Best Multimeter 8 Of The Top Contenders

A multimeter, often dubbed as a volt-ohm meter is a handheld test tool that is used to measure two or more electrical values, typically voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms).

Even though this standard diagnostic tool is geared towards technicians in the electronic/electrical industries, a multimeter proves just as useful for home DIYers as well such as for testing the voltage of batteries to see if they’re still kicking, checking old extension cords, sorting through incandescent bulbs, and much more.

Multimeters are available in both analog and digital versions, where the former are less expensive, but on the downside aren’t as accurate as digital multimeters. A little more costly than analog multimeters, digital multimeters are available in simple versions, as well as advanced tools, and render accurate readings on an integrated LCD screen.

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Depending on the model you choose, multimeters can also be mated with accessories or special sensors for additional readings including relative humidity, wind speed, alkalinity, acidity, and light level.

Buying the best multimeter however can be a bit overwhelming, owing to the many options available. But we’ve checked out several options in this segment, and narrowed down on 8 best multimeters that won’t disappoint you in the field.

8 Of The Best Multimeters

1. Fluke True-rms 87V Digital Multimeter – The Very Best Multimeter for Electronics

Founded in 1948, and headquartered in Everett, Washington, the Fluke Corporation is a leading American manufacturer of industrial test, measurement and diagnostic equipment.

Fluke 87V MAX True-RMS Digital Multimeter, Rugged, Waterproof and Dustproof IP67 Rated, Up to 800 Hour Battery Capacity, Built-In Thermometer, Withstands Drops Up To 13 Feet, Includes TL175 Test Leads

If you’re a technical or electrician who works mostly in harsh environments, whether it’s in high or low temperatures, the Fluke True-rms 87V is a great addition to your tool arsenal.

Cheap multimeters generally fail when exposed to extreme conditions, but the Fluke True-rms 87V multimeter delivers accurate readings in temperatures of between -15°C to +55°C where there’s water and dust present, and environments with up to 95 percent humidity. You can even operate it to its full potential of -40 °C, albeit for only 20 minutes.

The Fluke True-rms 87V multimeter is built tough, and is tucked away in a rugged industrial strength case. It is IP67 waterproof and dust proof rated, CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V safety rated, and can survive drops up to a whopping 4-meters (13 feet).

In addition to being remarkably rugged, the Fluke True-rms 87V Max multimeter offers the same powerful set of measurement features as its counterpart — the Fluke True-rms 87V multimeter, except a higher IP67 rating compared to IP30 rating, and in a more compact footprint, and battery life.

The Fluke True-rms 87V Max multimeter measures 9.6 x 6.3 x 3.5 inches, and tips the scales at just 2.5 lbs, making it easy to haul around across work sites. It comes with a removable holster, which also serves as test probe holder for easier, one-handed operation.

With regards to measurements, the True-rms 87V Max multimeter by Fluke can measure up to 1000V in ac and dc, and 10 A and 20 A for 30 seconds using true-rms AC voltage and current for accurate measurements on non-linear circuits.

Additionally, it can measure a max 200 kHz frequency, can capture minimum, maximum, average recordings, and peak minimum-maximum values to record variations automatically in 250μs response time.

One of the noteworthy of the Fluke True-rms 87V Max is its inbuilt thermometer, which displays temperature readings, without you having to carry around a separate device. Having a thermometer onboard means allows you to easily check for overheating in a system breakdown.

The True-rms 87V Max multimeter comes with patented premium TL175 TwistGuard leads, which reduce tip exposure, and are tested to over 30,000 bends without failure. Thee leads are topped with WearGuard silicone that let you know when to replace them.

The leads must be replaced when the inner white insulation layer is visible through the outer black layer. The front of the Fluke 87V MAX multimeter houses a large 19,999-count high resolution display, which offers two levels of brightness to choose from, and a backlight to see clearly in low light conditions.

It also features large display digits, and backlit keypad buttons for increased visibility in dark areas. The Fluke 87V MAX multimeter is equipped with a class leading battery that is good for an impressive 800 hours, much less than the 400-hour battery life of the Fluke 87V multimeter.


