The Best Cordless Trimmer and Blower Combo Tool 2022

The cordless trimmer is a brilliant tool! You can use it to cut back on those weeds that take over during the spring — and boy, do they come up fast — and to keep the grass down around the difficult to get to edges of your lawn.

Easy to use and versatile, they come with replaceable string trimming lines that are simple to fit and effective, and also cheap to buy.

keep this under control with a weed eater leaf blower combo
Leafblower needed!

But, we are going one further here! We’re looking at the best cordless trimmer blower combo packages where you get a cordless string trimmer with a blower, and it’s easy to see why that’s a great package!

You trim all the stuff down, then use the blower to get it to where you can clear it up and use it in your compost bin.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Battery Powered Trimmer Blower Combo;

Best Heavy Duty
DeWalt 20V MAX String/Blower Combo
Best Domestic
WORX 20V Grass Trimmer & Blower Combo Kit
Best Budget
BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Sweeper & String Trimmer Combo Kit (LCC340C)
DeWalt Brushless
Worx WG930
Black & Decker 40V
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Heavy Duty
DeWalt 20V MAX String/Blower Combo
DeWalt Brushless
Amazon Prime
Best Domestic
WORX 20V Grass Trimmer & Blower Combo Kit
Worx WG930
Best Budget
BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Sweeper & String Trimmer Combo Kit (LCC340C)
Black & Decker 40V
Amazon Prime

There are plenty such packages available, so which is for you?

Below, we have a comprehensive review and buyer’s guide of some of the best models you can buy, but we know that you might not have the time to read it all!

So, to help you out here’s a quick overview of our three favorite cordless trimmer blower combos.

Here’s a quick look at three for reading on your coffee break!

1: DeWalt DCK097M1 Cordless String Trimmer/Blower Combo

If you want the best product from a respected brand, this is the one for you. You’ll pay more than for the others here, but there are some people for whom DeWalt is part of life! Features include:

  • Brushless motor for consistent performance
  • Variable speed control trigger
  • Blower offers 90mph (144.84 km/h) air speed
  • One battery for each product

There’s no doubt this is a quality product and one that delivers the goods. If you’re willing to pay the price, you’ll get a lifetime out of it.

2: Worx WG930 Cordless Combo Kit

A brand with a growing reputation for decent products at sensible prices, we like this one for its versatility and performance.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Trimmer comes with edging and mini-mower tools
  • Shaft adjusts to height and posture
  • High capacity blower
  • Comes with two batteries

A great trimmer and blower that will do the trick at a very sensible cost. Not at the quality level of DeWalt, but good for the casual gardener.

3: Black & Decker LCC340C Weed Eater Leaf Blower Combo

Included mainly because it’s a Black & Decker, and there’s probably no better-known power tool maker. What also impresses us here is the price tag — it’s cheaper than the above! Check out these features:

  • 40v Trimmer and edger
  • High torque performance
  • 130mph (209.21 km/h) wind speed blower
  • Low noise design

This is a decent package from a great brand at a sensible price, and it will serve the purpose for regular or occasional use.

So, there’s our three favorites. When you get more time, we recommend you check out the full reviews that follow for more information.

Best Battery Trimmer/Blower Combo Reviews

The following five cordless trimmer blower combos are our choices from a very competitive market. Feel free to read these reviews and then shop around, we’re here to give you inspiration! So, let’s get going!

1: DeWalt DCK097M1 Max Trimmer/Blower Combo

The DeWalt brand inspires loyalty in its users like few others. This is a typically high-quality product that comes with all the usual DeWalt attributes — great build quality, long life, and extensive warranties — and also with the usual DeWalt premium price tag.

Nevertheless, we reckon it’s among the best in the business, so let’s have a closer look at what it’s all about. Here are a few of the notable features:

  • 20v MAX lithium-ion batteries
  • 90mph (144.84 km/h) blower wind speed
  • Brushless motor for optimized performance
  • Variable speed trigger on trimmer

The Good Bits

It’s a DeWalt, and it comes with all the guarantees that the brand promises and delivers. Both items are capable and do the job required. The warranty is impressively long. It can be powered by the universal DeWalt battery system.

