Snow Joe iON PRO Snow Blower Review

The Snow Joe company has already developed a series of reliable and reputable snow blowers, and expectations for the iON PRO were more than exceeded. Putting away the shovel is more enticing than ever with the availability of this powerful machine. Because shoveling is both exhausting and time-consuming, the demand is only growing for exceptional snow blowers. This is your exceptionally outstanding snow blower.

Coming from a great company with great products, the iON PRO is here to impress. Referred to as the original iON’s “big brother,” this cordless snow blower will help you power through your winters with ease. No more back aches or frozen fingers from long hours of shoveling. Clearing snow is a breeze with this machine.

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While many homeowners are now turning to the snow blower market, they often have one goal in mind: clearing snow quickly. This urge to buy a snow blower often comes too late, after the first snow has fallen and people are in a rush for virtually anything that appears to work well. The problem with this is they fail to find the right product for their needs.

Many homeowners do not realize that among the variety of snow blowers, the most dominant gas guzzling machine may not be suitable for their needs. Actually, most homeowners do not even need an obnoxious gas powered blower. The wrong snow blower will leave you dissatisfied and possibly put you back to shoveling snow. There is a large variety of snow blowers that cater to a variety of different needs.

The iON PRO cordless snow blower may not be suitable for everyone, but it is one of the few blowers that caters to a great many homeowners’ needs.

The first step in deciding whether the iON PRO is appropriate for you and your needs, you need to evaluate the average snowfall of your area. With the different classes of snow blowers, there are variances in terrain capabilities and power. Between gas powered, electric, and cordless electric, there are limitations dividing the three.

For example, if your area typically endures heavy amounts of sleet, slush, snow, and ice, you should go ahead and buy the large and powerful two-stage gas snow blower. These gas blowers are often very efficient, but also overly expensive, bulky, and powerful for the typical homeowner.

If your area alternatively gets moderate amounts of pure snow, without the excessive slush and ice, you will most likely enjoy the iON PRO. You can buy this snow blower now at a significant saving, and get through your winters with ease.

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What Makes this Snow Blower Exceptional?

Breaking many boundaries of typical snow blower, the Snow Joe iON PRO stands out as a prominent option for the average homeowner. Loaded with many features, the iON PRO has plenty to offer. A brief list of the features includes:

• Cordless

• Lightweight at 36 pounds

• Easy maneuverability

• 21-inch clearing width

• 660 pounds per minute

• 40 Volt 5.0 AH Ecosharp PRO Lithium Ion Battery

• 65 Minutes operating time

• 600 W brushless motor

• Quiet operation

• LED Headlight

• Steel auger with rubber blades

• Adjustable handle

• “All Terrain” wheels

• 180° Auto Rotate Chute

• 20-foot throwing distance

• 8-inch snow cut

• Push Start Button

• Rust Resistant

• Safety Handle

With many good and efficient snow blowers with various price points, it can be difficult to determine what makes up a remarkable and extraordinary snow blower that is truly worth your money. With a definable standard that divides the great from the greater, you can see why the iON PRO stands above the competition.

Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO 21-Inch 40 Volt 5 Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower, Kit (w/5.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)
  • Lightweight design (only 36 lbs) to easily clear large driveways and walkways
  • 40 V 5.0 Ah EcoSharp PRO rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 65 minutes of whisper-quiet run time and is compatible with all iON tools


Most homeowners looking for a snow blower are looking for simplicity and practicality. To get the job done quick and easy, a lightweight machine is vital. With a relatively lightweight build, the iON PRO keeps the work simple for users of all ages and strengths. The adjustable handles on the machine allow maximum comfort when pushing, while the weight makes it a breeze. Only weighing 36 pounds, this snow blower can be controlled and pushed with ease.

The “all-terrain” wheels also assist in the easy maneuverability of this machine. Making it easier to clear over uneven surfaces and tough snow chunks, these wheels help make this machine stand apart from its competitors.