  • 800-hour battery life
  • Inbuilt thermometer
  • IP67 rated, high strength case, and removable holster
  • Survives drops up to 4-meters (13 feet)
  • -40 °C (for up to 20 minutes) to +55 °C extended operating temp range
  • Measures 1000 V ac and dc, and up to 10 A,20 A for 30 seconds
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Leads may be a bit stiff for some users

2. AstroAI Digital Multimeter – Best Multimeter for the Money

For a budget multimeter that renders accurate readings, you really can’t go wrong with the AstroAI digital multimeter. This true RMS meter features manual and auto ranging capabilities, and can measure frequency, voltage resistance, continuity, diode testing, making it a great choice for both automotive and household uses.

The AstroAI multimeter measures 5.1 x 2.8 x 1.4 inches, and weighs a little less than 9 ounces. It is easy and safe to operate, and is appointed with a crisp 3.5-digit backlit LCD display, which is easy to real in dimly lit areas.

The AstroAI digital multimeter offers a sampling rate of two times per second, and is fitted with a data hold button at the front, which when pressed freezes the data being displayed on the screen, making it easy to note down the measurements.

AstroAI Multimeter Tester 2000 Counts Digital Multimeter with DC AC Voltmeter and Ohm Volt Amp Meter ; Measures Voltage, Current, Resistance; Tests Live Wire, Continuity

Adding to this, it can measure square wave output by simply setting the rotary switch to the appropriate symbol, and connecting the test leads with the object being measured. Apart from the hold button, the front of the AstroAI multimeter a back-light button to turn the light on and off, range rotary switch, and three jacks including a 10A jack.

The back of the device is fitted with a handy kickstand that swivels out 120 degrees, giving you the right amount of support for handsfree use. It comes with a removable rubber guard to protect it in the event of a drop, and two test leads that enhance your ability to take measurements in different environments.

The budget friendly AstroAI digital multimeter can measure 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V DC voltage, 200V/500V AC voltage, 2000μA/20mA DC current, and 200Ω ± resistance. It comes factory equipped with a high strength lithium ion 9V 6F22 battery, which offers long service life.

The AstroAI digital multimeter features a low battery indicator, so you know exactly when the battery is due for replacement. It comes with everything you need right out of the box including the multimeter, two test leads, battery, user guide, and one-year manufacturer warranty information.


  • Manual auto ranging
  • Compact and lightweight
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Data hold button
  • Measures frequency, voltage and resistance
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Lacks thermometer

3. Equus 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter – Best Multimeter for Automotive

Coming in at the #3 position on this list of best multimeters is the Equus 3320 — a digital multimeter that comes with a ton of bells and whistles at a budget friendly price. It measures 2 x 10 x 5 inches, and weighs approximately eight ounces, making it to carry with you across jobs.

It is designed for both novice and seasoned electricians, and is regarded as a highly versatile device, given that it can be used to take sensitive readings for serious projects or for small task around your house such as checking batteries and devices.

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter, Red & Black

One of the key features of the Equus 3320 multimeter is its battery testing capability, which unlike other devices in its segment places the battery under the slight load, and then checks its level.

The level of the battery is indicated via one of the three LED lights (green, yellow, and red) located at the front of the device. These levels are enclosed within a green module at the front of the device, making it easy to check the readings.

Apart from the battery testing, a neat feature of the Equus 3320 multimeter is its auto ranging function, which to explain briefly figures out the current range of a given input automatically.

The Equus 3320 automotive multimeter is equipped with a large digital display that is appointed with a backlight to the numbers, symbols and marks clearly in poorly lit areas. It can be used to measure capacitance, frequency, voltage, current and much more, and 200MA of AC and 10 amps of DC — a wide range of this category of multimeters.

The Equus 3320 multimeter is powered by a single AAA battery (included), and comes with a battery level indicator to let you know when battery juice is low. It boasts a sleek footprint, and is protected with a rubber mask reduce the impact from drops.

