace-ups, even though they are slip-on.

They have a grade 1 steel plate over the toe area, they have a CSA – Green Fir Tree Chainsaw protection system, a system that gives them a class 3 chainsaw protection, the highest class.

They are 100% rubber, reach up to mid-calf and offer excellent extra comfort with their FR linings. 16″ tall highly resistant to chainsaws, chemicals, flames, as well as being very slip resistant. There aren’t many other boots in existence that offer this level of safety.

They have a reinforced backstay for tendon protection, and cut resistant ankle padding that reaches up to mid-leg for additional support. These boots are also 100% waterproof, your feet will remain dry and warm no matter what conditions you face.

Two small drawbacks. The price, and the weight. These boots are costly and on the heavy side, aside from that, they offer world-class performance. The high price tag is 100% justified.


  • 100% Rubber
  • Brimming With Comfort Features
  • Resistant To All Kinds Of Danger
  • Class 3 Chainsaw Protection
  • Tendon area covered
  • 100% Waterproof


  • Price (Worth Every Penny!)
  • Slightly on the heavy side
Viking Men's VW91 Firefighter Chainsaw Boot, Black/Yellow - 9

Viking Footwear Class 2 Chainsaw Boots– Best All-Rounder – Medium Commercial Use

Our best All-Rounder and Medium Commercial offering again comes from Viking. Their Viking Footwear Chainsaw Boots are a more cost-effective option.

Viking Footwear Chainsaw Boots
100% Rubber. Achilles and ankle are protected. Slip resistant sole

They are cost-effective yet still highly specced. Like their firefighter equivalent, they boast all the same comfort features.

You get tendon protection and huge levels of support; a 305,000 flex rating means they are extremely comfortable to wear. Although these do not boast the same level of protection, their rating is still impressive.

Especially at this price. Definitely a much more affordable option and all-rounder. These chainsaw boots are our suggested pick for the average chainsaw user unless you need an extremely high level of safety, these are still top of the market.

Waterproof, fire-resistant, oil-resistant, offering great cut protection, Viking really do make a top-quality chainsaw boot.


  • Excellent Value
  • Moderate-High Protection
  • High Level of Comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Class 2 Chainsaw safety boots Rating
  • 100% Waterproof


  • Level 2 Not level 3 Chainsaw safety rating (Only Con In Our Eyes)
Viking Class 2 Ultra Flexible Chainsaw Boots - Protective Grade 1 Steel Toe Safety Shoes For Men with Slip-Resistant Soles, Black/Orange - 11 M US

AdTec Men’s 9″ Steel-Toed Super Logger BootBest Budget Chainsaw Boots – DIY Use

No.1 in our Budget suggestion for boots are the AdTec Men’s 9″ Steel-Toe Super Logger Boots.

AdTec Super Logger 9 inch logger boots
100% Leather with rubber sole. Choice of colors. Waterproof Thinsulate membrane 200gm

These boots are the perfect pick if you need a pair for light use, or maybe for at home. They would also make a great pair of back up best chainsaw boots.

Made from 100% leather with a good quality anti slip sole, they have a waterproof membrane rated at 200gm. They are insulated, fit well and are extremely comfortable.

They are very lightweight, abrasion resistant and have strong toe caps. They only have a level 1 safety rating, however, and will not take the beating that Vikings’ offerings will.

For the price here, you will get a great pair of well-made boots guaranteed to last you a long time.


  • 100% Leather Uppers
  • Thick Rubber Sole
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Price x Protection = Fantastic


  • Fewer features
  • Lower Protection
  • Less Durable
Ad Tec Men's 9in Certified Super Logger Work Boots Waterproof Crazy Horse Leather, Brown - Broad Steel Toe, Electrical Hazard Proof Sole

Buyers Guide for the Best Chainsaw Boots

Although your feet are less likely to receive a chain-saw injury than your legs and head, it still happens frequently. On top of that, your boots are incredibly important for a whole multitude of reasons.

People do not look after their feet as they should, fact. People will spend thousands on their cars and mattresses but skimp out on their footwear.

Remember, you are on your feet for possibly 8+ hours a day. Treat your feet right and they will allow you to keep working until you are an old man. Treat them wrong, and you will regret it.

