The Best Motorized Wheelbarrow

Everyone knows how useful a wheelbarrow can be. Such a simple contraption, a wheel underneath a large bucket. For many years, there has not been an improvement on the original wheelbarrow design.

These kinds of wheelbarrows are great, but they still require you to use lots of force, potentially injuring your back, to move heavy loads.

If you try and tell somebody to be careful with a wheelbarrow, I’m sure many would think you were being overly-cautious. Surely this simple tool isn’t really that dangerous?

In reality, wheelbarrow accidents happen a lot. Usually, these accidents take place when the wheelbarrow is overloaded or used incorrectly.

Don’t be this guy;

After all, wheelbarrows allow you to carry massive weights, all balanced over one wheel, you can see how the potential for injury is high.

Their relatively simple design causes people to treat their work using wheelbarrows carelessly.

The solution?

The Motorized Wheelbarrow!

Quick Guide

If you haven’t got the time to read our in-depth reviews, this is our quick guide to which of our top 5 Motorized Wheelbarrows you should buy.

Carry on scrolling past the Quick Guide and you will find more in-depth reviews and a guide to how we chose these top 5 products.

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Best Value – Greenworks 40V Garden Cart

Our best value offering comes from Greenworks, absolutely amazing value for money. Plus if you already have any Greenworks batteries, you will save yourself a further couple of hundred bucks.

Best Overall – Makita 18V X2 LXT Wheelbarrow Kit

You know that when you shop Makita, you are going to get quality. Our pick for best overall goes to their XUC01PTX1 Brushless offering, with impressive run time per battery and utilizing Makitas awesome brushless system, this wheelbarrow will perform well for you in any conditions.

Best Utility – Landworks Electric 48V Wheelbarrow

Landworks super heavy-duty wheelbarrow takes the crown for utility, not only does their offering perform exceedingly well as a motorized wheelbarrow, they also use an excellent modular system. This allows for amazing customization options.

Best Gas-Powered – Dirty Hand Tools All-Terrain Power Cart

The king of motorized wheelbarrows, this gas-powered monster, can carry 660 pounds on its tank tracks, it can traverse all terrain and is surprisingly easy to operate, with a higher price-tag, you get what you pay for.

Best For DIY Users – Snapper Utility Cart

Need a motorized wheelbarrow for home and DIY user only, the Snapper XD SXDUC82 is the tool for you. With rapid charge batters and an easy to use design, anyone can use this piece of kit without worrying too much about how they are using it.

In-Depth Reviews

Best Value – Greenworks 40V Garden Cart with 4Ah Battery

Greenworks Garden Cart 40V
Will run for up to 40 minutes with full load
200 lb and 3.75 cu feet capacity
40 volt 4AH battery and charger included
Option to buy without battery and charger

The Greenworks GC40L410 is a great piece of kit aimed at the light commercial or DIY user. This motorized wheelbarrow is powered by Greenworks 40v lithium-ion batteries, which last for a great amount of time and charge from 0-100% in just 2 hours.

If the price of the larger options is putting you off buying a motorized wheelbarrow, have no fear. Greenworks may not be built as ruggedly or as indestructible as our other options, but for the price, they come pretty damn close.

We know many of you use Greenworks tools already. If you do, this unit becomes even more of a bargain as you do not need to purchase any additional batteries to get up and running.

Greenworks GC40L410 40V Garden Cart with 4Ah Battery and Charger

The rust-resistant and durable cargo tub carries up to 3.75 cubic feet and holds up to 200lbs. For the cost, they manage to squeeze in a surprising amount of additional features here too, 2-speed options, off-loading assist handle to help you empty the cart and a noise-reducing smooth operation design.

All of that topped with a 40 minute run time at max load and it is easy to see how much of a great value budget offering this is from Greenworks.


  • Great value
  • Simple to use
  • Even better value if you already own Greenworks products.
  • Lightweight


  • Low weight limit
  • Made for DIY users not commercial

Product Dimensions: 52.6 x 24.8 x 42.1 inches

Item Weight: 75.8 pounds

Shipping Weight: 92.4 pounds

Manufacturer: GreenWorks

Greenworks Garden Cart 40V
Will run for up to 40 minutes with full load
200 lb and 3.75 cu feet capacity
40 volt 4AH battery and charger included
Option to buy without battery and charger

Best Overall – Makita 18V x2 Cordless Wheelbarrow (5.0Ah)

Makita 18V Brushless Wheelbarrow Kit
Runs for up to 45 mins on one 5Ah battery
Powerful brushless motor
Runs on one battery, but holds two, uses second when first is flat
2 speed and reverse

Onto our overall winner, the unit we would suggest to most users. Makita has been making excellent products for years, as a brand, they are trusted worldwide.