The body of the Equus 3320 is also fitted with two molded holders, which are designated to accommodate the test leads, and prevent from being entangled. It also comes with both a wrist carry strap,

The Equus 3320 digital multimeter is equipped with three jack sockets — main terminal/ common/DC 10A, and offers quick reaction times. Adding to this, it features auto shutoff, which shuts down the device automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity in an effort to preserve battery life.

Even though the Equus 3320 digital multimeter is aimed towards automotive professionals, it can be used by anyone to diagnose faults in home wiring and electrical appliances. It is UL certified, and is backed by a one-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.


  • Color-coded LEDs for testing battery
  • Large clear display
  • Battery life indicator
  • Long, sheathed probe leads
  • Fold out kickstand
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Low AC amperage range
  • Lacks hold function

4. AstroAI TRMS 6000 Digital Multimeter

The AstroAI TRMS 6000 is a feature rich multimeter that proves handy for a wide range of tests including current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity, frequency, and temperature. The acronym TRMS stands for True Root Mean Square, which translates to better accuracy that RMS (Root Mean Square) multimeters when measuring AC current.

It is a highly portable device at just 8.66 x 2.28 x 6.69 inches, and 1.28 lbs, and comes with auto ranging capability, so it automatically changes its interval range to try and find the correct voltage, resistance or current of the object it is connected with.

This professionally designed multimeter can also take continuity tests to ensure connections are made correctly between two points, and to help you detect if two points are connected improperly. The AstroAI multimeter can record temperatures by simply connecting the end of the thermocouple to the object being measured.

AstroAI Digital Multimeter and Analyzer TRMS 6000 Counts Volt Meter Ohmmeter Auto-Ranging Tester; Accurately Measures Voltage Current Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle Capacitance Temperature

This digital multimeter from the AstroAI stable is appointed with a large LCD display with backlight, so you can see clearly in dark areas. Furthermore, the TRMS 6000 comes with a data hold button to freeze the data on the display, and record it. It is EN61010-1 CAT III 600V, CATII 1000V compliant, and alerts you when battery power is low.

The AstroAI TRMS 6000 digital multimeter comes with a multifunctional socket to measure both capacitors and transistors, and a handing magnet and kickstand to take measurements easily. The buttons on the front of the device are well placed, and include a range button, function switch, input jack, and relative button.

The F400mA/600V and F10A/600V explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes are built in to the TRMS 6000 digital multimeter, and are engineered to protect the tool from overload protection on all three ranges. In the box, you get the multimeter, one pair of test leads, one K-type thermocouple, a multifunction socket, user guider, and a three-year warranty.


  • Can measure current, voltage, resistance, capacitance, and much more
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Auto ranging capability
  • Continuity and temperature tests
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Built in explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes
  • EN61010-1 CAT III 600V, CATII 1000V compliant
  • 3-year warranty


  • Does not come with carry case

5. Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter – Best Multimeter for Electricians

The Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS multimeter is one of the bestsellers from the company’s massive portfolio for several good reasons. For starters, it is backed by VoltAlert technology (non-contact technology), so you only have to touch the tip to the terminal strip, and wait for it to glow red to determine whether there’s a voltage present.

The Electricians True RMS multimeter is CAT III 600 V safety rated, making it a great choice for the most demanding environments including commercial buildings, offices, and schools. Further, it features AutoV/LoZ functionality, which eliminates the chances of false readings caused by ghost voltage.

Apart from its appealing design, the Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS multimeter measures 6.57 x 3.31 x 1.81 inches, and is extremely lightweight, making it a joy to hold and use across longer periods. The front of the multimeters is fitted with a large white LED display complete with a backlight to see clearly in low light work areas.

Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter, Non-Contact AC Voltage Detection, Measures Resistance/Continuity/Frequency/Capacitance/Min Max Average, Automatic AC/DC Voltage Selection, Low Impedance Mode

It provides accurate measurements on non0-linear loads, and can measure 10 A, 20 A overload for 30 seconds maximum. Adding to this, the Fluke 117 Electricians multimeter can measure continuity, resistance, frequency and capacitance, and displays current readings with a 600o count resolution.

The Fluke 117 Electricians multimeter offers AutoVolt capability, which allows the device to measure the voltage present — whether AC or DC voltage automatically. But that’s not all — the Fluke 11 multimeter gives you the option to use both manual and automatic ranging, which allows the device to find the right value automatically or with preset ranges.