Now there are lots of important factors to look at when choosing a pair of boots. These are what we recommend you research when buying ppe footwear.

Don’t forget to also include a helmet, gloves, and decent chaps in your personal protection kit. Be sure to check out our post for safely using your outdoor power equipment.

Toe Caps

When looking for the best chainsaw boots, one thing that is absolutely critical is a steel toe cap.

Looking at boots with no steel in the toe cap?


The reason a steel toe cap is so important in a chainsaw boot is that they offer protection from objects falling in the woods and on rugged terrain.

Added weight from the steel is a small price to pay to keep all of your toes in the right place.

Steel can get cold after a short time in icy climates, to counter this, alternatives have been developed. These range from composites to alloys and allow the boots to weather icy climates better.

Protection Level

There is a huge range of safety levels when it comes to the best chainsaw boots. This level will allow you to judge how much trust you can place in your boots.

Chainsaw boots actually come with a level system 1-3 to indicate what chain speed they can resist against.

  • Class 1 can stop 20m/s chains.
  • Class 2 can stop 24m/s chains.
  • Class 3 can stop 28m/s chains.

Deciding which boots you need will depend on what power saw you use, so make sure you do your research.

Safety Regulations

Whatever you go for, check that your boots’ toe caps have or exceed the EN 1SO 20345:2011 safety standard. If they do, then they can withstand 200 joules of force and up to 15KN stationary force pressure. If they don’t, then you should probably steer clear.


Comfort is King.

Comfortable and well-fitting chainsaw boots go hand in hand. If you don’t want to develop blisters or bunions, it is key your boots fit well. You need boots to be as lightweight as possible without losing their integrity.

If your terrain is uneven you should look for a boot with technology to combat that ergonomically. Ergonomic boots generally protect you from pains and joint problems for longer too.

With some cheaper chainsaw protection boots, the steel toe cap can cause discomfort around the end of the foot.


With so many manufacturers of high-quality safety boots, there are no universal size guidelines. Sometimes, as with Stihl boots, your size in one boot will be too small, sometimes too big. If you are purchasing online, a quick browse through reviews will usually tell you if they fit large or small.

We would advise everyone to try similar boots on if possible, if not use a reputable online retailer. This means that if you need to return them for a better size, you can do so easily without trouble.


When looking at the best chainsaw safety boots, high rated boots need to be durable in order to last you. If they aren’t durable enough to last you long enough to justify the higher price tag, look for better options.

Some people rely on brands as an indicator of durability. Often this is a good way to browse, but sometimes even the big brands can create awful products. Do your research as always.

A good pair of boots that serve you a long time will be like a good friend.

Water Resistance/Working Environment

Depending on the conditions/weather you work in will change your criteria for what you need in a pair of boots.

If you work in extreme heat you will need lightweight breathable options. Ones that allow your feet to breathe, this is important for the hygiene of your feet.

If you work in the extreme cold, you need the best well-insulated chainsaw boot, as well as something that gives good slip resistance in icy conditions.

Important across both climates is having water resistance, drying time and ankle support. It is going to rain at work, it’s a fact of life. When it does, you need water resistant boots that keep your feet dry, and that dry out quickly when they get wet.

Supporting your ankles is paramount, working in this industry, you are likely to be climbing or working on messy surfaces. When you do slip, your boot needs to support your ankle in order to protect you from lasting damage.

Ease of Cleaning

Find us a tree surgeon who looks clean after a shift and we will personally buy your boots for you. Mud, sawdust, and sap make for a messy combination. When your boots get dirty the sooner you clean them the better. The easier they are to clean, the longer they will last you.

Some boots are machine washable, others need you to use specific methods like brushing or sponging. Make sure you choose an option with a cleaning regime you will stick to.


Budget is not high on our list of requirements when it comes to safety wear, we factor it in because it is still important. But you should never compromise safety for money. That being said we do weigh up cost to performance. We don’t want you to be ripped off just because of a brand’s name. Some budget options are genuinely better, if they are, we will find them for you.


These are our 3 suggestions for chainsaw boots, they are all excellent choices. While a pro user may look for class 1 chainsaw safety boots, a casual user may be happy with a class 2 chainsaw boot. Choose depending on your specific needs.

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