DEWALT DHS790AT2 FLEXVOLT 120v MAX 12” Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Is This The Ultimate Battery-Powered Miter Saw Kit?

DeWalt’s FlexVolt range of cordless power tools have been making waves across the world, and now it seems like their DHS790AT2 Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw Kit is the next big craze.

If you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, there’s some big news you need to get to grips with. With the release of their FlexVolt batteries, DeWalt enabled tool-users across the world to effortlessly switch between 20V Max and 60V Max performance, depending on what tool they’re using for specific jobs.

You might be wondering how it could ever be possible to produce a full-sized, full-featured miter saw that is operated by a battery, but DeWalt has set the record once again.

The 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw is 12-inches long, double beveled, and comes available in a sliding and non-sliding model. But is that all there is to this battery-operated miter saw? Read our review to find out…

DeWalt 120V Sliding Miter Saw
Outstanding performance from one of the top tool makers around today.
Runtime; Up to 289 Cross Cuts in 3-1/4 inch baseboard molding

120V Max Sliding Miter Saw – Why It’s Making Waves Across The World

  • It provides you with the ultimate flexibility by giving you the option to run your miter saw on AC power or battery power
  • With a powerful 120V brushless motor, you get much longer run time when compared to brushed motors
  • With the integrated adjustment-free Cutline Blade Positioning System, this saw is extremely accurate and provides perfect working visibility
  • Thanks to the high visibility bevel scale, angle adjustments are always accurate and easy
  • The saw comes with tall sliding fences which will support crown molding up to 7/12 inches nested as well as base moldings up to 6-3/4 inches vertically
  • With its adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate, the capacity of this saw is greatly increased with the help of 11 detents, 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left

Notable Features of the DeWalt DHS790AT2 Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Various Power Sources

Thanks to the FlexVolt 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw’s ability to run on AC power as well as battery power, it’s a hybrid tool.

This means that you’d easily be able to take some of the weight off the tool (yes, this monster requires two heavy FlexVolt batteries to operate) and just plug it into AC power if you’re working near a power source.

Blade Position Indicator

DeWalt’s Cutline Blade Positioning System relies on a shadow to indicate where and how the blade of this 12-inch, dual bevel, sliding miter saw will contact your workpiece.

We love the addition of the blade position indicator since it’s a super useful feature, one that is setting the pace for all of DeWalt’s competitors.

Miter and Bevel Adjustments

The miter and bevel adjustments on a miter saw (any saw for that matter) are, as you might know, kind of a big deal.

With the DeWalt 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw, the controls for the miter adjustments can be found up front, as can be expected.

A standard lock from uncommon angles is present along with a detent override that needs to be pressed and held throughout adjustments.

Luckily you won’t have to hold down the detent override since DeWalt added a handy button to do that for you.

Some users have commented on the fact that this saw is a little harder to pivot for miter cuts, and it’s a little stiffer when compared to its competitors, but that’s something that might require some easing in to.

Another key feature that we liked was the fact that this saw is able to move fast enough to effortlessly skip over notches without engaging the detent.

Adjusting the bevel is easy and the lock for the adjustment can be found on the back of the saw, just like all of DeWalt’s other miter saws.

When loosened, the bevel can be adjusted left from 0-45 degrees. You can override the stop at 0 degrees and bevel to the right, but to get that done, you’ll need to engage that adjustment on the back too.

To make the task easier, DeWalt included bevel stops which pivot out or in to position for 22.5 and 33.86 degrees.

Stock Blade

The DeWalt 120V FlexVolt Sliding Miter Saw comes with a 60-tooth, 12-inch blade. There haven’t been any significant issues reported with the stock blade that comes with this miter saw.

The options for upgrading your blade are endless, and once the stock blade’s lifespan has come to an end, you shouldn’t have any issues replacing it.

DeWalt 120V Sliding Miter Saw
Outstanding performance from one of the top tool makers around today.
Runtime; Up to 289 Cross Cuts in 3-1/4 inch baseboard molding

Notes on the Drive System

As you might be aware of, most miter saws use belt drive systems, and when it comes to the DHS790, it’s no exception to the rule.

This saw comes fitted with a Jason Industrial 220J, and with the addition of the ribbing, it may help delay stretching as long as possible. One of the best aspects of the drive system is the fact that the belt drive connects to a second gear drive.

What this does is to create a 90-degree angle to the arbor along with additional cutting height clearance, which is ideal for thin vertical cuts and crowning.

Cuts per Charge

You’d expect the DeWalt FlexVolt 120V MAX Sliding Miter saw to at least give you a fair amount of power and cuts per charge, and you’d be absolutely right with that expectation.

