Husqvarna 460 Rancher vs Echo CS 590

When it comes to chainsaws two of the most popular brands we usually turn to are Husqvarna and Echo, so it seemed only natural to pit a couple of their best models against each other in a head-to-head to see if there is a clear winner.


Echo CS-590 20' Timber Wolf Chainsaw
68 Reviews
Echo CS-590 20" Timber Wolf Chainsaw
  • Genuine OEM Echo Part
  • 59.8cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performance

The 20” size is one of the most versatile amongst all chainsaw models and we’ve picked the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf and its nearest comparable rival from Husky, the 460 Rancher. Both these models offer a range of professional grade features and a rugged build quality that are perfect for homeowners with a large piece of land, farmers or ranchers.

These are not the models for an inexperienced user to try, they are both too powerful and heavy but they will suit anyone who knows how to handle a chainsaw and has a lot of trees or wooded areas on their land so that they need something for all year round use.

The first thing we’re going to check out is how they compare for features and specs, so let’s get straight on with that now.

Comparison of main features

 Echo CS-590 Timber WolfHusqvarna 460 Rancher
Engine59.8cc 2-stroke professional grade. 1300rpm top speed60.3cc 2-stroke X-Torq. 9000rpm top speed
Chain20” – 0.375” pitch / 0.050” gauge20” – 0.375” pitch / 0.050” gauge
Compatible bar lengths16” min to 27” max13” min to 24” max
Starting aidsDigital ignition, decompression device, integrated throttle idle latch/chokeSmart Start, air purge, decompression device, combined choke/stop control
Pre-air cleaningYes – G-Force pre-air cleaning systemYes – centrifugal air injection cleaning system
Air filterHeavy duty two-piece mesh.
Tool-free access
Standard quality. Tool free access.
Automatic oilerYes, adjustableYes, adjustable
Chain tensioningExternal side access with included T-wrench External side access with included T-wrench
Chain brakeChain brake Yes – hand guard and inertia operatedChain brake Yes – hand guard and inertia operated
Spark arrestorYesNo – additional purchase
Low vibration systemYes – heavy duty spring dampenersYes – LowVib system
Fuel tank21.8fl oz. See-through tank14.4fl oz. Visible fuel gauge
FuelGas/oil mix 50:1Gas/oil mix 50:1
Chain oil tank10.1fl oz11.2fl oz
Weight (without cutting gear)13.2lbs12.79lbs
CARB compliantYesYes
WarrantyResidential 5 years
Commercial 1 year
Residential 2 years. Can be extended by buying premixed fuel at time of purchase.
Commercial 90 days.
Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Echo 590 Timberwolf vs Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Now that you can see the features and specifications of our two models side by side, let’s take a quick look at where there are differences to see how they compare. There are full, in-depth reviews on our website for both chainsaws so if you want to delve into them a bit more, follow the links here for the Echo CS-590 review and the Husqvarna 460 Rancher 460 reviews.

Echo CS-590 20' Timber Wolf Chainsaw
68 Reviews
Echo CS-590 20" Timber Wolf Chainsaw
  • Genuine OEM Echo Part
  • 59.8cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performance

Engine and Performance Husky vs Wolf

Both our models come with similar sized engines that deliver the same sort of power. Where there is a difference is that the CS-590 has a top speed of 13000rpm which beats the Husky 460, so should do better at those demanding jobs where chain speed can make a difference.

The chain spec is pretty much the same so not much difference there. The Echo and Husky can also both take different bar lengths but we think the maximum length is key here, so the Echo wins out again as it can take a 27” bar compared to 24” on the Husqvarna 460.

Overall, the Echo seems to have a slight advantage in performance although they are very close.

Starting Echo Timberwolf vs Husqvarna Rancher

2-stroke engines have always been temperamental to start, but both these manufacturers have done all they can to make this easier for the user. On the Husqvarna, you have their proprietary SmartStart system, a decompression device, air purge and combined start/choke control which together does a good job of making starting not such a chore.

