Poulan PRO PR300 Two-Stage Electric-Start Snow Thrower Review

If you’re facing the tough decision of having to choose between one snow blower and another, we completely sympathize with you; it’s a lot easier said than done. Some snow blowers are better equipped to handle heavy-duty snow blowing than others, so which one you invest in will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and needs.

In this post, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at one of the market leaders, the Poulan Pro PR300 electric snow thrower. We’ll be assessing its capabilities to help you see whether or not this specific snow blower is suitable for your winter chore needs. 

30 inch gas snowblower

Poulan Pro 30 inch Snowblower

Poulan – Some History

Poulan is a high-quality brand that has been delivering exceptional quality for well over one hundred years in the industry, and since it’s a part of the Husqvarna group of tools, its quality without a doubt.

Although Poulan manufactures quite a few lines of regular, household snow blowers, their PRO range of snow throwers stand out from the crowd.

Folks that take their time to invest in the PR300 are able to rest assured that their snow blowers will tackle even the hardest of snow blowing tasks out there. 

Poulan Pro PR300 Electric Snow Thrower – Quick Overview

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., the Poulan Pro PR300 is a part of Poulan’s pro range of outdoor equipment.  With its two-stage 254 cc four cycle engine, the PR300 can move snow around at an astounding rate, and some folks reckon that this might be the very best electric snow blower money can buy. 

PR300 Performance

We love the fact that the PR300 isn’t only big in size, but it’s also big as far as its performance goes. Powered by a robust 254cc engine, this snow blower delivers and a torque power of 12.5, making the Poulan Pro PR300 a pro at clearing even the thickest pile of snow.

This snow thrower is able to operate effectively and very efficiently regardless of how cold the temperatures get outside, and that fact is mainly due to the fact that it has a rather large engine.

Due to the fact that the PR300 comes with a 23-inch intake height, it’s able to clear a 30-inch path in the shortest amount of time when compared to some of its competitors.

Poulan Pro PR300 Main Technical Features

30 inch gas snowblower

Poulan Pro 30 inch Snowblower

Although the PR300 runs on gas, it’s assisted by an electric start button, making it a very effective and powerful snow thrower. Because the PR300 comes with multiple forward speeds and one reverse speed, it will easily clear a 30-inch path in one single pass.

We love the fact that the Poulan Pro PR300 comes fitted with ribbon augers, ideal for clearing up snow faster than traditional snow throwers. 

Unlike its two other siblings in the Pro range from Poulan, the PR300 sports power steering, making it a dream to maneuver, plus it also comes with headlights, which makes it ideal for use at dusk and dawn. 

How Maneuverable is the Poulan Pro PR300?

Looks can be deceiving, and it’s pretty evident with the Poulan Pro PR300 snow blower. This snow thrower might appear bulky and robust, but it’s actually very easy to handle.

The PR300 snow thrower comes equipped with an ergonomically adjustable handle which can be controlled and adjusted according to user preferences with the utmost of ease.

As far as the PR300’s maneuverability goes, it also shines out from its competitors due to the fact that it has built-in power steering. It also comes fitted with modernized ribbon augers, 16-inch tires, and a few other comfort features which ensure that you’ll get the great snow blowing experience you’ve always been looking for. 

PR300 Unique and Easy Clearing Process

As you might be aware, the Poulan Pro PR300 is a two-stage snow thrower, which makes twice as effective and efficient as regular snow blowers on the market. With the PR300’s 30-inch two-stage operating mechanism, clearing a path can be done in the quickest time possible, which minimizes effort and time spent outdoors in the blistering cold. 

30 inch gas snowblower

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Advantages of Using the Poulan Pro PR300 Snow Thrower

  • It comes with an electric start feature, which ensures that the machine is easy to start with just the push of a button. 
  • It has a very durable engine that’s powerful enough to withstand even the harshest of winter climates. 
  • It comes with deflector controls on the console-mounted chute, which enables users to dispose of snow in any direction they prefer. 
  • This is a snow thrower that’s manufactured by a very reputable brand, which immediately tells you that you’re investing in solid quality. 
  • Because the PR300 has a wide range of comfort features, it’s easy and very comfortable to operate, not to mention the fact that it has a very durable overall build. 

Disadvantages of the Poulan Pro PR300 Snow Thrower

  • The PR300 is a little too bulky, and despite its ergonomic design, it can be a schlep to find the ideal storage pace for this huge snow thrower. 
  • It has a high carbon footprint due to the fact that the machine is powered by gasoline. 
  • Because the unit has only one single reverse speed, it can slow down the snow-clearing process at times. 
  • It’s definitely not the most budget-friendly option out there when compared to its competitors. 

Quality Features We Love About the Poulan Pro PR300

When compared to some other contenders on the market, the Poulan Pro PR300 is probably one of the best players currently available to purchase. The PR300 is amazingly designed in terms of its balance, and because it comes with power steering, this machine can be operated with one hand if that’s your thing.

With the Poulan Pro PR300, maneuvering and turning is an absolute breeze thanks to the fact that each of the wheels on this snow blower is driven individually. 