Outstanding Results

With quick and easy maneuvering, you can also expect great results from this product. Providing a snow cut of 8 inches deep, you can use the iON PRO in some of the thicker snowfalls. This deeper snow cut allows versatility if your region gets mixed snow accumulations. Homeowners in more northern regions can enjoy this device just as homeowners in less intense locations.

Collecting and moving up to 660 pounds of snow per minute, this cordless machine is about as powerful as its gas counterparts. The 21-inch clearing width on the iON PRO minimizes the amount of passes you take when removing snow. This helps you get the job done faster and gets you back inside to the warmer air.

Freedom with Cordless

When looking for an ideal snow blower, people often seek out power and efficiency. Although the gas powered blowers offer a significant punch in power, they are also heavier and more complex. Requiring constant maintenance and upkeep, choosing a gas blower practically defeats the purpose of buying a snow blower for simplicity.

Being heavy to push and difficult to maintain, gas blowers add unnecessary responsibility and strain. Thankfully, the Snow Joe iON PRO offers a very comparable amount of power while remaining lightweight. As a cordless machine, this snow blower is an easy alternative to these gas guzzlers. One owner of a cordless blower commented that he could finish the clearing job in the time that it took him to get his old gas blower started.

While electric blowers are often efficient as well, they keep you tied down and stuck with tangles. Electric blowers with cords often hinder the capabilities of a snow blower, as the users often cannot reach their further snow covered areas. With this cordless Snow Joe blower, you can clear limitless areas of your driveway or pavement, without the extension cords.

Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO 21-Inch 40 Volt 5 Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower, Kit (w/5.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)
  • Lightweight design (only 36 lbs) to easily clear large driveways and walkways
  • 40 V 5.0 Ah EcoSharp PRO rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 65 minutes of whisper-quiet run time and is compatible with all iON tools

Quiet Operation

Another ideal quality in a snow blower is quiet operation. With all of the technology available, there is no reason a homeowner should have to settle for a loud motor, often found in gas powered blowers.

Because the Snow Joe cordless blower is so quiet, you can ultimately clear snow at any time of day. With fewer sunlight hours during the winter, it is very possible that you could find yourself clearing snow when it is dark out, and everyone is sleeping.

With the help of the LED headlight during moonlight hours, you can easily clear your driveway or patio without aggravating or waking anyone nearby.

Auto Rotating Chute

One of the most important aspects in a snow blower is the effectiveness of the snow chute. You should always seek a machine that can disperse the snow far enough to be out of your clearing path.

Being one of the primary characteristics of a snow blower, an ineffective snow chute is extremely detrimental. With that said, an ideal distance is about 15 to 20 feet. Considering that the iON PRO can throw snow about twenty feet, you can enjoy getting your work done without the struggle of redoing areas covered by the displaced snow piles.

You will also enjoy the 180° auto rotating chute. This allows you to have control of the direction your snow chute propels the snow. The chute is rotated via a small toggle switch located on the handlebar.

Long Lasting Battery

With overall run time being a highly valued component for many customers, finding a snow blower that will run long enough to complete your typical clearing project is very important. Rushing to complete a job before the battery dies is both frustrating and unnecessary. Even worse, a machine quitting on you mid-way through clearing is quite the disappointment. A high-quality machine will last at least forty minutes before quitting on you. Because the Snow Joe iON PRO has a battery life of 65 minutes, it offers more than enough time for most homeowners to complete their work.

The battery that accompanies the iON PRO is a 40 Volt 5.0 AH Ecosharp PRO Lithium Ion Battery. This battery enables the machine to have enough power to shoot snow such far distances repetitively without slowing down. Spare batteries are readily available and if you have a decent area to clear, or heavy snow, you may be well advised to have a spare one that you can continue to work with while the depleted battery is on charge.

600 W Brushless Motor

The lithium ion battery also works well with the 600 W brushless motor within the blower. Brushless motors, known as BLDC, (BrushLess Direct Current), are much lighter than conventional motors with brushes. Together, they maximize the power available to make the snowblower more efficient with less wasted energy.