The Not So Good Bits

DeWalt products come with DeWalt prices, and this package is more than twice the cost of others on our list. The blower is not as powerful as some of our other choices.

Overview of The Dewalt Combo

You want to buy a DeWalt trimmer and blower combo? This is the one for you, as it offers everything you could want from the famous black and yellow brand.

Let’s start with the trimmer: it comes with variable speed trigger control, so you get the performance you want when you want it and an easy-fitting system for the string spools.

The 20volt DeWalt Lithium-Ion battery is as efficient as you will get, and the package includes a charger for the single battery supplied. The handle is adjustable for reach and comfort.

As for the blower, it’s a neatly designed and easy to handle device that offers 90mph (144.84 km/h) of wind speed. Both products feature brushless motors for continuous delivery of power and longer life.

Overall, this is a very nice package that will appeal to DeWalt fans and one that will deliver many years of service. The only downside is the premium price tag, but it is a top-level, top quality product.

DeWalt Trimmer Blower Combo
A great cordless weed eater blower combo from DeWalt

2: Worx WG930 Blower and Trimmer Combo Kit

The Worx brand has a reputation for supplying products that are sensibly priced and of a requisite quality.

Make note that this is not a DeWalt, Black & Decker or any of the other premium brands, but that should not mean you look past it. The specifications of this combination kit are actually very impressive and — at the price — we reckon it should be straight on your shortlist.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • 20volt battery for great performance
  • 10” trimming range
  • Instant line feed
  • Blower has a hyper-stream nozzle
  • Great price

The Good Bits

The cost is our first port of call, as this really is a very sensibly priced package in this company. The blower is a powerful model with some neat design touches and is surprisingly light too.

The strimmer has a fully adjustable reach which is always welcome, and the package comes with two batteries supplied. It’s a great priced package.

The Not So Good Bits

The quality is not as tight as you would find on one of the top brands, but few are going to notice.

Overview of The Worx Combo

If you are looking for a trimmer and blower combo package and don’t want to pay too much, we strongly recommend you check this one out.

It offers everything you could want apart from a ‘name’ brand and is an easy-to-use and versatile duo.

The trimmer is as you would expect, comes with a fully adjustable handle for comfort and reach, and is supplied with accessories that allow it to be converted into an edging tool or mini-grass mower.

It’s light enough to use easily and would make a great choice for occasional or regular use.

User reviews for both products are favorable, with the blower being singled out as being effective. However, some users have reported the blower as ‘light duty’, yet we think that no problem for the intended use.

What is welcome is that it comes with two batteries; you can either be using both items at the same time or have one on charge while the other is in use.

At this price, and with a 2-year warranty, there is little wrong with this package in this company.

Worx Weed Eater and Blower Combo
A great value battery weed eater blower combo from Worx

3. GreenWorks G-Max 40v Cordless String Trimmer Blower Combo

GreenWorks offers a wide variety of garden power tools and other devices, and customer reviews of its products are generally very good indeed. This combination of trimmer and blower is a decent quality package at a sensible price and makes a lot of sense if you are on a budget.

The power of both items is certainly adequate, and they come with a sensible warranty too. A few points to consider with this leaf blower combo kit:

  • Powerful 40v battery gives 45 minute run time
  • Both items are lightweight
  • Easy to use controls
  • Blower offers 110mph (177.03 km/h) air speed
  • 12” cutting path

The Good Bits

This is a good combination of trimmer leaf blower combo from a mid-range brand that is known for decent products at sensible prices.

The trimmer has a 12” cutting path, which is wider than some others on here, plus a variable speed trigger that allows you to control your cutting speed throughout the job. The blower is reasonably powerful and is powered by clever ‘axial’ mechanics, and the package comes with a decent warranty.

