7 Clever Ways to Use a Leaf Blower

Of course we all know we can use a leaf blower to well… blow leaves and keep the driveway and flower beds clean, but did you know it can be so much more useful?

With that in mind, here are seven other innovative ways to get the most out of this handy outdoor tool.

1. Clean Your Dryer Vent With a Leaf Blower

A dirty or lint filled dryer vent is a great fire hazard. Yes, you can buy an attachment for your vacuum to clean it out or buy a cleaning wand which essentially looks like a giant pipe cleaner to dig out any accumulated lint, but instead of buying more gadgets, why not just use your leaf blower?

To do this, just position the blower over the vent and let it go. It will blow out any loose lint or debris that’s stuck inside. You can do the same thing with the duct work in your house – just stay away from the end where the debris and dust will blow out or you’ll be in for a dusty surprise!

2. Blowing Snow With Your Leafblower

Leaf blowers are different than snow blowers, but you can still get double duty if the snow is powdery and not heavy and wet. Use your leaf blower to blow the snow out onto the street or onto a snowbank instead of hefting a shovel and getting a sore back.

3. Clean The Gutters

Who wants to get on a ladder or crawl onto the roof just to dig their hands into wet leaves and other gunk that gets clogged up in the gutters?

Cleaning gutters during the summer time.

Use your blower to make short work of this task. Similar to cleaning out the dryer vent, use to blast dirt, leaves and cobwebs out so the water can drain away from your roof and home. Of course, make sure you have a sturdy ladder before doing this job.

4. Dry Your Car

When you go to the automatic car wash, they use essentially the equivalent of a giant leaf blower to dry off your car after washing it.

Why not do the same thing at home? Not only can leaving water to dry naturally on your car create spots, it can also attract more dirt. A leaf blower makes short work of the task and will save a lot of time with towels creating streaks on your windows.

5. Threading Wire Through Conduit

While most people may not ever do this, if you have home improvements on your list, there’s a pretty good chance at some point you’ll need to get wire to go through a long piece of conduit. It takes a long time to do this by hand.

Instead, you can attach the wire end to a piece of foam or a cork or piece of a sponge. Then, place that wire end into the conduit and use the leaf blower to get it to go the rest of the way through.

6. Clean Your Lawn Mower

Every lawn mower gets clogged up with grass clippings and dirt after mowing. Rather than reaching your hand into the mess, use your blower to make short work of cleaning it out. If you have a gas mower, you can hit it with the garden hose after to get it sparkling clean.

7. Clean Out Your Car

You can not only use your blower to dry off your car, but it can also make your interior vacuuming job take much less time. Open the doors and give it a good blast to blow most of the dust out. If you’re extra picky, follow that up with a good deep vacuuming to get at any ground in dust, dirt or hair left behind.

Rather than buying several tools for several different jobs, why not put your leaf blower to work in several different ways? Whether you love DIY projects or just have chores to do around the house, think about how many different ways this one tool can work for you.

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