The 8 in 1 All Purpose Wheel Barrow Worx Aerocart Review

If you are anything like me, then your garage space is severely limited. I don’t even have room to keep my car inside.

Paint cans, tools, and numerous old household items that—one day—will “be useful” all take up vital floor space. And that’s before all my garden and yard equipment is even taken into account. You know what I’m talking about, right?

So, the Worx Aerocart, which promises to be the best all-in-one cart on the market, is instantly appealing. This innovative piece of equipment is designed to fulfill eight different functions—removing the need for numerous barrows and dollies.

But you know the phrase—”Jack of all trades, master of none.” So is the Worx Aerocart truly a perfect one-stop shop for all of your yard needs? Or is it just an OK product that cannot meet the demands of more specialized equipment?

firewood carrying

Well, I am pleased to say that the Worx Aerocart exceeded my expectations. This is one product that really does deliver on its promises.

That’s not the full story, though. Read on, and let me bring you the amazing truth behind this piece of equipment.

I think you are going to be quite surprised.

As Seen On TV Worx Aerocart 8 in 1 All Purpose Barrow
Can tackle many different jobs with ease
Flat free tires300 lbs capacity All steel construction
Easy to transport heavy loads due to ergonmic design

Who Is Worx?

Although one of the newer power tools and garden equipment manufacturers on the market, the chances are that you are aware of Worx products from your visits to Home Depot, Walmart or Costco.

The history of Worx starts back in 1994 in Suzhou, China. Don Gao started the Positec Tool Corporation, which sold third-party power tools to other brands. While doing this, he saw that many of these brands, such as Black & Decker, sold power tools alongside gardening equipment.

What he noticed, however, was that there was a lack of purely gardening branded equipment, and hence started his own—Worx.

With the help of American entrepreneur Tom Duncan, Worx squeezed its way into the major retailers. At first, these multiples wanted to have the products, but rebrand them under their own names. Tom Duncan, however, wanted Worx to be the brand.

As Seen On TV Wheelbarrow

Innovatively, Tom Duncan used infomercials on national television to get the Worx name into the marketplace. In one year, over 300,000 Worx trimmers were sold through this medium. The large retailers took note and soon they were happy for the Worx brand to be on their shelves.

Today, Worx has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is known for its trimmers, carts, mowers and chainsaws.

What Is the Worx Aerocart?

Fully assembled, the Worx Aerocart looks like a typical wheelbarrow. However, that muddies the waters a little.

In recent years, with increasing adaptability of both barrows and carts, these terms have become somewhat interchangeable. Traditionally the differences are clear:

  • Sides – wheelbarrows are sloped for tipping, carts have flat straight sides.
  • Wheels – carts often have two to four wheels, traditionally wheelbarrows only have one.
  • Mobility—wheelbarrows are usually pushed, carts can be pulled.
  • Base—carts normally have a larger surface area inside the container for plant pots etc., whereas barrows are smaller, due the sloping sides
Worx WG050 8-in-1 Aerocart Garden Cart/Wheelbarrow Heavy Duty/Dolly

The Worx Aerocart makes the barrow/yard cart difference even more blurred. In short, it is designed to fulfill all these different functions:

  • Yard Cart
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Dolly
  • Extended Dolly
  • Plant and Rock Mover
  • Bag Carrier
  • Cylinder Carrier
  • Trailer Tote

Make no mistake, even if you have no garden or plants, the Aerocart can still be useful. Soon, I will examine all of its functions, but first, let’s just have a look at the Aerocart basics.

How Is It Assembled?

I have to admit, when it comes to product assembly, I am terrible. Not that I can’t handle a screwdriver, I am more than capable of that, but I am guilty of ignoring the instructions.

My word of advice with the Worx Aerocart is, please read the instructions.

If you are seasoned with tools and construction, chances are you would make a fairly good job of assembling this equipment without them. Especially if you have put carts together before.

However, as the Aerocart is multi-function, there may be a few parts where it’s not intuitively obvious where they should be attached. So. to save time later, use the enclosed guide.

It only takes around 10 minutes or so to assemble, and the instructions are pictorial, time-saving and make the whole process simple. As long as you can use a driver and Allen wrench, and don’t mind getting down on the floor, putting it together is easy.

What Is the Capacity and Size of the 8 in 1 All Purpose Wheelbarrow From Worx?

The Aerocart has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and a volume of three cubic feet, making it more than suitable for most jobs.I don’t know about you, but I am guilty of sometimes overloading my cart. Not by going over the weight capacity, but of being a little optimistic about how much mulch I can push or pull once loaded.The long handles and “turbo-lift” design of this cart means that lifting 200 pounds feels the same as 17 pounds. So, if you—like me—are guilty of overloading, this is a nice feature, resulting in fewer trips around the yard or garden, and less strain on the back.In addition, the dolly has a 300 pound capacity, with the extended dolly being 80 pounds.