The Not So Good Bits

There’s not really much wrong with this: it’s a mid-range package at a mid-range cost. Perhaps the blower could be a little more powerful, but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, it’s worth a look.

Overview of The Greenworks 40 Volt Combo

If you are not one who is wowed by big brand names, we recommend you check out the GreenWorks range of garden power tools for a great combination of decent quality, usable tools at sensible prices.

This mid-range package is very much that, but that is not something that should put you off. The minimal weight of both the trimmer and the blower makes them attractive for regular users, and the 12” cut path of the former gives it extra appeal.

An adjustable handle for the trimmer means you can achieve your comfort level, and the variable speed trigger gives you the option to have more or less power to hand when you need it. With the blower, one clever feature is the ‘cruise control’ option: you can set the power as you want and there’s no need to control it, it just gets on with the job.

Supplied with one battery — which can be used for each item and, take note a more powerful battery can be purchased — which gives around 45 minutes, there is perhaps a point to make about an extra battery being welcome, but you get what you pay for and a little more.

Greenworks 40V Trimmer Blower
A lightweight 40 Volt cordless string trimmer leaf blower combination

4. Worx WG954 20V Revolution Leaf Blower Combo Kit

We have already included one model from Worx, and we thought it apt to add this one to our list of five also.

The reason is that we believe Worx offers excellent value for money in comparison to other brands, and reviews of the brand’s models — both these and others — are invariable favorable.

They must be doing something right, then, so here are a few points about this one.

  • Great pricing for a trimmer/blower combo
  • Edger/mower ability easy to convert
  • Blower offers high capacity volume and hyper stream novel
  • Two batteries provided
  • 20v devices

The Good Bits

The thing about reviewing items such as this is that their range and ability tend to be very similar, regardless of make, model and even price.

The good, then, includes this package’s price — which is very good — and the overall quality of what is a budget package. Both devices are light and easy to use, the trimmer can be converted for edging, which is a welcome bonus, and the provision of two batteries instead of the usual one means you have greater versatility.

The Not So Good Bits

It becomes difficult to find fault with a package that offers two perfectly decent appliances, but if there is one thing we will say about this one, it’s the battery life doesn’t match some of the others.

The 20v battery provides just 20-30 minutes of continuous running – some users have said just 10 minutes; others offer a bit more.

Overview of The Worx 20V Revolution Combo

If you are looking for decent quality garden power tools at excellent prices, there is no doubt that you need to check out the Worx range.

The trimmer and blower provided in this very competitively priced set are both perfectly capable of handling a smaller to medium-sized garden or yard.

If you are looking for heavy-duty ability, however, we should say this isn’t it.

Most of the customer reviews that come with this model allude to the above: perfect for the average garden, but the battery life makes it not so for larger areas. However, make note that you do get two batteries in the deal, and it does come with an edge trimmer fitment and can be used as a mini-mower.

One user even referred to Worx products as being ‘better than Black & Decker’ in terms of quality; that’s some accolade, and we can’t take exception with it.

All in all, if you are in the market for a trimmer/blower set that helps with the weed problem in a simple domestic garden, and want to spend just enough that you consider reasonable, there is no reason not to choose this one.

Worx WG954 20V Revolution Grass Trimmer/Edger and Turbine Blower Combo Kit with two 20V (2.0Ah) Batteries, Charger
  • Trimmer: convert trimmer easily to an edger or mini-mower in seconds
  • Trimmer: innovative Command feed Spool system for Instant line feeding and telescopic shaft adjusts to user's Height and posture

5: Black & Decker LCC340C 40V MAX Weed Eater Blower Combo

The final model on our list of 5 is this one, and it comes from one of the genuine household names in power tools, Black & Decker. This is a brand associated with quality products — perhaps not the very top quality, but some way up the ladder — and this combination is sensibly priced to reflect this. In fact, it’s among the least expensive here.

