Poulan Pro PR241 Snowblower Review. Good Enough?

It’s not every day that one needs a snowblower, but having the right power tool when the time calls for it can mean the difference between a quick and effective snow-blowing experience and a disastrous situation. In this review we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Poulan Pro PR241 Snow Blower, essentially helping you determine whether or not it’s the right snow blower for your needs as well as your budget.

Overview Of The Poulan Pro PR241 Snow Blower

As a part of Poulan Pro’s line of outdoor equipment, the PR241 is a proudly American-made snow blower that is backed by a successful history spanning more than seven decades.

This snow blower is powered by a four-cycle engine and has a two-cycle working mechanism that moves snow around at a prevailing rate. At least that’s what the manufacturer claims this tool to comprise of, but let’s take a closer look to try and establish its real worth.

What Are The Poulan Pro PR241 Snow Blower’s Main Technical Features?

Since the Poulan Pro PR241 has a gas engine, it’s essential that it’s powerful and effective. When it comes to gas engines, they need to be powerful and durable so that they’ll hold up for at least a couple of snow seasons.

Gas engines should also be able to resist the harshest of winter conditions, which means that it has to feature an assisted start function.

In this department the PR241 ticks all the right boxes, sporting a 208cc engine that runs at 10HP. The Poulan PR241 also has a double-starting system (featuring a pull cord as well as a start button), making it quick and easy to start and use.

With six forward speeds and one reverse speed, the PR241 can easily accomplish a 24-inch cleaning in one single pass.

With the PR241, there are two noteworthy additions to the snow blower when compared to Poulan Pro’s other models. One of the key improvements is the fact that this model comes with a friction disc transmission, which helps to minimize the risk of rapid tear or damage during use.

The other improvement on this model is the improved ribbon auger which mixes up with the snow air to help clear snow out of the way much faster than other models and allow for a quicker clean up when all the snow has been cleared.

Design Of The Poulan Pro PR241 Snowblower

The PR241 comes pre-assembled, and the only surfaces you’ll have to attach by yourself is the discharge chute which fits on to the control linkage, and this is done quickly and easily with the help of just four bolts.

You can have the entire machine set up and ready to blow snow in merely half an hour, and if anything is unclear, you can just use the explanatory directions found in the owner’s manual.

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few improvements on the PR241 when compared with the other two models in this Poulan Pro range. The design features a redesigned control panel which is much simpler to use and much more intuitive. It also comes with a handle that’s adjustable at four different height levels, ensuring optimal user comfort.

Another noteworthy improvement is the addition of a clear-lens headlight which helps improve visibility on the pathway as well as the engine. You’ll notice that the PR241 comes with a 12-inch ribbon auger system which is made of serrated steel, and sports a bolted (not welded) housing, which improves durability, and has a 180-degree remote chute rotation with a matching remote reflector.

Also worth mentioning is the addition of a pair of 13×14-inch tires featuring high-traction treads, making the unit easier to maneuver, especially on very heavy snow. Lastly, the inclusion of plastic (not steel) skid shoes means that the whole machine is not only easier to operate, but is also better protected in its most delicate sections.

How Big Is The Poulan Pro PR241?

With a front housing measuring 24 inches wide and 23 inches in height, the Poulan Pro PR241 is a two-stage snow blower that relies on its 12-inch auger blades to break up the snow.

Its blades work hard to push any snow towards the second stage, from where the 12-inch impeller blades blow the snow out of the chute.

Fitted with 13-inch wheels, the PR241 has great grip in even the hardest of winter conditions, and it also has treads that are deep enough to provide sufficient traction while you’re blowing snow.

Notes On The Poulan Pro PR241 Snow Blower’s Performance

In general, our experience with the Poulan Pro PR241 snowblower was good. We appreciated how straightforward the user guide to new users, and how easy the machine is to set up and get running.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the PR241 is the fact that it sometimes starts with the first pull, which is always great to see in extreme weather conditions.

This snow blower can tackle fluffy or wet snow with the same efficacy, although the throwing distance does vary depending on the state of the snow.

We noted that the PR241 could easily throw snow over the fence (and street), which was a big bonus in our books. Hand-in-hand with the snow blower’s efficacy, we just have to say that the powerful light on this snow blower comes in particularly handy for cleanups at night or even mid-storm, it casts light in all the right places!

As far as the downsides of the PR241 go, there’s nothing earthshattering to mention. The single reverse speed is a little too slow at times, and we reckon that by having just one extra reverse speed, things could be much speedier.

Since the Poulan Pro PR241 features a startup pull that’s placed on the right-hand side of the unit, it’s not ideally angled. This could cause some mild discomfort for some users.

Lastly, we wish that this snow blower came with an electric cord as part of the package, but as we mentioned, none of its drawbacks are major game-changers.

How To Operate The Poulan Pro PR241 Snowblower

Before starting the engine, ensure that the fuel shut-off valve is in the ‘OPEN’ position.

The Poulan Pro PR241 is equipped with a 120 Volt A.C. electric starter as well as a recoil starter. The electric starter is equipped with a three-wire power cord, and its plug is designed to operate in 120 Volt A.C. household current.