So it is no surprise that their contender in this motorized race, ticks all the boxes.

The Makita runs for 45 minutes per one 18V LXT 5.0ah battery at full load or 60 minutes using the new 6.0ah BL 1860 battery. It holds two of these batteries, but only uses one at a time, it swaps to the fresh one when the first is dead, meaning no downtime whilst you swap to fresh batteries.

Makita is pretty much one of the leading companies in the brushless motor development industry. Their LXT tool range charges 3x faster with their rapid optimum chargers, they last 50% and their motor life is designed to last 40% longer than their predecessors.

Their tools are made to last a long time with proper maintenance, don’t be surprised if this wheelbarrow is the last you need to buy.

That same brushless motor offers up to 2.5mph speeds even on a 12-degree incline, meaning you no longer have to slog it out on the uphill climbs.

Makita XUC01PTX1 36V (18V X2) LXT® Brushless Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow Kit (5.0Ah)

Their smart STAR Chipboard means the battery comes fully equipped with extras. They have overload protection to stop overcharging and prolong battery life, they have over-discharge protection so you do not run your batteries too low and they have an overheat protection system to monitor battery temperature and switch the unit off under overheating.

The rear wheels adjust from 19″ to 30″ depending on the work environment and the unit reverses, making it easy to control.

L.E.D lights on either side of the frame provide illumination to the work area.

The whole truck features Makitas XPT Protective technology which increases dust and water resistance, this means you can use this monster in any weather or temperature conditions.

The hopper is interchangeable between a stainless steel bucket or a steel tube flatbed. Allowing even more customization.


  • Up to 60 minutes run time on 6.0 ah batteries.
  • Holds two batteries for convenience.
  • Makita Brushless Motor System
  • 2 Speeds up to 2.5 mph on 12-degree incline.
  • Reversible for versatility.


  • There isn’t really much to fault with this model.

Product Dimensions: 45 x 24.5 x 33 inches

Item Weight: 55.5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 55.5 pounds

Manufacturer: Makita

Item model number: XUC01PTX1

Batteries: 2 Lithium-ion batteries required. (included)

Makita 18V Brushless Wheelbarrow Kit
Runs for up to 45 mins on one 5Ah battery
Powerful brushless motor
Runs on one battery, but holds two, uses second when first is flat
2 speed and reverse

Best Utility – Landworks Power Wagon Super Duty

Go go gadget Wheelbarrow…. The best utility wheelbarrow on the market is the Landworks Utility Cart.

Landworks Utility Power Wagon
48 volt powerful brushless motor
500 lbs capacity
13 inch all terrain wheels

This jack of all trades wheelbarrow uses the new-age 48V battery systems to power its brushless motor. It is powered by 4 12V 7AH deep cycle non spillable lead acid batteries.

It can haul loads up to 15 degrees incline and travels up to 3.1 MPH. And holds up to 500 pounds.

Sitting on 4 Heavy-Duty all terrain 13″ pneumatic wheels this awesome lifting aid can run for 2-5 hours without recharging its 4 batteries.

The 4 batteries are efficient and use a rapid charge system to zap the batteries from 0-100% in under an hour.

The Landworks Utility Cart is also designed to be simple to use, with a quick all electric starting motor, you can power the machine on with the flick of a switch.

It uses a one-handed dump release latch and using the all-electric power drive, it makes unloading material a breeze.

But the thing that really makes this piece of kit the winner in the utility section, is the ridiculous amount of high-end accessories you can attach to it.

Landworks Utility Cart Hand Truck Power Wagon Super Duty Electric 500W Battery Driven Max 500Lbs Load and 1000Lbs Towing

Here are some of the attachments you can add:

  • 7HP 208cc Gas-powered Wood Chipper
  • Landworks 48V Steel Earth Augur
  • 4 Separate types of flatbed and buckets.
  • Soil tarp lined flatbed.

If you need a bit more utility for your workhorse wheelbarrow then this is our suggestion, it really is a utility beast.


