Husqvarna 324L Review

Are you looking for something to take your landscaping work to the next level? For many people, that thing is a string trimmer. A well-mowed lawn and a perfect garden are great, but a string trimmer can help you put those finishing touches on your outdoor area that can make all the difference.

A string trimmer will fix up those edges of your lawn and get to the tough weeds and grass that a mower can’t reach.

Before You Get Started

In this article, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive review of one of the most popular string trimmers on the market today – the Husqvarna 324L 967055801 Gas String Trimmer. This machine has sold well for a variety of reasons, but our review will let you decide if these reasons are right for you!

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There are many different string trimmers for many different types of work. So, if you know what you are looking for, we may be able to simplify the process for you.

Husqvarna 324L 4 Cycle String Trimmer

One of the biggest considerations in a purchasing decision is finding a company you can trust, and Husqvarna is a reliable brand with many satisfied customers over the years.


Let’s take a closer look at the Husqvarna 324L and see what unique features it offers.

Power and Performance

The 324L is gas-powered. It runs on a 25cc 4-cycle Honda engine. This engine is meant to generate enough power to take on even the toughest landscaping jobs.

As you may be aware, Honda is world-renowned for the reliability of their engines.

The engine runs on unleaded gas and does not require you to mix gas and oil. This is a major plus to many buyers, as mixing fuel and oil can be a tedious task. Additionally, the translucent fuel tank will allow you to monitor fuel levels as you work.

It has a number of attributes to help prevent potential maintenance problems that seem to be inherent to many weed eaters. There is an air purge primer bulb that allows you to remove unwanted air from the carburetor and fuel system, preventing issues that stem from this.

These features make it clear that this machine was built with power and reliability as primary objectives.

Trimmer Head and Trimmer Line

The trimmer head and trimmer line are quite obviously two of the most important features of a weed eater. The 324L has a few design points which optimize these two areas.

The trimmer head itself is built with the bump feed design, which allows you to release new trimmer line from the head by tapping it against the grass. This saves you the trouble of doing this manually.

The T25 trimmer head , (which is how Husqvarna have named it), also makes it easy to reload your trimmer line.

The machine has an 18-inch cutting diameter, which is on the high end for weed eaters and could allow you to trim more area faster. This might make this machine better suited to bigger jobs. It is also compatible with many types of trimmer line, including commercial strength for heavy-duty jobs.

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Design Features

The 324L uses a straight shaft design, at roughly 70 inches in length. This length makes it accessible for even taller people, and the straight shaft is designed for reaching difficult places (such as under bushes, and into gardens).

When you have these kinds of obstacles in your way, a straight shaft is going to work better than a curved shaft trimmer.

This straight shaft trimmer also has a cutting shield which is designed for visibility. The shield will minimally block your view of the work, while also providing you with protection from flying debris.

The front handle is designed for maximum maneuverability and for providing a comfortable grip on the trimmer.

Overall, it is clear to us that this machine offers a powerful engine and wide trimming diameter, which makes it suited for larger jobs. It is even at the end of a more commercial-focused model.


We really like that this straight shaft trimmer was clearly built with performance as a top priority.

With its powerful engine, its wide cutting swath, and its sturdy design, this tool was clearly built with quality and performance as the goal. We think it is a great trimmer for heavy-duty jobs or even smaller trimming jobs that you want to get done fast.

On top of performance, this machine packs a number of design facets that are aimed at ease-of-use. The head is designed to be easily reloaded, and tap ‘n go makes feeding the trimmer line simple. There is a long shaft that is capable of reaching even the trickiest of areas.


In terms of the drawbacks of this product, our main focus is on the elements that this grass trimmer lacks. As mentioned, the weed eater market is quite vast, and new machines sport all sorts of additions that make life even easier for landscapers and homeowners.

Unfortunately, the 324L simply does not have a lot of these features. In order to give this product your full consideration, it is helpful to point these out so you can decide whether they would be important to you: 

  • No adjustable shield: While the 324L does have a shield to protect you from debris, some will not be happy that it isn’t adjustable.
  • No adjustable handle: The handle of the machine is fixed in place, whereas many other models offer one that adjusts.

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Consumer Reviews

Another valuable way to get the low-down on any product is by looking at reviews. Reviews are a valuable source of information. They tend to eliminate bias that may be present in reading what the company has published about the product.