As Seen On TV Worx Aerocart 8 in 1 All Purpose Barrow
Can tackle many different jobs with ease
Flat free tires300 lbs capacity All steel construction
Easy to transport heavy loads due to ergonmic design

If storage space is a concern, the Aerocart functions well too. It is designed to be stored vertically and measures 19 inches by 22 inches by 58 inches. It will take up less room in your garage than many other carts and wheelbarrows.

If you have small alleyways or paths to navigate, the narrow design will be an appealing feature. There is nothing more annoying than finding your cart wandering off the path, leading to a spilled load.

Furthermore, the stability is increased by the cart’s two wheels. The wheels are 3 inches by 10 inches and, unlike single-wheeled wheelbarrows, unlikely to become unbalanced. If you are using this around your yard while renovating, tacks or other sharp objects are more than likely to be lying around: the Aerocart is prepared for this. Its wheels are puncture proof and never require inflating. Because of this, it will always be ready for immediate use—no searching for the puncture repair kit and tire inflator.

What Are the Aerocart Features ?

Worx indicates that the Aerocart “Is not your father’s wheelbarrow.” This is good because my father’s wheelbarrow has a rather large hole in it—due to an unsuccessful attempt to use it as a grill a few summers ago.

However, that’s probably not what they’re referring to. As mentioned earlier, the Worx Aerocart has an 8-in-1 design, making it totally different from your standard cart or wheelbarrow. Here are the details on the eight functions.


At first sight, the Aerocart looks pretty much like a standard two-wheeled wheelbarrow. As such, it functions well. The steel construction of the container means that even the sharpest of bricks or rubble is unlikely to damage its integrity.

Long handles ensure that the barrow lifts easily, with thickly padded grips for both comfort and stability. This will suit people who may lack some dexterity in their hands or do not have the strongest of grips.

The two-wheel design makes turning corners easily. If you have ever suffered from a shed load, by taking a corner too quickly on a single wheel, you will appreciate this feature.

Sloping sides and a nearly vertical tipping position, enables the loads to be deposited quickly and simply, without having to shovel the remnants out of the bottom of the barrow.

firewood carrier


Folding legs on the Aerocart lowers the position from an angled wheelbarrow appearance into a typical garden or yard cart.

With extendable bars, the Aerocart can then be pulled around the garden, while keeping the contents of the cart virtually horizontal. If, like me, you have a lot of potted plants, this is a neat feature. The soil in the pots is unlikely to come out, as it could if tipped on a wheelbarrow.

Oversized treaded tires can compensate for the roughest of terrains, leading to both security and stability.With an overall weight of 48 pounds, the cart is strong enough to deal with demanding work, but light enough for easy transportation. If you lack a little in the strength department, this could make the Aerocart a good choice.

As Seen On TV Worx Aerocart 8 in 1 All Purpose Barrow
Can tackle many different jobs with easeFlat free tires300 lbs capacity All steel constructionEasy to transport heavy loads due to ergonmic design


Now it’s time to see what this cart can really do. So far, much of this review has concentrated on its ability to deal with the garden. But even if you have no garden at all, the Worx Aerocart is a seriously useful piece of equipment.

The dolly feature is one of my favorites on the Aerocart. A “flip-down” shelf, when combined with the cart in the vertical position, turns the carry into a dolly. Or, depending on where in the USA or world you come from, you might call it a hand-truck, sack-barrow or trundler.

The dolly shelf measures 22 inches by 5 inches and, like the container, has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Uses for this are pretty much limitless, although I would suggest its main uses around the home would be:

  • Moving patio slabs.
  • Transporting boxes.
  • Moving large electricals such as refrigerators or televisions.
  • Carrying five-gallon water-cooler bottles.
  • Transporting charcoal for your grill.
  • Moving cement, bricks or drywalling for house renovation.

If this isn’t sufficient, the Aerocart takes it one step further with its extended dolly feature.

Extended Dolly

Two arms can be extended to increase the size of the dolly from 5 inches to 24 inches. A mesh “shelf” is placed between the two arms to form the base.

So, if you have something with a large footprint that needs moving, such as a large container or trash can, this is a very attractive characteristic. However, weight capacity on the extended dolly is 80 pounds so you are a little limited in what you can carry.

Plus, the mesh shelf sags a little when under a lot of weight, meaning the cart has to be tipped slightly lower to prevent the shelf from scraping the ground.

Plant and Rock Mover

I have to say this feature made me feel like I was using a crane, it’s so inventive.A harness is placed around the item to be moved, say a heavy rock. The dolly arms are extended and the harness clipped onto their ends. With a simple “tip-back” action, the rock is raised from the ground and suspended in the air with the harness. It can then be relocated to a new area simply and easily.

