Black and Decker LCSB2140 Max Snow Thrower Review

As Black and Decker has been a trusted brand for years, their LCSB2140 Max Snow Thrower is a great buy for your winter needs. Shoveling is a grueling task for many homeowners, as it takes time and energy that we often lack. Bringing this Black and Decker snow blower into your life will not only minimize the time you put into clearing your driveway or deck, but it will also require very little effort on your part.

Snow throwers are already a popular and highly demanded tool during the winter months, but cordless blowers and throwers alike are on the rise. Cordless and efficient, the Black and Decker LCSB2140 makes snow removal easier than ever for homeowners.

black and decker snow blower lcsb2140 cordless

When in the market for snow removal tools, people are often seeking this sense of simplicity. The problem many people encounter, however, is they settle for one of the first snow throwers they see. Whether a salesman talks them into the biggest, most powerful, gas guzzling machine, or they simply don’t know what to look for, these people end up dissatisfied with their purchase. What many fail to realize with snow throwers, is that one size does not fit all.

Different snow blowers and snow throwers fit different needs, and the most powerful machine is not always the best for your needs. This Black and Decker Snow Thrower may not be the biggest or the strongest machine on the market, but it is very likely to cater to many homeowners’ needs.

Among the variety of snow throwers, you will find gas powered, electric, and cordless electric machines. Within these different classes, you will see a difference in power and capabilities. To determine if the Black and Decker LCSB2140 Snow Thrower is right for you, you should assess the average snowfall in your area. If your area is repetitively pelted with thick, wet snow, or heavy sheets of ice, you would probably have to go for that big and powerful two-stage sno​​w blower. Although the big gas powered machines are the most powerful, they often have too much unnecessary power for the average homeowner.

Originally priced at under $300, the LCSB2140 is a reasonable purchase that will pay for itself in the time it will save you, and the fuel cost eliminated. If your area typically gets a moderate amount of snow with minimal ice and slush, the Black and Decker Thrower will be more than enough power for your needs.

Black & Decker LCSB2140 40V Max Lithium Snow Thrower, 21"
  • Rubber auger with a 21-inch clearing path
  • Brushless motor technology

What Makes this a Great Snow Thrower?

Meeting the standards to make a great, reliable snow thrower, the Black and Decker LCSB2140 is a well-rounded machine. You can find the following characteristics and features on this particular thrower:

• Cordless

• Lightweight and maneuverable at 46 pounds

• 21-inch clearing width

• 180° rotating chute

• Rubber auger

• 40-volt battery

• 20 feet throwing distance

• 6-inch snow cut

• Quiet motor

• Comes with 2 lithium ion batteries

Brushless motor

• 3-year warranty

There are many good snow blowers and snow throwers on the market today. However, there are a few aspects that make up a great snow machine. Depending on your particular needs, you may need variability in features, but a great snow thrower always has an important and specific set of characteristics.

Lightweight & Maneuverable

Beginning with practicality, most homeowners are simply searching for a device that will get the job done quickly and easily. The Black and Decker thrower ensures practicality and easy use with its lightweight frame. Being only 46 pounds, the Black and Decker LCSB2140 is notably easy to control and push.

Although heavy gas powered snow blowers may provide more power, they are significantly heavier and larger than this snow thrower. Buying something extremely heavy or complicated, like a gas blower, would merely defeat the purpose of purchasing a snow thrower for your moderate snowfall conditions. Great snow throwers are both lightweight and maneuverable. Without easy maneuverability, the task remains a grueling chore.

With the auger in rotation, you will also notice that this machine is also slightly self-propelled, assisting you through tougher chunks of snow. The natural forward motion makes your snow clearing chores even easier on your body.

Effective Clearing

Although this machine is lightweight, it carves a rather large path of cleared snow. With a snow cut depth of six inches and a clearing width of 21 inches, you do not have to take many passes on a small driveway to complete the task. With this size of a clearing width, the Black and Decker snow thrower has one of the largest clearing widths available for cordless blowers.

Cordless Benefits

While the cordless electric blowers are often more compact, the gas throwers come with bulkiness and constant maintenance. Although this added bulk in size may result in a larger clearing width than cordless blowers, they are much more difficult to steer and control. Meanwhile, electric blowers with cords will limit mobility and restrict your work.

Cordless blowers will often be the most beneficial snow thrower for homeowners. As it is lighter in weight and doesn’t require upkeep, you can move freely and limitlessly with the Black and Decker cordless thrower. With this particular cordless tool, you no longer have to move the extension cord around, or repetitively refuel and change the oil. This thrower allows the user to simply get up and go, completing snow clearing projects with ease.

From starting the snow thrower with the simple push of a button to the quiet motor with minimal noise, the Black and Decker thrower is ideal for many homeowners. The tool allows you to quietly and quickly clear your driveway, patio, or deck without disturbing any nearby neighbors. This is one of the many benefits of a cordless electric thrower, considering that gas throwers are always louder and many require a pull cord to start.