A few points to think about:

  • 40v battery power with high torque drive
  • Automatic feed spool gives continuous use
  • Blower offers 130mph (209.21 km/h) with limited noise
  • Adjustable trimmer shaft for comfort
  • 2-year warranty

The Good Bits

This is a Black & Decker package, so you get the advantage of a household name with a strong reputation. 130mph (209.21 km/h) blower speed is very good indeed, and the noise is kept low thanks to clever engineering, plus battery life is reportedly excellent.

Strimmer converts to an edger in just a couple of minutes and is suitably light in weight, both devices are easy to use and come with the B&D two-year guarantee. The price tag is surprisingly low.

The Not So Good

In many ways, Black & Decker as a brand rests on its laurels. That’s not to say the quality is not good — it is — but that while it may be B&D, it’s not DeWalt.

While many users have praised the ability of both devices provided here, others are not so positive, so it’s worth checking out further.

Overview of the Black and Decker Combo

We are surprised that the package you are looking at from Black & Decker is among the cheapest of the trimmer/blower combos we have featured. Given the reputation of the brand, this is something to consider.

Make no mistake, however, that this is a package designed for medium-sized gardens; if you have several acres to deal with, you need to look at more heavy-duty items — but that applies to each of the featured five.

We like the 40v battery — so do users, who report its use time on a full charge as being very impressive — and we like the fully adjustable trimmer.

Both this and the blower are light in weight for ease of use, and we also like the convertible trimmer to edger option.

The items are nicely made if a little ‘plasticky’ — again that’s not unique to this package — although they do feel quite robust, and we also appreciate the low noise design, plus the power indicator on each that advises you when you are getting close to charging time.

Overall, a very decent package from a top brand, and sensibly priced.

BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Sweeper & String Trimmer Combo Kit (LCC340C)
  • LST140 40 volt max string trimmer/edger with power drive high torque transmission for clean, fast cuts
  • Automatic Feed Spool AFS automatically feeds trimmer line as needed

Buyer’s Guide for Trimmer and Leaf Blower Combo Kits

What do you look for when choosing one of these — or indeed another — Trimmer/Blower combo package? Let’s have a brief look at the main features:

Battery Life

Modern rechargeable batteries are a lot more efficient than those of even recent years but are still a long way from the level of effectiveness we really look for.

None of the devices included in our list has a battery life that will give you more than an hour, and usually somewhat less. We advise you look for a 40v battery model, or one with two batteries as part of the deal, or choose one that you can buy an upgraded battery for.

Cutting Path

The cutting path of all the trimmers here is 12inches (30.48 cm), which is standard for one of these domestic-use implements.

Adjustable Shaft

Where trimmers are concerned, an adjustable shaft is very much a desirable feature, as it will allow operating with greater comfort.

Blower Speed

The airspeed from the blowers on our list ranges from around 90mph (144.84 km/h) to 130mph (209.21 km/h); this is actually a considerable difference, and you may need to consider the area you have to cover when buying a blower combo.


With both a trimmer and a blower you are going to be holding them aloft for quite a long time. Any machine containing a motor of this type will carry some weight, and it’s notable that all the makers we have listed have done their best to keep weight down.


With a blower especially, the noise can be a problem — not just for you, but for your neighbors! Take note that a cordless model is always going to be much quieter than one with a gas engine.


Now we’re into price territory, and it’s a matter of your personal choice, and what you can afford. The DeWalt model that we featured first is by far the most expensive, but in terms of quality and warranty, easily the best.

Check out your budget and make a shortlist that way.

Our Conclusion of Which Weed Wacker Blower Combo

Which one should you buy?

If you want the best cordless trimmer blower combo brand with the highest level of build quality and the longest warranty, the DeWalt is the one to go for, but you have to pay a premium price for it.

It will probably give you a much longer life, and while others have slightly higher blower speeds, for example, it does the job very well.

However, we can’t get over the fact that each of the others weighs in at under half the price of that model, and we like the fact the Worx models — which come highly reviewed by users — come with two batteries, so the choice is yours!

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