  • Utility King
  • Massive Battery Life
  • Large list of accessories.


  • Hard to assemble.

Package Dimensions:36 x 25.2 x 20.5 inches

Item Weight: 137 pounds

Shipping Weight:137 pounds

Manufacturer: Intradin (Shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd

Batteries: 4 12V batteries required. (included)

Landworks Utility Power Wagon
48 volt powerful brushless motor
500 lbs capacity
13 inch all terrain wheels

Best Gas-Powered – Dirty Hand Tools All-Terrain Power Cart with Tipping Handle and Removable Sides

Here we are, the big boy. This is the most powerful, heavy-duty and outright awesome wheelbarrow on the list.

Dirty Hand Tools Power Cart
196cc engine
7 inch wide tracks to avoid sinking in soft terrain
Rugged, 660 lbs load capacity
What a monster!

With a powerful 196CC 6.5HP engine this 4-speed animal holds 1 gallon of fuel has a reverse neutral and 3-speed setting gearbox and looks as mean as it sounds.

Even though this is the biggest and heaviest wheelbarrow we are reviewing it also is extremely easy to operate. Using the levers you can make small 3.8 foot turns easily.

The bucket is tipped to 60 degrees with a simple handle and trigger mechanism.

With 7-inch wide tank tracks, the deep treads distribute weight evenly, lowering pressure and damage done to the surface and ground beneath,

Dirty Hand Tools | 101872 | All Terrain Power Cart with 6.5 HP 196cc Engine | 7 Inch Wide Tracks | 4 Speed Transmission | 660 Pound Load Capacity with Tipping Handle and Removable Sides

The rugged build design takes on any heavy workload you can throw at it, able to hold up to 660 pounds in its 24-inch wide 8-inch deep bucket. This thing is so hard-wearing that they even back it with a 2-year warranty.

The bucket has removable sides which allow you to access the lashing points, this means you can transport loads that are large and irregular.


  • Heavy Weight Limit
  • Powerful Gas Engine
  • Sturdy Tank Tracks With Amazing Traction


  • Loud
  • Hard To Assemble

Product Dimensions:67 x 27 x 37.5 inches

Item Weight:392 pounds

Shipping Weight:523 pounds

Gas Powered

Manufacturer: Dirty Hand Tools

Item model number: 101872

Dirty Hand Tools Power Cart
196cc engine
7 inch wide tracks to avoid sinking in soft terrain
Rugged, 660 lbs load capacity
What a monster, the ultimate garden cart!

Best For DIY Users – Snapper 82V Cordless Self-Propelled Utility Cart with 3.7 cu. ft. Cargo Bed

No products found.

Snapper has created a great product aimed at the DIY user. With less of the heavy-duty bells and whistles, it allows them to really work on usability for the average Joe.

Snapper has really worked hard to create a product that anybody can use if you spend a lot of time moving heavy objects throughout your garden, this is the machine for you.

3 hours run time with the 2.0ah batteries and a rapid charge system that charges a battery in just 30 minutes. The 82V Max Lithium system powers other snapper tools too.

It has its own fold-away steel towing hitch for towing at speed of up to 6mph.

A simple quick-release lever dumps the bucket for you easily.

2 forward and one reverse gear allow for easy to control speeds and a reinforced steel frame provides excellent sturdiness.


  • 3 hour battery life.
  • Quick Release Lever
  • Sturdy Steel Frame


  • Problems with the bucket piston have been reported

Product Dimensions 53 x 25 x 44.5 inches

Item Weight:86.5 pounds

Shipping Weight: 90 pounds

Manufacturer: Snapper

No products found.

What is a Motorized Wheelbarrow?

So what exactly is a motorized wheelbarrow?

Well, a motorized wheelbarrow is just as it sounds, a standard wheelbarrow design, which is often reinforced for heavier loads with a motor attached. This allows it to do the work for you, saving your back and allowing you to carry heavier loads for longer distances.

A sure-fire way to raise efficiency and worker safety is to upgrade to a motorized wheelbarrow. These lifting aids reduce the hours it takes to move large amounts of material drastically, they can lift heavier loads and help workers move twice as fast.

On top of the efficiency gained, you also raise the level of safety offered to the user. Often you will find that these wheelbarrows have more wheels for stability, and stopping the movement is as easy as letting go of the throttle.

Often battery-powered wheelbarrows can be customized for a specific task, allowing you to choose the best modifications for your needs.

