Husqvarna 560BTS Backpack Blower Review: 570BT Better?

It’s getting close to that time of year again. The sun is setting earlier, the air is getting cooler, the leaves are beginning to change color. Soon enough the sweaters will come out of the closet and evening walks will be met with the sound of fallen leaves crunching under your feet.


Fall is a beautiful time of year and it is one that can require a lot of yard work. Clearing a yard full of dead leaves can be a frustrating ordeal if you are using old fashioned rakes. Rakes never seem to be able to get all of the leaves, raking takes forever, and it is just no fun. Fortunately there are other options for true yard warriors.

Leaf blowers are amazing and versatile tools that cut down on yard time and have a wide range of uses elsewhere as well. Of course they are used to clear a yard of leaves but they can also be used to clear decks, lawn furniture, and basement floors. Leaf blowers aren’t just for the fall either, leaf blowers can be used to clear water off of patios after a heavy rain and can even clear away snow in the winter, see our list of ideas for jobs for a leaf blower here.

When it comes to high quality leaf blowers you will usually have two options, Stihl and Husqvarna. In this article I am going to go over the Husqvarna 560BTS gas powered backpack leaf blower, and introduce you to the possibility of using the 570BT instead.

About the Husqvarna 560BTS

The Husqvarna 560BTS is a backpack mounted blower that is used both by homeowners and professionals. Founded in 1689, Husqvarna is well known for the quality and longevity of their products. You really buy a Husqvarna with the peace of mind that you are buying one of the best pieces of equipment on the market.

I always recommend buying high quality tools and lawn equipment because they can literally last you a lifetime. There is some parable about the man who buys cheap shoes will actually end up spending more because he needs to replace them every year. This is my philosophy on tools. Buy ‘em right, buy ‘em once.

About The Motor

The Husqvarna 560BTS has a 65.6 cc two stroke motor. The 3.81 HP motor is capable of moving serious quantities of air that makes clearing debris a piece of cake.

Just like a weed eater, the two stroke 560BTS requires mixed fuel. The package comes with a few little oil containers that need to be mixed in with gasoline at a 50:1 ratio. You can of course order more oil when you run out, and I recommend buying the Husqvarna brand instead of mixing brands.

Be sure to use ethanol free gasoline with this and any other lawn equipment you have. Despite what anyone may tell you, the added ethanol is bad for your motor and hoses. Ethanol free gas will help ensure that your equipment continues to run smoothly throughout it's life. Treat your equipment right and it will treat you right.

How Much Air Does The Husqvarna 560BTS Move?

At the end of the tube the Husqvarna 560BTS puts out 631 CFM at a top speed of 232 MPH. That’s hurricane force winds! Other blowers are capable of higher speeds but the number that you really want to use to gauge a blowers’ power is the CFM.

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute. That is how much air can the blower move and how fast can it move it. A 1000 CFM blower would be able to empty the air out of a 10 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft room in one minute.

Any cheap blower can increase the speed of the air by using a lower diameter tube but these blowers won’t have the power that a high CFM blower can produce.

The tube on the Husqvarna 560BTS comes in several pieces. The pieces can actually be pretty difficult to assemble because they are such a tight fit. Once they go together they will almost certainly never come apart.

Once assembled the tube 46-½ inches in length. This is a great length that allows you to easily get hard to reach areas. Many handheld models have shorter tubes which mean that you need to lean over or reach to get difficult areas.

The tube on the 560BTS is also 2-9/16 inches in diameter. There are many attachments that you can get for leaf blowers, so make sure you know what your tube diameter is.

Is It Loud?

Loudness is, of course, all relative. Yes the Husqvarna 560BTS is loud but it is quieter than you would expect from a high powered leaf blower. Husqvarna says that the sound at the ears is 97 decibels. That’s about as loud as putting your ear right next to your lawnmower.

Always use ear protection with backpack blowers. Just a few hours of exposure can cause hearing loss.

What About The Warranty?

As with all Husqvarna products for personal and non-income producing use, it has a 2 year warranty period. This product also qualifies for the extended warranty period of either 1 or 2 years, for a total of either 3 years or 4 years.from Husqvarna.

To extend your warranty to 3 years, you must purchase at least 6 bottles of Husqvarna branded 2 stroke oil at the same time as you purchase the tool.

To extend your warranty to 4 years, you must purchase at least 96 oz. of pre-mixed Husqvarna branded fuel at the same time as purchasing the tool. You can find that here on amazon.

To qualify for either of these warranty extensions, the oil or fuel must appear on the same invoice as the tool, and you then need to register the purchase online here.

What Is It like To Use?

The Husqvarna 560BTS is a true workhorse. It will move the most stubborn debris, including clumps of wet leaves. No matter what tool you are using now, the 560BTS will significantly cut down on the time it takes you to clear your yard.

At 23.15 lbs the 560BTS is very similar to other backpack models. Be sure to tighten all of the straps so that it fits snugly on your shoulders. This will help reduce the stress on your back. If the 560BTS is worn properly it shouldn’t be any more strenuous than any other lawn care activity.

What Kind Of Accessories Can I Get For The 560BTS?

Like I said before, leaf blowers are extremely versatile. Not only can the Husqvarna 560BTS be used on lawn debris, snow, water, and just about anything else but accessories can turn the 560BTS into a completely different machine.

Husqvarna, as well as other companies, sell extension tubes that make cleaning your gutters easy. The Husqvarna gutter tubes are able to extend up to 12 feet. Cleaning gutters is a dirty job but with a gutter kit at least you can do it from the ground.

Husqvarna 560BTS vs Husqvarna 570BT

The Husqvarna 570BTS is the bigger brother to the 560BTS. It has a bigger more powerful motor, higher airflow, and of course it’s heavier, louder, and more expensive. Even though there are a number of differences the differences aren’t that great.

The 570BTS has a 4 hp motor compared to the 560BTS’ 3.81 hp. The CFM on the 570BTS is 768 compared to 631 on the 560BTS, so that's a considerable increase.

The other major difference is that the 570BTS has some extra vibration cancelling technology. This actually does make a small but noticeable difference, so if you have a large area to clear, this could be a factor.

Of course the choice is up to you. At only a $60 difference in price, it's a tough decision.

Conclusion On The Husqvarna 560BTS

The Husqvarna 560BTS was definitely one of the top blowers on the market. Homeowners and lawn care professionals alike were extremely satisfied with the 560BTS. This blower is tough and powerful and will be able to complete any task that is asked of it. Also, being a Husqvarna means that it will last for many years into the future.

This model has now been superceded by the newer
570 model.
You get free shipping and full Husqvarna warranty and support.

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