The Fluke 117 comes with a hold button on the front, which when pressed freezes the values on the display, so you can make note of them. It can operate without any hiccups between -10°C to +50°C, and comes with a min-max recording function, which allows you to capture an array of signal anomalies such as unexpected signal fluctuations.

When this feature is turn on, the Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter will capture and temporarily hold the highest and lowest signal levels measured by the device. It is powered by a robust battery, which lasts for approximately 400 hours without battery, so you won’t have to deal with replacing it for a while.

The Fluke 117 multimeter is compatible with the ToolPak magnetic hanger, and comes with the multimeter, and a 4mm silicone test lead set. This device comes with a limited three-year manufacturer warranty, so you can rest assured it will serve you well for many years to come.


  • Long battery life
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with a 4mm silicone test lead set
  • Compact ergonomic design for one-handed operation
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated
  • Large LED display with backlight
  • Automatically switches between AC and DC voltage
  • Can measure Resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance


  • May take a bit longer to get a good reading

6. Extech EX330 Auto Ranging Mini Multimeter – Best Multimeter under 100

Slotting in at the #6 position on this list of best multimeters is a model from the Extech Instruments product portfolio — the EX330 mini multimeter. Just as the name would suggest, the EX330 showcases a compact and rugged footprint at 9.9 ounces and 5.7 x 1.6 x 2.9 inches, and is a great choice for electrical troubleshooting at home or work site.  

It is capable of measuring AC and DC voltage up to 600 volts with 95 percent accuracy, and AC and DC current up to 10 amps. Further, it can perform diode testing, measure resistance, and continuity testing.

Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with NCV and Type K Temperature, orange and green

The EX330 multimeter in integrated with a non-contact AC voltage detector, which alerts you via beeps and LED lights of the presence of nearby voltage when placed near live wires, switches, outlets, and much more.

The front of the EX330 budget friendly multimeter houses a 4000-count LED display, which can indicate a 2000 max value on any range. Adding to this, the LCD screen displays one-inch size digits for easy reading even in dark testing environments.

The Extech EX330 multimeter’s auto ranging feature allows you to select the appropriate measurement range when working on an array of different components starting from electronics to electrical sources.

It comes with both a Max Hold and Data Hold button, where the former allows you to capture the device’s highest reading, and latter when pressed freezes the current reading on the display, so that you can take notes.

The feature rich Extech EX330 compact multimeter powers off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity in an effort to conserve battery power. This UL listed multimeter by Extech is powered by 2 AA batteries (included), and is Cat III 600V UL rated for measurements performed in building installation such as circuit breakers, and cables.

The “REL” button on the front of the Extech EX330 multimeter when pressed activates relative measurement mode to take measurements according to a stored reference value. It features an onsite thermometer, which along with the included bead wire probe takes temperature measurements, and displays in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

With the Extech EX330 multimeter, you also charge a capacitor with a matching current, and measure the resulting voltage when electrical troubleshooting. The Extech EX330 multimeter is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor.


  • Auto ranging with 12 functions
  • 4000 count LED display with large digits
  • 10A max current
  • Measures AC/DC voltage & current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • Quality of rubber holster could be improved

7. KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter – Best Clamp Multimeter

The KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter combines the best of both worlds — serves as a conventional multimeter and a current sensor. It boasts a versatile design, in that it is suitable for all types of applications and environments including household outlets, batteries including vehicles, testing electronics in cars, and much more.

The KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter measures 7.5 x 2.8 x1.3 inches, weighs 260 grams, and measures AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, capacitance, resistance, frequency or duty cycle, diode, temperature, and continuity testing. This True-RMS clamp multimeter from KAIWEETS is easy to use, and provides accurate measurements on non-linear loads.

KAIWEETS HT206D Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS 6000 Counts, Multimeter Voltage Tester Auto-ranging, Measures Current Voltage Temperature Capacitance Resistance Diodes Continuity Duty-Cycle (AC/DC Current)

Further, it features low volt impedance, which greatly reduces the chances of incorrect voltage caused by ghost voltage, and low pass filter for accurate measurements of variable frequency drive signals.

