Husqvarna 360BT Review: The Best Backpack Leaf Blower Yet?

Not everyone needs a leaf blower, but as soon as you get a place with a yard that has just a few trees in it, you might soon start to think about getting one! We hope that our Husqvarna 360BT review will assist you with your purchasing decision.

There is nothing more satisfying than corralling all those messy leaves into nice neat piles ready for collecting. It makes clearing up the yard almost fun.

There are so many on the market these days though it can be tricky to work out which one to get. Gas powered, handheld, backpack mounted, CFM ratings, there are so many things to check out.

That’s where we can help. We have reviewed lots of blowers on our site and provided some thoughtful insights to help you choose the right one.

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This review is going to focus on the Husqvarna 360 BT 65.6cc backpack blower. If you are looking for a powerful, gas-powered machine that will last you for many years, then you need to take a look at this beast.

Husqvarna 360BT Blower
Powerful 65.6cc easy start X-Torq engine
High air speed and blowing capacity
Comfortable back pack harness with enhanced control

Started in 1689 on the banks of the Huskvarna River in Sweden, this centuries-old company has been making quality power tools since the 1950s.

Now one of the leading manufacturers of forest and garden power products, Husqvarna already have a long line of great blowers. This list grew a little longer recently with the addition of the 360BT Leaf Blower.

This new model is very similar to their 560BTS blower but is a few dollars cheaper, so let’s see what else it has to offer.

Introducing The Husqvarna 360 BT

When it comes to commercial-grade blowers, there are only a few manufacturers we usually turn to and Husqvarna is always at the top of the list.

Their machines are famous for their quality and reliability. In fact, the company is built on a philosophy of producing machines that will be your faithful companion for years to come.

Well, if you look after them properly, we have found that their products really do go on for years and years

The 360BT blower continues this tradition. It is a powerful, commercial grade blower with all the usual features you find on comparable machines.

It has a powerful motor that boasts pretty good fuel economy coupled with great performance and low emissions.

The weight and size are well balanced and it’s comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic back straps. So, what’s not to like? Read on to find out more.

Husqvarna 360BT Blower
Powerful 65.6cc easy start X-Torq engine
High air speed and blowing capacity
Comfortable back pack harness with enhanced control

What Motor Is In The 360BT?

The power for the Husqvarna 360 BT is provided by one of their X-Torq engines. This model uses a 65cc 2-stroke motor that provides a very respectable 3.81HP.

As this uses a 2-stroke engine you will need to mix oil with the gas at a ratio of 50:1 (that’s gas to oil!). There is a small bottle of oil included and you can buy more oil from most garden machinery suppliers. You could also add some to your shopping cart when you order the blower from Amazon.

The owner’s manual has a handy table to help you mix the right quantities. Just follow the fuel handling guidelines in there to keep everything running smoothly.

The fuel tank holds around 4 pints and reportedly lasts for over an hour on full throttle, which is pretty impressive.

If you’ve ever suffered the frustration of trying to start a gas-powered motor that takes four, five or even six pulls to get going, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

This motor is marketed as being much easier to start and the reviews we’ve seen of this and similar models with the same engine confirm this. Just one or two pulls is at all it seems to need.

How Loud And Heavy Is This Blower?

A 2-stroke engine powered blower is always going to be louder than one with a 4-stroke engine or electric powered.

But they are way more popular for a reason. Lightweight, powerful and cheaper are the 3 things you will usually find mentioned when the different options are compared.

The 360BT is no different, producing 97dB at the operator’s ear level.

That’s about the same as a subway train 200 feet away, or sitting next to an outboard motor.

We recommend you always wear hearing protection when using these blowers. Just a few hours use without it can cause hearing loss.

The other area requiring protection is your eyes.
You can kill two birds with one stone here, (or maybe three!), by using a combined protector, here’s one incorporating a hard hat and here’s a less expensive version without the head protection.

Weight wise the blower comes in at a shade over 23lbs, and as most of that will be carried on your back, this makes it ideal for long jobs.

How Much Air Can The 360BT Move?

This blower is powerful. No doubt about it.

We usually look for the CFM rating at the end of the tube to compare models, and the 360BT puts out an amazing ​631CFM with a top airspeed of 104mph.

The motor itself actually produces 890CFM and a top speed of 232mph so there is plenty of power available.

In fact, it’s like having a Cat 5 hurricane on your back!

CFM, by the way, stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. This tells us how much air a blower can move and how quick it can move it.

Cheaper machines will often quote higher air speeds which they achieve by making the tubing narrower. Just remember that they will never have the power of a high CFM blower, no matter what air speed they quote!

Husqvarna 360 BT
Powerful 65.6cc easy start X-Torq engine
High air speed and blowing capacity
Comfortable back pack harness with enhanced control

Is It Easy To Assemble?

The only assembly required is to fix the pipes together, clip the control cable on and attach the control handle. This should take you in total around 15 minutes.

There is also a long handlebar attachment that comes as an accessory.

The pipes can be quite difficult to push together as they are an exact fit, so lubricate them beforehand with a little light oil to make this a bit easier.

What Is The 360BT Like To Use?

We’ve taken a good look around all the review sites and so far, all the reviews are very good, they are nearly all 5 stars across the board!

Many users comment on how comfortable the backpack part is to wear. This is not surprising considering the ventilated harness and integrated chest strap fitted to the machine.

The control handle is also adjustable for a secure grip up front and there is also a long handlebar accessory available.

The throttle lever is easy to operate and you can take your finger off when at the desired setting, no need to keep it held in one place.