Equally, if you need to move something that is even too large for the extended dolly, such as a huge planter, this function will suit.Just calling it a plant and rock mover does not really give enough credit to this feature. If you have anything that needs moving, especially something that is irregular in size and does not have a flat base, securing it in the harness will be ideal.

Worx WG050 8-in-1 Aerocart Garden Cart/Wheelbarrow Heavy Duty/Dolly

Bag Carrier

Cleaning the yard, garden or garage is never much fun. I ‘m not going to say that the Worx Aerocart makes the process the most exciting thing in the world, but it does make it a lot easier.

If I am using a garbage bag in the yard, say for clearing leaves, I always come across two main issues.Firstly, the bag becomes heavier as it fills. I know, that’s obvious, but it does mean that your workload increases every time you move the bag to a new place. If you are clearing leaves, and they are wet, this can be a sizable weight to lift.

Secondly, filling a garbage bag is never as simple as it sounds. You know what it’s like. You maneuver your shovel of leaves towards the bag, and then disaster. Either a gentle gust of wind closes the bag as you tip, or the shovel gets caught on the sides of it. This leads to the leaves being everywhere except where you want them to be.

The Aerocart has a bag carrier. In the vertical dolly position, a square frame is lowered, allowing you to secure a garbage bag. This creates a virtual trash can that has a wide opening and can be wheeled around the yard or garden—no spilled leaves.

Not only is this useful for easily collecting garbage, if you have problems lifting or bending, the wheel feature removes the effort.

Cylinder Carrier

With the dolly in position, objects such as cylinders can be easily moved. The Worx Aerocart includes cylinder clips which attach to the sides of the cart to secure rounded objects.If you are an outdoor cooking enthusiast, this could be a nice feature for moving the gas bottles to your grill.

Trailer Tote

This is one of the most surprising and innovative features of the Aerocart. Moving loads is expected of a cart or barrow, but maybe not trailers.

With the cart in wheelbarrow mode, the dolly flap is extended, allowing you to hook up your trailer ball to the Aerocart. With a maximum capacity of 1000 pounds, you can then move trailers without having to break your back or attach to your vehicle. A nice feature for people with motorbike trailers or load carriers.

Maintenance of the Worx WG050

If you’re one of those people who like to use equipment, put it back into the garage after use and then expect it to function perfectly when needed again, the Aerocart may well suit.

There is hardly any maintenance required on this cart. I always recommend that, with any piece of equipment with movable parts, a little grease is added to these areas but apart from that, there is little else to do.

The only reports I have seen which indicate an issue is rusting. To be fair, this is from people who have left their Aerocart outside. As long as it is stored away from rain and sunlight, there should be few issues. Even a small tarpaulin would suffice if it did need to be left outdoors.

The steel frame and container are coated with protective powder to reduce the likelihood of oxidation. However, during some types of use, this coating could become damaged, leading to rust forming. I would recommend checking it over once a month for signs of paint erosion and, if spotted, place a small coat of metal paint over the affected area.

How Long is the Worx Warranty?

Sometimes a review like this is not enough. It’s good to get “hands-on” with the equipment, to check it is the right product for you.

Worx includes a 30-day money back guarantee with the Aerocart. If you decide after trying it out it’s not what you expected, the company will refund the purchase price in full (excluding handling and shipping).

What’s more, the Aerocart comes with a standard 2-year warranty. If you register your product within 30 days from the purchase date, this is extended to three years, completely free of charge.You can register your product here.

What Are the WG050 Specifications?

Barrow weight capacity300 pounds
Volume3 Cubic Feet
Dolly weight capacity300 pounds
Extended dolly weight capacity80 pounds
Overall weight of Aerocart41 pounds
Wheelbarrow dimensions19 inches by 22 inches by 58 inches
Extended dolly dimensions34 inches by 22 inches by 58 inches
Trailer hitch capacity1000 pounds
Warranty3 years (when registering product within 30 days)
As Seen On TV Worx Aerocart 8 in 1 All Purpose Barrow
Can tackle many different jobs with ease
Flat free tires300 lbs capacity All steel construction
Easy to transport heavy loads due to ergonmic design

What Are the Pros and Cons?

As an overview, here are the main benefits and drawbacks I have found with the Worx Aerocart.


  • 8-in-1—reduces the requirement for numerous pieces of equipment.
  • Large 300-pound capacity.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Free 3-year warranty.
  • Puncture-free wheels.
  • Narrow styling for easy maneuverability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stores vertically to enable space saving.
  • Bright colors—useful if working near busy roads.
  • Can be customized with extra accessories.
  • Leverage design enables easy lifting of the heaviest of loads.
  • Easy and fast assembly.