Cold-starting the PR241 with the electric starter

  1. Insert the safety ignition key into the ignition slot until it clicks, taking care not to turn the key.
  2. Place the ON / OFF switch in the “ON” position.
  3. Move the choke control to the “FULL” position.
  4. Push the primer three times.
  5. Connect the power cord to the engine.
  6. Plug the other end of the power cord into a three-hole-grounded 120 Volt A.C. receptacle.
  7. Push the starter button until the engine starts.
  8. As soon as the engine starts, release the starter button and slowly move the choke control to the “OFF” position.
  9. Disconnect the power cord from the receptacle first and then from the engine.

Cold-starting the PR241 with the recoil starter

  1. Insert the safety ignition key into the ignition slot until it clicks, taking care not to turn the key.
  2. Place the ON / OFF switch in the “ON” position.
  3. Rotate the choke control to the “FULL” position.
  4. Push the primer three times.
  5. Pull the recoil starter handle quickly, ensuring that the starter rope doesn’t snap back.
  6. When the engine starts, release the recoil starter handle and slowly move the choke control to the “OFF” position.

How Is The PR241’s Chute Controlled?

The chute’s rotation, as well as the angle of its deflector, is controlled remotely from the snow blower’s control panel. The chute can be controlled while in use and can rotate 180 degrees as it clears up snow.

Advantages Of Using The Poulan Pro PR241 Snowblower

  • Since the snowblower is designed and manufactured in the U.S.A by a reputable company, it immediately qualifies it as a very reliable tool
  • With a four-cycle engine that features an electric start system, this snow blower is easy and quick to set up and use, and it’s also much more durable and perfect to use in the harshest of winter conditions
  • It’s a very effective and convenient machine to use thanks to its redesigned ribbon auger and the effective discharge chute
  • When using the instruction manual, this snow blower is super simple to assemble
  • It’s a very maneuverable snow blower that can be used in all weather conditions with any kind of snow
  • This snow blower’s design has been enhanced to improve usage comfort

Disadvantages Of Using The Poulan Pro PR241 Snowblower

  • Although the unit does come with power drive, it’s not equipped with power steering
  • It only comes with one reverse speed, which can slow down the process at times
  • Since this is a gas-powered snow blower, it will require more maintenance and storage care, just like all other gas snow blowers

What Does The Poulan Pro PR241 Snowblower’s Warranty Look Like?

Because the PR241 runs on a four-cycle engine, it benefits from two different warranties. This snow blower is covered by a two-year limited warranty for its parts and also has a four-year warranty on the engine alone.

Your warranty is valid from the date of original purchase, and Poulan Pro warrants that they will replace or repair all cover parts, labor costs included, under warranty.

Defects due to materials or workmanship are also included in the warranties.

Poulan Pro will only repair or replace parts and units that were originally assembled according to the user’s manual, and to keep the warranties valid, users need to properly maintain, adjust, and operate their snow blowers.

Why we Recommend Poulan Pro As A Brand

Made by Husqvarna, all Poulan Pro Snowblowers are basically copies of the original Husqvarna 200 series snow blowers, but just with fewer features.

These snow blowers are definitely not cheap knock-offs, but comfort features (found on the 200 series Husqvarna blowers) such as heated handgrips, wrap around handles, and six LED lights, are not featured on the Poulan Pro PR241 or the other two blowers in this range.

Husqvarna takes great pride in their snowblowers, including the Poulan Pro range. They all are good, solid snow blowers, priced very reasonably.

Alternatives To The Poulan Pro PR241 Snow Blower

There are a few more models in the range as well as Husqvarna alternatives.

Who Should Invest In The Poulan Pro PR241 Snowblower?

If you’re someone who isn’t too concerned about all the bells and whistles on a snowblower and you’ll only have to clean up 70 inches of snow or less, then the Poulan Pro PR241 should be an ideal fit for your needs and your budget.

This snow blower has enough power to be used in an area that’s not located in a snow belt. Although the PR241’s 27 inches can be a little hard to turn if you have a small build, keep in mind that this snowblower does not have power steering, which could make it tricky to handle even if you are on the larger side.

What Are The Specifications?

Fuel tank capacity:                  0.71 gallons

Engine:                                    208cc

Engine gross torque:               9.5 pounds per foot

Drive system:                          friction disc

Forward transmission:             6 speeds

Reverse transmission:              1 speed

Working width:                       24 inches

Intake height:                          23 inches

Auger diameter:                      12 inches

Impeller diameter:                   12 inches

Start:                                       electric

Chute rotation:                        remote

Deflector:                                remote

Front tire size:                         13 x 4 inches

Warranty on parts:                  2 years

Warranty on engine:                4 years

What Accessories Are Included?

Each Poulan Pro PR241 unit sold comes with its instruction manual, an oil-filling funnel, an oil-drainage pipe, one spark plug wrench and two shearing bolts for adjusting the front augers.

Final Verdict

Since the Poulan Pro PR241 is a snowblower that is easy to assemble and basically effortless to use, it’s a great 24-inch dual-stage snowblower that might fit the requirements you have for purchasing your own snowblower.

We were impressed with how easily the engine started up and the fact that it can be started with the pull-start or electric start options.

If you don’t live in an area where you’ll need to do intense snow clearing on a regular basis, the PR241 should be an ideal fit for your needs, but we definitely do not recommend this snow blower for folks that work extensively with their snow blowers.

Overall, we reckon that the Poulan Pro PR241 is a good enough snowblower for the money and that it does deliver on the promise made by its manufacturer. It might not be the most elaborate, powerful, or full-range snow blower out there, but for its price, we believe the PR241 to live up to its name.