Straight out of the box, assembling the PR300 is easy to do and with the help of the user guide, it’s a fool-proof process. Another key feature we love about the PR300 is the fact that the vital parts of the machine are extremely well made and will be nearly impossible to break or disable. 

Then there’s the handle, which is very easily adjustable. As far as the skid plates go: they are made of plastic, not metal, which means that they’ll never damage your yard or your driveway. Controls on this machine are effortless to use and very intuitive. 

30 inch gas snowblower

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Poulan Pro PR300 Specifications

Auger diameter12 inches
Impeller diameter12 inches
Intake height23 inches
Tire size16 inches
Working width30 inches
Engine cylinder displacement254 cm³
Fuel tank volume0.71 gallons
Blower typeTwo stage
Starter typeElectric
SteeringPower steering
Chute rotationRemote controlled
DeflectorRemote controlled
Transmission typeFriction disc
Transmission steps forward6
Transmission steps reverse1

How do You Operate the Poulan Pro PR300?

Before you start the Pr300, you will have to ensure that the fuel shut-off valve is in the open position. The PR300 is equipped with a 120 Volt A.C. electric starter as well as a recoil starter, so there are two ways of starting the machine.

The electric starter comes equipped with a three-wire power plug and was designed to be operated on 120 Volt A.C. household current. 

Cold Starting the PR300 With the Electric Starter

  1. Insert the safety ignition key into the ignition slot until it clicks, taking care not to turn the key. 
  2. Place the ON / OFF switch in the “ON” position.
  3. Move the choke control to the “FULL” position. 
  4. Push the primer three times. 
  5. Connect the extension cord to the machine. 
  6. Plug the other end of the extension cord into a three-hole grounded 120 Volt A.C. receptacle. 
  7. Push the starter button until the engine starts. 
  8. When the engine starts, release the starter button and move the choke to the “OFF” position slowly. 
  9. Disconnect the extension cord from the receptacle before removing it from the engine. 

Cold Starting the PR300 With the Recoil Starter

  1. Insert the safety ignition key into the ignition slot until it clicks, ensuring that you do not turn the key.
  2. Place the ON / OFF switch in the “ON” position. 
  3. Rotate the choke control to the “FULL” position. 
  4. Push the primer three times. 
  5. Pull the recoil starter handle quickly, ensuring that the starter rope doesn’t snap back. 
  6. When the engine starts, release the recoil starter handle and move the choke control to the “OFF” position slowly. 

How is the Chute of the PR300 Snow Thrower Controlled? 

30 inch gas snowblower

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The Poulan Pro PR300 snow thrower’s chute rotation and the angle of its deflector are controlled remotely from the control panel on the chine. You can control how fast and how far the chute throws snow, and with the ability to rotate 180 degrees while in operation, the PR300 has a very versatile and effective chute. 

We Recommend the Poulan Pro PR300 Because…

It comes with a very robust 254cc “StormForce” engine, which has been specifically designed to be used for sub-zero operation. It also sports an overhead valve design, a cast iron bore and a dual ball bearing design which paints an overall picture of a tough and durable snow thrower that won’t let you down. 

If you’ve ever been let down by the maneuverability of other snow throwers, the PR300 is bound to exceed your expectations thanks to the fact that it comes equipped with power steering, ideal for smooth turning abilities without having to put too much effort in. 

To help improve user comfort, the PR300 comes with heated hand grips to help keep your hands warm while operating the machine. As far as pulling, steering, and pushing goes, the comfort grip loop handles on the PR300 are super useful. With an interlock feature, the PR300 is suitable for one-handed operation, and with a throwing distance of 45 feet, this machine will help you move snow as far away from your yard or driveway as possible.

What Warranties Protect the Poulan Pro PR300?

The PR300 is covered by two different warranties, one of them focusing on general household defects, and the other one specifically covering the engine.

The Poulan Pro PR300 is covered by a two-year warranty for its parts as well as a four-year warranty on its engine alone. Poulan understands the value of good customer service, which is why they ensure their customers that they will replace or repair any parts (including the costs of labor) for all of their products that are still under warranty.

Also included with these warranties are any defects in materials or workmanship. 

30 inch gas snowblower

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Owners of a Poulan Pro PR300 are held liable for assembling the snow thrower to the exact standards set out in the user guide, or they might risk not having their machine covered by the warranties in case of a defect due to incorrect assembly.

You should also pay close attention to maintaining, adjusting, and operating your newly bought PR300 in order to keep the warranties valid.

Final Verdict

As far as we’re concerned, the Poulan Pro PR300 Electric Two-Stage Power-Steering Snow Thrower is arguably one of the best options currently available on the market.

If you’re looking to invest in a superior quality snow thrower, you don’t have to look any further. The PR300 is super powerful, very user-friendly, and basically effortless to use.

When taking all of this information in, it’s clear to see that this particular snow thrower isn’t just powerful and convenient, but it’s also very consistent.

If the price isn’t an issue for you, and you’re looking to invest in one of the most comfortable and convenient slow blowers currently available on the market, we’re pretty confident in the fact that the PR300 might be your ideal fit!

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