Husqvarna 115il Review

Lightweight, powerful, and versatile, a string trimmer can have multiple functions when maintaining the exterior of a home or business. Sometimes, a lawnmower is just too big to do the job.

Hello string trimmers, we’re happy to have your help.

Kick those dreaded dandelions and crabgrass to the curb with ease with the Husqvarna 115iL straight shaft battery string trimmer. This quieter, simple tool is the perfect piece for any lawn.

Husqvarna Straight Shaft Cordless Trimmer 115iL
14 inch cutting width
Brushless motor for top performance
Interchangeable battery pack
Adjustable length for comfort

One Battery, Multiple Tools

Perhaps the best part of any Husqvarna 100-series tool is the battery itself.

The 40volt battery swaps effortlessly from tool to tool. This versatility is a fantastic way not to break the bank when starting your tool collection if you’re a new homeowner, or just keeping things simple while you work as you only have to worry about one battery for everything.

Taking approximately one hour to charge, keeping these batteries charged is also quick and easy. That being said, the amount of time the battery lasts is determined by the tool you use it with and the power that that tool requires.

Husqvarna 115iL Trimmer Features

The Basics

The 115iL’s brushless electric motor leads to high efficiency and long-run times giving you more time to do what you need while also letting you do said things faster, but perhaps the most significant benefit is how light it is. At just over ten pounds, this trimmer is easier to hold and carry around as you do your yard work.

Featuring a 14-inch cutting swath head, you’ll reach just above everything. The head also rotates at a 90 angle, making this trimmer ready to use in all those tight spaces. For those extra tight spots, there’s an edge trimmer attachment available, too.

Ever heard someone say listen to that engine purr? This one does! It’s as quiet as a cat purr ringing in at only 77 decibels. Your neighbors and ears will thank you for this.

Pulling a cord and praying the trimmer kicks on isn’t an issue here. The centrifugal clutch makes it easy to start and get straight to work on your yard. As with all Husqvarna products, you’re protected with a two-year warranty.

The Bells and Whistles

As far as power-saving goes, the 115iL trimmer features Husqvarna’s patented savE™ mode, which allows for less power to be used while completing jobs. Many consumers get up to 97 minutes on a single charge when this mode is on.

Featuring the Husqvarna Low Vib® system, this trimmer has reduced unit shake. This is a perk if you have any muscular weakness in your hands, but it also gives you more control. The lack of vibration makes the trimmer easier to navigate and create straight, professional edges every time.

Husqvarna Straight Shaft Cordless Trimmer 115iL
14 inch cutting width
Brushless motor for top performance
Low sound levels at 77 dB (a)
Adjustable length for comfort

The Add-Ons

In some instances, the battery might not be included—make sure to check the contents listed on the box. It can be easier to grab one with it, but the great news is they’re readily available to buy on the side.

Safety gear is always a must when working with power tools, regardless of how they are powered. Make sure to have thick gloves, work-quality goggles, and a mouth guard or face mask to avoid injury from debris while you work.

Breaking Down the Good and Bad

The part you really want to know is what makes the Husqvarna 115iL shaft string trimmer a fantastic purchase, and what might make it a bit of dud. Don’t worry. We’ve got that for you, too.


  • Lightweight and easy to use for extended periods
  • A dual string line allows you to cut quicker
  • Low sound and vibration outputs make for easier and more comfortable use
  • Telescoping shaft makes it possible to store anywhere and will enable you to grab hard to reach areas


  • Some stores sell it without the battery, which can be disappointing if you’re expecting an all-in-one purchase
  • Need to be cleaned, and you can’t merely hose it off like a gas-powered one
  • Many issues with complaints that if the battery is dead for too long, you can’t revive it

Will the Husqvarna 115iL Trimmer Meet Your Needs?

As long as you aren’t looking to trim a football field, the Husqvarna 115iL battery-powered straight shaft string trimmer is more than ready to take on your home jobs. This tool might seem light, but it doesn’t hold back on power and precision, making it an ideal addition to your tool shed.