In this section, we will examine some of these reviews – both positive and negative. Keep in mind that people might be more likely to leave reviews if they have had a particularly negative experience with a product. But nevertheless, it is worth considering information from all sides.

Positive Reviews

The vast majority of Amazon consumer reviews for this product were positive. This is an encouraging sign, but let’s see what these customers had to say.

Most of the positive reviews were very happy with the overall performance of this machine. They note that it runs smoothly and has ample power for tackling the toughest of jobs. They note that the features just work.

Others have noted that the machine is quite fuel-efficient compared to some other machines they had tried. This is a bonus if you are looking to save money on fuel, or if you are more environmentally conscious.

Overall, the majority of satisfied customers were happy that the machine simply worked as designed. The features worked smoothly, and the engine generated lots of power. The performance of this machine was well-reviewed.

Negative Reviews

Negative reviews were less common but are worth considering.

Most of the negative reviews had to do with malfunctioning machines. For example, one customer was sent a machine that failed to rev up. Another customer noted that his trimmer head stopped spinning during his first use. A different customer stated that his shipment didn’t contain the proper screws to fit the handle securely.

It is worth noting that many of these problems may be resolved for free by taking the product to an authorized service center, but it is still a headache that you probably don’t want from a new product.

Overall, while these concerns seem to be few and far between, they are certainly of note. So just to be safe, if you are considering purchasing this product, be sure to keep a keen eye on the warranty terms and find where there is an authorized service center in your area.


The Husqvarna 324L is a top-quality 4 stroke trimmer that will prove time and time again to be dependable. It starts easily, has a powerful motor, and has been designed with the comfort of the user in mind.

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  • 4-stroke engine with an 18-inch cutting width
  • Tap ‘n’ Go line release feature to release new trimmer line easily
  • Runs on unleaded gas and requires no mixing of the fuel and oil
  • Easy and simple line reloading
  • Translucent gas tank to keep a close eye on the level
  • Air purge primer bulb to conveniently remove air from the carburetor
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty when used in residential applications
Strengths Weaknesses
Powerful engine Does not allow for attachments
Handle is adjustable Does not include a harness
Straight shaft allows you to reach difficult areas Straight shaft design is more beneficial for taller users
Quick and easy feed line  


Overall, we think this product is great and would recommend it. When we review string trimmers, our primary concern is always performance. We believe that in order for a product to be satisfactory, it must work as advertised.

The Husqvarna 324L Gas String Trimmer does exactly that. This is a powerful machine that you can count on for anything from light work to high-intensity commercial jobs. It is also a reliable machine that will hold up over periods of prolonged use.

The features of this machine also work as-promised. A big issue with trimmers is often associated with the line feed system. Luckily, the 324L has a line feed that works reliably and consistently. This will save you a lot of headaches.

So, if you are in the market for a gas-powered trimmer, and performance and reliability are your top concerns, then we would recommend the Husqvarna 324L as one of your top choices.


Thank you for reading our buyer’s guide for the Husqvarna 324L string trimmer. We hope that through this guide, you were able to get a comprehensive outline of gas-powered string trimmers, and all the relevant details for why you might consider this particular product.

Buying a string trimmer is no easy choice. So, take your time, do your research, and decide on the factors that are most important to you. Once you have done that, read through this buyer’s guide and see if this product offers what you are looking for.


What size line is intended for this weed eater?

This string trimmer comes with .095 inch trimmer line. The trimmer line can also be replaced with that same line or with a 0.0105 string line.

What fuel does the Husqvarna 324L Gas Trimmer use?

Husqvarna recommends that you use a 90 octane unleaded fuel. You can typically get one hour of run-time per each tank of gas you put in.

What if I need spare parts for my gas trimmer?

If you can locate a Husqvarna dealer in your area, then you should be able to locate spare parts that you may need for your gas string trimmer.

What kind of maintenance does this trimmer require?

You will want to check the oil of the trimmer regularly. Each trimmer comes with a small bottle of engine oil. You also want to clean the filter of your trimmer with soap and water and check the spark plug.

If you notice that the idle is off, then it can be adjusted. Finally, before storing your trimmer for an extended amount of time, the fuel needs to be completely emptied from the engine before it is put up for the season.

When should I use a string trimmer?

When you find that you have harder to reach areas that your lawnmower can’t get to and you need a way to more precisely trim areas around your sidewalks, fences, trees, and flower beds, then a string trimmer is a must-have.

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Feel free to let us know any questions or concerns you may have in the comments section below!

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