When fitted with the two 60V MAX FlexVolt batteries, the DeWalt Sliding Miter Saw is able to deliver at least 289 cuts on a 3-1/4 inch base molding per charge, which pretty much equates to enough power to last you an entire day.


Some sliding miter saws are simply impossible to move around from one space to another, but the DeWalt DHS790AT2 is an exception to the general rule.

Sure, it’s not a lightweight tool, but since it only weighs in at 56 pounds, it’s easy to carry this saw with you wherever you need to go.

Other Noteworthy Features of the DeWalt FlexVolt Sliding Miter Saw

  • Comes with a standard vertical clamp
  • Features sliding, removable fence extensions
  • Comes with a crown stop lock
  • Boasts a range of onboard tools
  • Has a depth stop
  • Doesn’t have any integrated side extensions

What are the Options for the Miter Saw Kit?

You can purchase your DEWALT 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw in one of three configurations. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with each of them:

DeWalt DHS790AB

1 x DeWalt FlexVolt 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw
1 x Blade
1 x Blade change wrench
1 x 120V AC Adapter
1 x Dust bag
No batteries or charger included with the kit

DeWalt DHS716AB

1 x DeWalt FlexVolt 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw
1 x Blade
1 x Blade change wrench
1 x Dust Bag
1 x 120V AC Adapter
Kit runs on AC/DC power

DeWalt DHS790AT2

1 x DEWALT FlexVolt 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw
1 x Blade
1 x Blade change wrench
1 x Dust bag
2 x 60V MAX Lithium-Ion Batteries
1 x Fast charger
1 x 120V AC Adapter

How well does the DeWalt DHS790AT2 perform?

The DHS790 miter saw will have to be calibrated before the accuracy can be properly evaluated, and many users that have calibrated the saw have reported great accuracy with the saw.

As far as cutting power goes, it has been reported that this miter saw from DeWalt, when plugged into the AC adapter, has a motor rated for 15 amps, performing like even the most professional of corded miter saws.

What’s good to know is the fact that the DHS790 FlexVolt 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw cuts equally as good on battery power as it does when supported by AC power.

Something you might want to keep in mind with regards to this saw from DeWalt is its dust collecting abilities.

It’s more than a little rough, and users have reported that they ended up with a lot of leftover sawdust lying around after cutting.

Perhaps a dust extractor might do the trick here, but as far as its dust-collecting abilities go, the DHS790 comes in below average when compared to its competitors.

Pros of the DeWalt FlexVolt 120V Sliding Miter Saw

  • You can choose between going corded or cordless, which is great for improving flexibility of the tool
  • It comes with an adjustment-free cutline indicator for even more accuracy
  • Accurate cutline blade positioning system built-in
  • Longer runtime on batteries thanks to the reliable FlexVolt technology
  • The saw has an overall light weight, making it very portable

Cons of the DeWalt FlexVolt 120V Sliding Miter Saw

  • You’ll only be able to use the FlexVolt batteries with other power tools from the DeWalt range
  • The price might scare some consumers off
  • The dust collecting feature isn’t as handy as it ought to be

Who should buy the DeWalt FlexVolt 120V MAX Sliding Miter Saw?

We reckon that this sliding miter saw from DeWalt would be the perfect cordless tool for you if you’re a D.I.Y home improver, carpenter, contractor or subcontractor, or even a farmer that needs a versatile, powerful cordless sliding miter saw.

We reckon that with this tool and the DeWalt 60V Table Saw, DeWalt have pretty much got the market covered as far as portable sawing goes.

Specs and dimensions of the DeWalt DHS79AT2 Sliding Miter Saw

Blade diameter 12 inches
Saw height 20.91 inches
Saw depth 32.72 inches
Saw width 24.33 inches
Saw weight 56 pounds
Blade change Keyed
Arbor size 0.625 inches
Maximum cutting thickness 6.75 inches
Maximum degree miter cuts (right) 49
Maximum degree miter cuts (left) 49
Battery amp hours 6.0
Battery type Lithium Ion
Bevel type Dual
Cordless/corded Hybrid
Miter saw type Sliding compound
Warranty 3-year limited warranty
1-year free service plan
90-day money-back guarantee

Final Verdict

All things considered, the DeWalt FlexVolt 120V MAX Sliding Miter Saw is a brilliant cordless power tool.

We reckon that the initially scary price might scare consumers off at first sight, but when you consider the tool’s accuracy, versatility, and bucket loads full of power (not to mention the convenience of going cordless), it’s a solid investment that’ll repay itself over a short period of time once it starts working in your workshop.

DeWalt 120V Sliding Miter Saw
Outstanding performance from one of the top tool makers around today.
Runtime; Up to 289 Cross Cuts in 3-1/4 inch baseboard molding

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