Why Battery Powered Over Gas Powered?

While battery-powered and gas-powered trimmers both have their pros and cons, it’s likely that for the average person, one will be more useful than the other.

The same battery can be shared with other tools in the range, like the Husqvarna 115iHD55 cordless hedge trimmer which we review here.

Check out a few comparisons and see why battery-powered is more efficient and better for most needs.


Battery-powered units often cost more at the start. There’s more to purchase up front, like a battery, charger, and even a replacement battery to ensure you never run out on the job. The costs end there, though.

Gas-operated tools cost more in the long run. You need to purchase fuel for each use. Recharging a battery is faster than a trip to the store, and more affordable.

Both will require string replacement. The quality of the string determines durability in this instance, not how the string trimmer is powered.

Husqvarna Straight Shaft Cordless Trimmer 115iL
14 inch cutting width
Brushless motor for top performance
Low sound levels at 77 dB (a)
Adjustable length for comfort

Safety Concerns

With any tool, safety measures need to be taken. You need to wear the proper gloves and eyewear, closed-toe shoes—the works. When it comes to gas-powered trimmers, things can also be slippery when changing out the oil.

That’s not all. A gas engine on a tool might seem small, but it’s hazardous to the environment and your health. Switching to batteries keeps everything cleaner and safer. The carbon footprint is smaller, and you stay healthier.

Volume Levels

Gas-operated tools can be quite loud. Sure, headsets can help dampen the noise, but that doesn’t do any good for your neighbors. Ease up on the noise pollution with battery-operated tools when you can. It’s not only kinder but even with headsets, constant noise at those decibels can damage your hearing.

Ease of Use

With battery-powered trimmers, there’s nothing to “maintain.” You don’t have to worry about oil levels, you just push a button and go. Yes, you have to keep the lines from snapping and enough spool on the line in the trimmer, but that’s really the extent of it.

Gas-powered tools are more cumbersome. You can do the same amount of work in about the same time frame, depending on the instrument, but chances are your arms will hurt more after using a gas-powered option.

In many cases, battery-powered trimmers are also cordless, giving you more freedom to get the job done.

Lastly, for ease of use, is starting the trimmer. A battery-powered tool typically starts with little more than a push of a button. Gas tools need to have the correct pressure in the tank, require a ripcord pull-start, and usually take more than one try.

Power Levels

Gas-powered tools due tend to pack more of a punch than electric options. They have larger engines and can work “faster.” However, if you’re a gardener or someone working on home projects, you don’t need that kind of power anyway.

Trimmer Uses

While it might seem like trimmers are used just to remove grass from tricky areas, they actually do other tasks, too! Rid your lawn or garden of weeds thanks to a rapidly spinning thread that slices through even tough overgrowth with ease.

While not a typical use, you can even edge your lawn and give it that crisp, clean look with a string trimmer, or use it to catch stray blades the mower missed.

These tools are ideal for the tight spaces and corners a lawnmower can’t reach. You know where we mean—under fences, against buildings, under decks, and even near flower beds. Don’t let the grass or weeds get unruly, break out a string trimmer.

String Trimmer Pros and Cons

Not sure if you need a string trimmer, an edger, or something else entirely? This quick comparison might help!


  • Maintain lawns if you have sharp corners, decks, and/or flower beds
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Excellent at removing weeds between cracks in the sidewalk (or panels in the sidewalk)
  • Affordable and lightweight


  • Not suitable for cutting a lawn, despite popular belief. Sure, you could do it, but you’d need to have a lot of time set aside or a small lawn
  • Rather loud regardless of the power type
  • Corded models are the most affordable, which leaves you at the whim of extension cords
Husqvarna Straight Shaft Cordless Trimmer 115iL
14 inch cutting width
Brushless motor for top performance
Low sound levels at 77 dB (a)
Adjustable length shaft for comfort

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