As always, make sure you wear the correct safety equipment including goggles and gloves when using a leaf blower.

What Can The 360BT Model Be Used For?

The 360BT can handle most jobs you need a high-powered blower for with ease.

The usual job of clearing leaves is made much easier thanks to its superior air moving capacity. You can adjust the throttle down to lower speeds as well to tackle those delicate jobs around flower beds.

At full power, it will move even the most stubborn debris and wet leaves. Just be careful what else you might be blowing over though.

As a guide, you can clear an acre of land in around 90 minutes which is probably all you need to know!

Besides clearing leaves off the yard, you could also use this for clearing a deck, or patio, of debris and water after a storm. Some owners also use it to clear a fresh fall of powder snow off the drive. Who needs a snow blower when you have one of these!

What Accessories Can I Get For This Blower?

The main accessory you would buy for this blower is a special tube extension pack for clearing gutters. There’s no easier way to blow out all the leaves and debris without ladders!

Other accessories available are a long handlebar and a flat nozzle. It’s unclear at the moment if these actually come with the blower or if they have to be ordered separately.

Apart from that, you will want to invest in safety goggles, ear protectors, and gloves. There is also a maintenance kit available to help keep your blower in peak condition.

Husqvarna 360 BT Backpack Blower
Powerful 65.6cc easy start X-Torq engine
High air speed and blowing capacity
Comfortable back pack harness with enhanced control

What Maintenance Will I Need To Do On It?

There are few regular maintenance tasks you will need to do regularly, depending on how much you use the blower.

The main ones to keep on top of include:

• Clean the outside of the machine.

• Check that the throttle control functions safely.

• Check that the stop switch works correctly.

• Clean the air filter. Replace if necessary.

• Check that nuts and screws are tight.

• Check that there are no fuel leaks from the engine, tank or fuel lines.

• Check the fuel filter for contamination and the fuel hose for cracks or other defects. Replace if necessary.

• Clean or replace the spark arrestor screen on the muffler (only applies to mufflers without a catalytic converter).

• Check that all sides of the air intake screen are not blocked.

Check the operators guide for more details on how to perform these tasks and other less regular ones.

How Long Is The Warranty On The 360BT?

The warranty period on the 360BT is 2 years. That includes whether you use it for personal or commercial purposes.

The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and provides free repair or replacement at any authorized servicing center or dealer.

Husqvarna Warranty Extension

For a 1-year extension (making a total of 3 years), consumers are required to buy at least six bottles of Husqvarna brand 2-cycle oil at the same time as purchasing the qualifying hand held product. Both of these purchases need to be on the same original receipt. You can find 6 bottles of the 2 cycle oil here.

To qualify for a 3 year extension (making a total of 5 years), consumers must purchase a minimum of 96oz. of Husqvarna brand pre-mixed 2-cycle fuel at the same time as purchasing the qualifying hand held product. Both of these purchases need to be on the same original receipt. You can find the 96 oz of pre-mixed fuel here

No products found.

Husqvarna Pre Mixed Fuel
This is what to buy to extend your warranty by three more years for a total of 5 years.

What Are The Specifications Of The Husqvarna 360BT Blower?

These are the specs as listed by the manufacturer, just for those of you who like to know these things!


Air flow in housing 890 cfm

Air flow in pipe 631 cfm

Airspeed 232 mph

Airspeed (round nozzle) 104 mph


Cylinder displacement 65.6 cm³

Power output 3.81 hp

Maximum power speed 8100 rpm

Fuel tank volume 74.4 fl oz

Idling speed 2000 rpm

Electrode gap 0.03 in

Spark plug NGK CMR7H

Fuel consumption 422 g/kWh

Sound and Noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 111 dB(A)

Sound pressure level at operators ear 97 dB(A)


Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) handle 2.48 m/s²

Husqvarna 360 BT Blower
Powerful 65.6cc easy start X-Torq engine
High air speed and blowing capacity + cruise control
Comfortable back pack harness with enhanced control
Weight 23.2 lbs

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying The 360BT?

We know that some of you like to see all the Pros and Cons in a nice list to help you decide if this is the right blower for you. So here they are:


Lightweight and comfortable to hold and use.

Powerful enough for most blowing jobs.

Starts easily compared to other gas powered machines.

Great build quality.

Easy assembly.

Reliable, but easy to access warranty service when needed.

Good fuel economy for a 2-stroke engine.

No need to hold throttle lever once set.


Quite noisy so the operator will need to use ear defenders.

Some reviewers of the previous model had a bit of trouble fitting the pipes together. So far this doesn’t seem to be a problem with the 360BT.

All that power needs careful handling, especially in an enclosed area.


The Husqvarna 360BT Blower is a great choice for anyone with a large area to keep clear. Powerful, lightweight and comfortable to carry around, this model ticks all the boxes.

Even if you have a smaller yard and just use a blower occasionally, the 360BT will be your go to machine for a long time to come. Don’t forget as well that you can use a good blower for many other uses than just blowing leaves, so we think this model is a really good investment.

This model is suitable for both home users and professional contractors alike. It will not be a surprise if the 360BT Leaf Blower becomes a popular choice all round. We hope you have found our 360BT review helpful.

Husqvarna 360BT Backpack Blower
Powerful 65.6cc easy start X-Torq engine
High air speed and blowing capacity + cruise control
Comfortable back pack harness with enhanced control

If you think that this is not the best leafblower for you, please check our comparison page here, which compares other popular Husqvarna blowers.

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