On the Echo, there are similar features although it has no air purge bulb. Again, the reviews for this model point towards a history of dependable starting so it looks as though they have got things right for this model as well.

As far as starting the chainsaw goes, these two are both pretty evenly matched so we’ll call that a draw.

Air Cleaning

These days many high-end chainsaws have a system to pre-clean the engine air before it even gets to the air filter, which results in less maintenance and a longer engine life. Both these models have their own version of this and their systems do a good job. If you check out how each one works you will see that they are very similar, which is not much of a surprise.

The air filter itself can be accessed without the need for tools on the Echo and the Husky which is a standard requirement these days for quick and easy maintenance. Echo have gone a bit further with their filter though, fitting a two-piece heavy-duty version that offers a greater surface area of filter material and is easier to clean.

We prefer this design to the standard version fitted in the 460 Rancher so as far as air cleaning goes, the Timber Wolf comes out on top.

Safety Features Wolf vs Husky

Adequate protection against the sort of dangers you face when using a chainsaw is a given these days with a good chainsaw so it’s no surprise these two have very similar features.

Where they differ a little is that Echo provides a couple of additional safety aids as standard whereas you would need to purchase these separately for the Husky. The items in question are the safety guard for the bar, which shields the area of the bar most prone to causing kickback and a spark arrestor fitted to the muffler to prevent hot sparks flying out which could cause a fire.

These are both available as accessories of course but the fact the CS-590 has them as standard means it wins out in this category too.

Echo CS-590 20' Timber Wolf Chainsaw
68 Reviews
Echo CS-590 20" Timber Wolf Chainsaw
  • Genuine OEM Echo Part
  • 59.8cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performance

Low Vibration System

The Echo and the Husky both have vibration dampening systems which are a necessity with powerful chainsaws like these. Without this feature the vibrations felt at the handles would make prolonged use of the saws at the very least uncomfortable and at worst could even lead to a condition known as white finger or HAVS.

It’s difficult to judge which one is most effective as Echo do not publish the vibration ratings whereas Husqvarna does, so for that reason, we’re going to award this section to the 460 Rancher.

Weight and Handling

This is one area where the 460 is a clear winner, coming in at around 0.5lbs lighter than the CS-590. That may not seem much but when you’re using the chainsaw for long periods through the day it can make a lot of difference.

Fuel Capacity

The CS-590 Timber Wolf wins this section as it has a much larger fuel tank that takes around 40% more than the Husky 460. Of course, that could be a double-edged sword as it means that when both are full of fuel, the Echo is going to be even more heavier than the 460, but overall, we think most operators will prefer a larger tank to keep them going longer out in the woods.

Just to note, you can tell how much fuel is left in both these machines without taking the fuel cap off which is a bonus and something often missing from other models.


Another home run for the Echo here it appears as you get a 5-year residential warranty as standard on the CS-590. Even commercial users get 1 year as standard as well. With Husqvarna however, their warranties are a lot shorter unless you upgrade them at the time of purchase.

The standard for residential use on the Husky is 2 years but if you purchase some branded premixed fuel at the same time and on the same receipt, then the manufacturer will extend this to 4 years at no extra cost. Commercial users only get a 90-day warranty and there is no way to extend this.

And the winner is….

It’s pretty clear from the comparison above that the Echo CS-590 comes out on top and at the time of writing, it’s more competitively priced as well. That’s not to say the Husqvarna 460 isn’t any good, it clearly is a great chainsaw and either of these models will serve you very well in reality.

If you think one of these models is the one for you then you can compare their current price below.

Echo CS-590 20' Timber Wolf Chainsaw
68 Reviews
Echo CS-590 20" Timber Wolf Chainsaw
  • Genuine OEM Echo Part
  • 59.8cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine for outstanding performance

If you're still not convinced if either of these models are right for you, check our comparison of the best 20 inch chainsaw here.

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