Do you need a heavy-duty wheelbarrow to lift heavy loads all day, or a nimble but quick one for speedy runs?

So, How Does a Motorized Wheelbarrow Work?

Nowadays most of the good power wheelbarrows come in the form of 3/4 wheelers. This means that they normally have one or two wheels that receive power from the motor and two wheels that do not.

The powered wheels are often known as the driving wheels and the un-powered ones are known as caster wheels. There is also a class of powered wheelbarrow that does not use wheels, instead, it uses a track system, similar to a tank.

The power provided to the driving system comes from either a gas or an electric/battery motor. Usually, the higher powered models rely on the gas-powered systems and the DIY/ Low-Medium commercial machines use electric.

Often you will get a geared system with separate speed settings allowing you to control the wheelbarrow in an easy way. If you need to move over treacherous terrain or through tight spaces you can lower the speed to a crawl.

When you are traveling across nice flat and easy surfaces, you can up the speed for efficiency. Normally the minimum speed is under 1 MPH and you will not normally find a machine that goes much over 3 MPH at maximum.

Good machines also come with a reverse function and strong breaks to stop runaway when you are heading down a decline.

Most powered wheelbarrows are created with maneuverability in mind, they come with tight turning circles and easy to use power. This makes them much easier to wiggle in and out of tight spots and round objects.

They also come prepared to tackle inclines too, nobody likes pushing a heavy wheelbarrow uphill, luckily most manufacturers have designed their wheelbarrows so that they can tackle up to 15 degrees incline with ease. Tracked variants can even take on up to 45-degree inclines.

Although the size of the bucket will vary from model to model you should easily be able to fit at least 3 cubic feet of material in every model.

Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying a motorized wheelbarrow, you have to strike a balance between quality and price. As the demands you put on your tool go up, usually, the price tag follows.

That being said, some companies out there charge way too much for their wheelbarrows. We take the hard work out of your research by writing these articles, often, however, you may want to decide for yourself.

These are the things we looked at when reviewing the top 5 motorized wheelbarrows.

Tracks Or Wheels?

Do you want a wheelbarrow with tracks or wheels? Well, this will depend on the conditions you want to use it in. There are several different options of wheeled barrows from 1-4 wheels they all have a different functionality. You also have tracked wheelbarrows. Let us talk about the different types.

Single Wheeled

Evolved from the original wheelbarrow design, one wheeled wheelbarrows are as simple as they get. With one point of contact on the ground and two handles, the only difference from a normal wheelbarrow here is the motor.

When it comes to single wheeled motorized wheelbarrows they usually won’t handle huge payloads. They often have a low weight limit and don’t offer very good stability during use. They have good mobility however and are easy to maneuver.


Two wheel powered wheelbarrows offer a more stable option, usually at a higher cost. With two wheels you gain added traction for tasks like uphill jobs and slightly rougher terrain.

Three Wheeled

You can probably see the trend emerging here, three-wheeled options are another step up from two-wheelers. With the addition of the third wheel, you eliminate the need for lifting the barrow off the base. This is probably the best option for gardening and light construction work, three-wheel wheelbarrows offer a great price to value ratio.


With four wheels, you gain the highest level of control and stability. With a choice between two and four wheel drive options, these are the best-wheeled barrows in terms of usability and weight limits.

With a four-wheeled barrow, you also gain the ability to do 0-degree turns. Four-wheelers are often gas-powered.


If you need the highest performing motorized wheelbarrow available, you need to look at tracked wheelbarrows. They handle higher weigh-limits then any of the wheeled varieties and are able to deal with hills up to 45 degrees steep.

These motorized monsters will have heavy-duty gas engines and usually have a monster price tag to match. These tools are best used for heavy-duty work like construction

Size of Hopper

No matter what you need a motorized wheelbarrow for, usually the most influential factor in choosing a wheelbarrow is the size of the hopper.

Again, choosing the size of your hopper will obviously depend on what you are using it for. If you need to get down the side access of a house repeatedly you will need a smaller hopper then say, a tree surgeon.

A good feature with most of the good motorized wheelbarrows we have suggested is the removability of the hopper. This allows you to turn your wheelbarrow into a flatbed, which can come in handy.

Another thing to look at is the volume held by the hopper. You will find most wheelbarrows in the small-medium bracket hold three to 5 cubic feet of material.