A brushless motor is a highly effective technology that works to react to the different conditions the machine endures. This “smart” motor uses more force when encountering thick and dense snow, while it uses less force for the light and fluffy accumulation. Therefore, this allows the battery to put every bit of charge and power to use without any waste. This is what allows the machine to run up to 65 minutes straight.

Long Machine Lifespan

A brushless motor is also indicative of a long-lasting machine. Because this is a more efficient and effective technology, it allows your snow blower to run smoothly for many years. Finding a snow blower that will last you for multiple winters is another ideal quality.

With the iON PRO also being rust resistant, you won’t have to worry as much about the salt and snow kicking up and causing problems with this blower. Metal breaks down from rust easily with a combination of water and salt, which is a common winter combination. This also plays into an increased lifespan of the snow blower. These machines are expensive, and it wouldn’t be very cost effective to buy one every winter.

Another sign of a machine that will last for a few years is a warranty. Companies don’t put warranties on products they don’t believe in. They wouldn’t want to lose money on the multiple repairs and refunds. Therefore, a warranty shows that the manufacturing company has faith in the quality of their product and obviously values their customers as well. With the iON PRO, you get a two-year warranty. With this warranty, you get free replacement parts or even a comparable machine if there are any faults or issues.

Damage Prevention

One of the many key features on a quality snow blower is the damage prevention within the machine. As many homeowners clear their decks and pavement, some blowers can chip and scratch the surfaces.

When buying a high power snow blower, you should look for a machine with rubber or plastic auger blades instead of bare metal. The plastic or rubber can absorb the shock of a hard hit on an uneven surface without permitting any damage. In the iON PRO, you will find a steel auger with tough, rubber blades.

This is a highly effective combination that allows you to clear snow with the strength of metal without running the risk of damage from metal. With the tough rubber blades on the steel auger, you usually do not have to worry much about damage to your machine either.

Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO 21-Inch 40 Volt 5 Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower, Kit (w/5.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)
  • Lightweight design (only 36 lbs) to easily clear large driveways and walkways
  • 40 V 5.0 Ah EcoSharp PRO rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 65 minutes of whisper-quiet run time and is compatible with all iON tools

Your Safety

With the many features available on the iON PRO, safety is probably the most overlooked factor. Always make sure you buy a machine that has some form of automatic shut off in the case of an emergency. Like many other snow blowers, this device has a safety handle bar that must be held down to keep the motor going. If the bar is released, the entire machine will promptly shut down and stop the auger from rotating. This is a minuscule aspect, but these machines pack a lot of power pushing hundreds of pounds of snow. That power can easily harm someone if there weren’t such simple safety features.


Many battery powered snow blowers are lucky to run more than 40 minutes. The iON PRO can run a marathon of 65 minutes, blowing the competitors out of the park. With this amount of running time, you can expect to get even the largest driveways, patios, or decks done with extra time to spare. This is a huge jump for the cordless snow blower market.

This snow blower is simply powerful. It can clear up to 660 pounds of snow a minute, ranking at the top for cordless blowers. This machine packs the power of a large monster machine, but only weighs 36 pounds.


The only complaint on this machine would probably be the snow cut depth. Though 8 inches is a decent and deep amount of snow, there are competitors within the cordless market that near an entire foot. This is definitely not a detrimental factor, as you can begin the snow clearing process before too much snow accumulates.


The iON PRO brings a lot of power to the table for homeowners looking for a simple machine. If you are looking for a highly efficient and durable snow blower, this is an exceptional choice.

Snow Joe iON21SB-PRO 21-Inch 40 Volt 5 Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower, Kit (w/5.0-Ah Battery + Quick Charger)
  • Lightweight design (only 36 lbs) to easily clear large driveways and walkways
  • 40 V 5.0 Ah EcoSharp PRO rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 65 minutes of whisper-quiet run time and is compatible with all iON tools

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