  • Mesh shelf on the extended dolly can touch the ground with heavier loads.
  • Smaller carrying capacity than some large wheelbarrows.
  • Length may make tight cornering difficult.

What Accessories Are Available?

I have to admit I am a little of a gardening and power tool obsessive. Even more, I love the extra add-ons that you can buy. I don’t collect stamps or coins, but I do hoard accessories.

I was, therefore, pleased to see that the Worx Aerocart can be made to fulfill even more functions with some simple additional items. Here are my favorites;

Worx Firewood Carrier

If you have ever tried transporting firewood, you know how difficult it is. For starters, it’s heavy, just carrying a few logs in the arms for any distance is hard work.

The problem is, with their irregular shape, they are liable to fall off traditional barrows and carts. The Worx Firewood Carrier alleviates this issue.

It easily attaches in just a few seconds to the handles, bag carrier and extended dolly. Made from a dual canvas material, it will not suffer from wear and tear, either from heavy use, or the elements. It can take a weight of up to 177 pounds.

Even if you don’t have a fire burner or pit, this carrier can prove useful in the garden. It functions equally as well to transport tree branches, thick brush and long awkward items. The firewood carrier folds away flat when not in use, so space is no issue.

Worx Aerocart Firewood Carrier
Easily cart firewood around your yard

Worx Snow Plow

If you live in an area like me, snow is something you have to live with at certain times of the year. Yes, it looks seasonal and attractive when you are inside the four walls of your home; it’s less fun when you need to go outside. Unless you are a child.

Clearing paths with a shovel is hard work, even for the fittest of people. For others with limited mobility or strength, it can be impossible.

The Worx Aerocart Snow Plow attaches in just a few seconds to the base of the cart. Snow can then be cleared simply by pushing the cart along the path or driveway.

With a width of 27.2 inches, this will clear virtually all standard paths. Furthermore, there is a sensible addition. The front of the plow includes an additional galvanized steel strip to reinforce the blade. What’s more, the plow can be raised or lowered through three positions, depending on the depth of the snow.

The Worx Snow Plow comes with a three-year warranty as standard.

No products found.

Worx Wagon Kit

With this feature, the Aerocart turns from a traditional barrow or cart into a really useful wagon. There are three parts to this accessory, which totally transform your Aerocart. Firstly, it includes wheels and a wagon handle. This means that the cart now has four wheels, two at the front and two at the rear.

The wagon handle means that no bending is required to pull the Aerocart. This makes it very attractive to those with limited mobility, or seniors. Furthermore, the wheels pivot, so turning corners is a simple process — just turn the handle.

Secondly, the wagon kit includes a tray feature. Garden or building tools can be transported separately from the load – preventing damage and making access very simple. If you are someone who cannot function without your caffeine hit, the tray includes two cup holders to keep your coffee safe while you work!

Thirdly, the wagon kit comes complete with a bench seat that spans the width of your Aerocart. This can enable you to work from a seated position if necessary. Alternatively, if you are standing up while working, it functions as a handy “rest spot,” for you to take that well-deserved break.

As with the main Aerocart, the tires do not require any inflation. The whole kit can be attached in a few minutes without any tools.

Worx Aerocart Wagon Kit
Convert your Aerocart to a wagon!
Quick, tool free attachment
Tool tray and seat

Final Thoughts on the Worx Aerocart

If you recall, I started this review with one question – is the Aerocart the most adaptable cart on the market?The simple answer is – yes it is.

It appears that the Aerocart does not suffer on quality, despite being able to fulfill so many functions. The sturdy build, protected steel structure and weight capacity of up to 300 pounds means that this is manufactured for the demands of hard outdoor work.

Each aspect of the 8-in-1 features seems to work well and efficiently—meeting the requirements of every function. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to have a garden for this to be a useful product.

General yard work, transporting grilling materials (charcoal, gas), moving household items and helping with home renovation—the Worx Aerospace will be invaluable.

Plus, apart from its functionality, there are three final stand out features for me.

The price. If you consider buying all the main elements (barrow, cart, dolly) separately—the costs are going to mount up, especially if you’re considering a motorized wheelbarrow. Buying the Aerocart that fulfills all these functions will save your hard-earned dollars.

Space. Numerous carts and barrows can take up vital floor space in your yard or garage. Not only is there just one item to consider with the Aerocart, it can be stored vertically for further space saving.

Adaptability. If the eight standard features of the Worx Aerocart are not enough, further accessories, such as the snow plow and wagon kit, are available to make it even more useful.

The word is, that there are even more accessories to come from Worx.If you are looking at just one piece of equipment for your yard or garden, then the Worx Aerocart is a great choice.

We have reviewed some more traditional two wheel wheelbarrows here.

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