If you want it to carry more you will have to look at the larger size bracket. If you need more versatility, choose a wheelbarrow that has interchangeable hoppers.

Hoppers usually come in two materials, steel and plastic. Plastic is usually durable and rust-proof, plastic barrows can handle site and garden work with ease. Steel wheelbarrows can be more durable than plastic, but you need to watch out for these wheelbarrows rusting.

Obviously, when you are using wheelbarrows often, they are going to need tipping a lot over their lifetimes. Choosing a wheelbarrow with a tipping mechanism that makes things more efficient and simpler for you is an important factor.

If you opt for a 1 or 2 wheeled unit, you lift them just like a normal wheelbarrow. This means you take lots of weight, as you are lifting the machine and the load it is carrying. In this case, the length of the handle is extremely important, as that is what controls your leverage and ability to lift heavy material.

When you step up to the wheelbarrows on tracks or with more than 2 wheels, the hopper usually tilts. Most of them have been designed so that you can do this with a single hand. In the case of some high powered gas machines, this process may even be done by hydraulics.

Power Delivery

You will need to choose whether you need a gas engine or an electric/battery-powered one. Gas engine motorized wheelbarrows are the best suited to heavy-duty and commercial site use. If you want it for a huge yard or extreme DIY usage that works too. They do have their disadvantages though. Some of the disadvantages of using a gas-powered wheelbarrow include:

  • Larger Harder To Maneuver Units
  • High Noise Level
  • High Fume Level
  • Higher Maintenance and Maintenance cost

For most users, an electric/battery powered unit is the best decision. Allowing you to power the unit by batteries is much simpler. They are also silent and produce no fumes or pollution.

Electric wheelbarrows are normally powered by lithium batteries that work between 1-3 hours, they usually have a quick re-charge time as well, meaning that running out of battery will not stop you from working for long.


For some users, all you will need is a simple motorized wheelbarrow, big and powerful enough to suit your needs. However, some units now come with a wide arrange of accessories, allowing you to turn your wheelbarrow into something with mixed uses.

These include scrapers, plows, larger load beds, and tow hitches. Allowing you to use your wheelbarrow as a mini excavator, for towing or to carry even larger loads.

Motor Life

For your wheelbarrow to have a long life, the motor that powers it should be strong enough to handle all the heavy loads you are going to put it through during its lifetime.

If you are going for electric/battery power make sure you look for brushless motors. Brushless motors are the best in quality and longevity on the market.

If you are going for a gas-powered model, you need to make sure you know how to maintain it, so read the instructions and user guide and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance protocols.

What is The Best Wheelbarrow On The Market?

After reading all of the reviews I’m sure you have realized that this is a question that depends on the user.

The motorized wheelbarrow industry has a large variety of users, with different needs to cater to. People who are using motorized wheelbarrows to transport huge amounts of heavy construction debris are going to need much more power and a unit that will be able to run all day.

They can probably trade maneuverability for power and operating times.

Someone who is buying a wheelbarrow to do some light gardening is not going to need a gas-powered monster that can lift 660 pounds, yes we are looking at you Dirty Hands.

They will probably want a more lightweight cost-effective unit like the Greenworks, a unit that is easy to maneuver and is actually extra cost-effective if you already have Greenworks batteries.

Then you will have your middle grounders, the ones who need a mix of both, these users will find that the Makita and Snapper suit their needs the most.

Balancing cost with power and sturdiness these two are probably the ones that most users are going to need. They will be more than enough for the average DIY user and even perform well at low-middle commercial work.

And then you have the people who need more in the terms of functionality, from their motorized wheelbarrow. These will find that Landworks has really created something special in their Utility Cart. With its high level of potential customization and amazing battery life, it makes the perfect utility option.


Hopefully, we have taken all the stress out of choosing a motorized wheelbarrow. We have reviewed lots of options and these 5 are the best we have looked at.

Choosing a motorized wheelbarrow can be a minefield, with all of the different options aimed at a huge variety of different users, knowing which one to pick can be a real hassle.

We have tried to make it as simple and easy for you guys to be able to quickly find the best wheelbarrow for your needs.

From DIY user to Heavy Duty Commercial use, we have you covered.

I hope this article has helped you guys out, if you need any information or help with choosing a wheelbarrow that is perfect for you, drop a comment below and our team of experts will help you find the best possible option.

Thanks For Reading

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