To take measurements with the KAIWEETS multimeter, you simply have to clamp the meter around one of the wires, and wait for the results on the display. Another noteworthy feature of the KAIWEETS multimeter is its ability to EM field intensity, without touching any wires.

This is done by pressing the dedicated NCV button located at the side of the device. the KAIWEETS clamp multimeter is dual color backlit 6000 count LCD display, which works a bit differently, in that it warns you of high voltage by turning red. It also offers flashlight functionality to take measurements in dark areas.

The KAIWEETS clamp multimeter comes with several different ports including K-type thermocouple, and powers off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity to save battery life. It features double insulation for long service life, is CAT III 600V rated for uses in a wide range of environments, and meets IEC 61010-1 safety standards.

With the KAIWEETS multimeter, you can switch easily between the different measurements including AC and DC by pressing down the “Z/F” button located on the front of the device.

This multifunctional clamp multimeter from KAIWEETS can even read milliamperes, and comes with the multimeter, a pair of test leads, pair of thermocouples, two AAA batteries, user guide, and carrying bag. It is also protected by a three-year warranty against manufacturer defects, and 24/7 customer service.


  • Dual color backlit 6000 count LCD display
  • Auto shutdown
  • Measures AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, capacitance, temperature, and much more
  • Low volt impedance and low pass filter
  • Easily switch between measurements with the “Z/F” button
  • 3-year warranty


  • Lacks hold feature

8. WeePro Vpro850L Digital Multimeter – Best Multimeter for Home Use

For a multimeter that provides a wide range of accurate measurements in both household and automotive environments, the WeePro Vpro850L device is truly hard to beat. It can be used as a voltmeter, ohmmeter, ammeter, and to measure AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, resistance, and much more.

The WeePro Vpro850L multimeter weighs 7.6 ounces, measures 2.7 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches, and is fitted with an easy to read large 70 x 40mm that provides an optimal visual angle at 70 degrees. This 1999 count display renders ½ size digits, and is appointed with a backlight for better visibility. The backlight can be manually turned off to save battery power.

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The Vpro850L multimeter by WeePro is powered by a 9-volt battery, and comes with a low battery indicator to alert you of low battery power. It boasts a rather fast 2x per second sampling speed, and alerts you when overload is detected.

The Vpro850L multimeter features a Data Hold button at the front of the device, which when pressed pauses the display reading on the screen. Furthermore, it also indicates both negative and positive polarity, and should be used in 0°C – 40°C environments.

This multimeter from WeePro also comes with a continuity buzzer, which beeps when a complete path (continuity) is detected. It is fitted with a large CMM rotational switch in the middle of the front case, making it easy to select the function and range.

The front face of the WeePro Vpro850L multimeter also “COM” jack (common jack) and a ” VΩmA” jack to measure voltage and resistance, and a “10ADC”jack for 200mA max current input.

It features a CMOS integrated circuit, and dual slope A/D (analog to digital) conversion, and comes with a handheld digital multimeter, two test leads, one 9-volt battery, and user guide. The WeePro Vpro850L is backed by a best in segment 90-day refund guarantee, and a 10-year warranty and lifetime support.


  • 1999 count display with backlight
  • Continuity buzzer
  • Data hold button
  • Serves as a voltmeter, ohmmeter, ammeter
  • Large CMM rotational switch
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty


  • Not a true RMS multimeter

Final Thoughts

A digital multimeter is not just a tool used by electricians, but also proves handy for DIYers looking to measure current, resistance, voltage, temperature, and much more. They offer a wide range of testing options, tucked into a single device, so you don’t have to buy separate devices to take different measurements.

The 8 best multimeters mentioned on this list come with all the right features that make is easy to tape and record measurements including a hold button to freeze the measurements on the display.

While all 8 multimeters come with an LCD or LED display, some feature a backlight to see clearly in dark work environments. They are an ideal fit for different environments such as the Fluke True-rms 87V for rugged work areas, and the WeePro Vpro850L for basic household, and automotive use.

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