Black & Decker LCSB2140 40V Max Lithium Snow Thrower, 21"
  • Rubber auger with a 21-inch clearing path
  • Brushless motor technology

Rotating Chute

Being cordless can often hinder the ability of an adequate snow shooting distance in a snow thrower, however. With 15 to 20 feet being an ideal snow shooting distance, finding a machine that can offer this is can be a deal-breaker. Many batteries cannot supply enough energy to consistently throw snow for an extended length of time.

A good snow thrower will be capable of shooting the snow far out of your way. After all, you don’t want to create more work for yourself by creating additional piles of snow. The Black and Decker snow thrower will not only shoot your snow 20 feet away, but it will allow you to direct the chute as well. With the 180° rotating chute, you can dictate exactly where the snow lands. This can help make your job much easier, as you are constantly changing directions and locations.

Battery Power

Another feature that is very important for many customers is the duration of run time. If you have a machine that shuts down before you can even complete a small driveway, you snow blower is simply insufficient.

Typically, forty minutes of run time is often ideal for a homeowner’s snow thrower. With the two batteries used consecutively, the Black and Decker thrower can run up to this forty minute duration. This should be plenty of time for the average sized driveways, patios, decks, or sidewalks. Because there are two batteries included, many people find it convenient that the spare battery can be stored on board for easy access.

Long Lasting

These machines should not only run for a good duration per use, but they should last you through multiple winter seasons. Quality snow throwers will be durable and will have a decent warranty tacked on to your purchase. Usually, your long term devices will have a thicker, non-flimsy structure. If the machine is plastic, make sure it is a thicker plastic that doesn’t bend easily.

The Black and Decker snow thrower is one of the more sturdy and durable cordless throwers with its thicker frame. You can count on having this machine for years to come, helping you through many future snowfalls.

Although initial impressions on the durability is a great indication of quality, a more certain sign of a long-lasting thrower is the warranty that is offered with it. Warranties typically range from two to four years for good, high-quality snow throwers. In this case, the Black and Decker thrower has a phenomenal three-year warranty. As the warranty is a reflection of a company’s confidence in their product, this is a great indication of the quality the machine.

Brushless Motor

You should also find a machine that has a brushless motor. This is a form of technology that allows more efficient battery function and enables a longer lasting life of the snow thrower. The brushless motor on the Black and Decker snow thrower enables the 40 volts to be utilized to the maximum potential.

Damage Prevention

Another desirable and necessary feature for homeowners is a rubber or plastic auger. To avoid damage to your working surfaces, you should avoid machines with strictly metal augers or scrapers. With decks and uneven pavement being vulnerable to scratches and chips from machinery, it is beneficial to use tools, such as this Black and Decker blower, that do not run the risk of this type of damage. The Black and Decker LCSB2140 is equipped with a tough rubber auger to not only protect your deck or pavement but to efficiently clear the snow as well.

Black & Decker LCSB2140 40V Max Lithium Snow Thrower, 21"
  • Rubber auger with a 21-inch clearing path
  • Brushless motor technology


Safety is also a major factor to consider when buying and using power tools and machinery. With the force that is necessary to move such large amounts of snow, these machines could seriously injure someone without appropriate safety features. With that said, you should always ensure that your snow thrower has some sort of auto shut off in case of emergency.

This will immediately stop the auger from spinning and shut the entire machine down. With the safety handlebar, you can clear snow with the Black and Decker blower without any severe safety hazards. Like on many machines, this safety handle must be held down while grasping the handlebar to keep the machine going. If the safety bar is released, the machine will promptly shut down to prevent any injury or damage.


One of the most unique features of this snow thrower involves the two batteries that come with the product. Most battery powered units only come with one battery and take a long time to recharge, forcing you to take a break or buy a second battery if you can’t get the job done in one charge.

Black and Decker definitely considered the customers’ needs when creating this machine, recognizing that one battery may not be enough. Therefore, the snow thrower has built in storage for the second battery on board. This means you do not have to completely break away from your work to switch out the batteries. Instead, you can do it quickly and easily right where you left off.

The Black and Decker thrower also beats the competition with its wider clearing width. Many cordless throwers only clear up to 20 inches in width as a maximum. This snow thrower is wide, yet compact with a clearing width of 21 inches.


As this snow thrower offers a variety of features, it is a shame that it doesn’t include any form of headlights. Considering that many of its competitors have headlights to help the users illuminate their paths, the Black and Decker takes a loss with this lacking aspect. Days are shorter and the sun is not out as long during the winter months, making people more prone to clearing snow during unlit hours. Although it’s not a deal breaker, this is still a significant feature for many people.

Another factor that may cause someone to pass up this machine is the depth of the snow cut. This snow thrower clears a maximum height of six inches of snow. Although six inches is quite a bit of snow in many regions, many other cordless blowers near an entire foot of snow cut depth.


This Black and Decker snow blower is efficient and gets the job done. It may not beat its competition in every aspect, but it is a great product nonetheless. If you are looking for a simple snow thrower without excessive bells and whistles, the Black and Decker LCSB2140 will probably suit your needs this winter, and for many winters to come.

Black & Decker LCSB2140 40V Max Lithium Snow Thrower, 21"
  • Rubber auger with a 21-inch clearing path
  • Brushless motor technology

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