DeWalt Chainsaw 60V Review – The Flexvolt Chainsaw

Since they first launched their line of cordless FlexVolt tools, DeWalt has been receiving praise all the way, and as far as their FlexVolt 60V MAX Brushless Chainsaw is concerned, the storyline isn’t any different.

Folks have been commenting on how amazingly well balanced this chainsaw is, how efficient its ergonomic design is, and how effective it is with just about any cutting application.

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the 60V Cordless Chainsaw from DeWalt’s FlexVolt range of cordless outdoor tools. We’ll be assessing its abilities and commenting on its performance, and ultimately, helping you decide whether or not this might be the saw you’ve been looking for all along.

Overview of the DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Tools

The world of power tools is being taken to a new level by DeWalt’s FlexVolt battery system. Their 60V batteries go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to delivering on power, and as far as battery runtime is concerned, we’re all being pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of these batteries.

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Initial Impressions of the DeWalt Flexvolt 60V Chainsaw

Obviously one of the most notable features of the 60V DeWalt saw is the fact that it runs on FlexVolt tech, and in this case, the cordless chainsaws 60V batteries are backward compatible with most 20V MAX cordless power tools you might already own.

Then there’s the fact that the DeWalt DCCS670X1 has a brushless motor, which means that you will NEVER have to replace brushes with this tool. Score.

The 60V Li-ion battery ensures you’ll have more power that will last longer than your average battery-powered saw, and with this saw’s low kickback Oregon bar and chain (with a chain brake), it’s a super attractive offering.

Add features such as auto-oiling and tool-less tensioning adjustments, and you’ve got convenience all wrapped up in a pretty parcel.

What Are Some of the Best Features in the DeWalt DCCS670x1 Flexvolt 60V MAX?

  • Sports a low kickback 16 inch Oregon Bar and Chain which can easily be used for construction applications as well as general outdoor cutting
  • Comes with a tool-free chain tensioning and bar tightening know, making bar clamping force super easy to achieve properly
  • With an auto-oiling feature, this saw continually lubricates itself
  • For quick oil re-fills, the tool comes with a quarter-turn oil cap
  • It sports a chain brake for kickback protection
  • Will easily do up to 70 cuts per charge when cutting 6 x 6 pressure treated pine wood
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DeWalt DCCS670X1 Specifications

Bar length

16 inches

Bar type


Power Source

60V Lithium Ion FlexVolt battery

Total weight

12.2 pounds with 3.0 ah battery

Notes on the Design and Construction of the DeWalt 60Volt Chainsaw

Dewalt has been in the power tool technology game (on its forefront to be precise) for almost a century, and that, in itself, is a means of convincing consumers to buy their products simply because the brand is known for its reliability and great performance.

Upon first inspection, the DCCS670X1 Chainsaw seemed to have all you could ever need to have a great cutting experience.

With its ergonomically designed soft-grip handles, it’s definitely a very comfortable tool to use. When compared to how regular, gas-powered chainsaws fatigue your arms, the FlexVolt 60V Chainsaw is an absolute breeze to use.

It features a larger trigger switch, which improves user control over the tool’s output power, and since it weighs in at just 12.2 pounds, it’s even easier and more comfortable to use than you’d expect.

We love the size of this chainsaw. Featuring a 16-inch bar, this chainsaw from gives you enough length to easily cut through most tree trunks and logs with a simple, single stroke.

Since the chain is self-lubricating, maintenance is almost eliminated from the game entirely. And thanks to a well-marked filler cap on the side of the oil tank, filling the chain oil isn’t a problem either.

Everything regarding the Dewalt 60V Chainsaw seems so easy to use. You can literally pick this chainsaw up, and with just the push of the start button, get straight to work within seconds.​

Even the bar tightening and chain tensioning is made simple thanks to the addition of a very handy tightening knob to get this done in one easy step.

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How Can the Safety Rating of the Flexvolt 60v Chain Saw Be Described?

With regards to all of their tools (not just the FlexVolt range), Dewalt have always been meticulous and super strict about the safety ratings of their power tools.

All areas pertaining to safety have been thoroughly covered when it comes to the 60V Chainsaw.

It sports a very well-designed and large chain guard, which gives the user added confidence while cutting with this tool. Additionally, this chainsaw’s bar and chain have been designed for low kickback, and it also features a chain brake, which ensures that the user will be well protected in the event that a kickback does happen.

You should still take normal safety precautions, and use the proper safety equipment while using these type of tools, including eye, hearing and body protection. You can now find a safety helmet that incorporates hearing protection with a hard hat and visor. Make sure to use chainsaw chaps and safety boots while cutting.

Why Does the Flexvolt Chainsaw Stand Out From the Rest of Its Class?

The 60V battery makes a world of difference and is essentially what helps this chainsaw shine among its competitors. 

With this battery technology, users are sure to have the longest run time and may expect to get up to 70 cuts out of a single charge when cutting 6 x 6 inch treated pine wood with a 3.0 ah battery pack.

The FlexVolt batteries are also backward compatible with 20V power tools, and the fact that you can choose between using a 3 0 Ah MAX lithium-ion battery or upgrading to a 6AH, 9AH or 12AH battery just makes the deal that much sweeter.

There’s another reason why power tools (including this chainsaw) will probably always stand out from the crowd, and it revolves around great service and warranties.

When you purchase the 60V Chainsaw, you’ll get a ninety-day money back guarantee, a one-year free service plan, and a three-year limited warranty, which doesn’t have a lot of limitations.

How Does This Dewalt Chain Saw Compare to Other Battery-Powered Chainsaws Available on the Market?

If you’re not 100% sold on the 60V Chainsaw, we reviewed some lightweight chainsaws here, and below are a few alternatives you might want to consider:

Black + Decker LCS1240 40V MAX Li-Ion Chainsaw

Coming in much cheaper than ’s FlexVolt, the Black + Decker is a good alternative if you’re a budget, conscious consumer.

It doesn’t look or feel nearly as sturdy or rugged as the 60V MAX Chainsaw, but it should suffice for those cutting jobs you have to deal with around the year once or twice a year. 

It features a shorter 12 inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain, and although it sports a full wrap-around handle for comfort during various orientations, it doesn’t compare to the FlexVolt 60V Chainsaw’s user comfort.

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)
  • 12-INCH CORDLESS ELECTRIC CHAINSAW - 40V MAX battery-powered chainsaw with extended runtime
  • SMOOTH, FAST CUTS - OREGON low-kickback bar and chain for easy and efficient cutting

Oregon Cordless 40V CS300-A6

With a PowerSharp System, the Oregon Cordless Chainsaw is super easy to sharpen, in as little as three seconds.

It has a brushless motor and features a 16-inch bar for easy cutting. Like the Dewalt, this saw features a tool-less tensioning system, and also comes with an instant start feature.

The 40V MAX lithium ion battery doesn’t stand up to the 60V FlexVolt, but it still offers you plenty of runtime since it has the ability to cut through 400 branches that are 2-3 inches thick.

This chainsaw comes very near to the FlexVolt 60V Chainsaw because it sports a lot of the features that we all like to see and use.​

It’s also low on maintenance and is priced in the same class as the Dewalt. Choosing between the Oregon and the Dewalt would simply come down to personal preference between the two brands.

Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw with 4.0 Ah Battery and Charger
  • Brushless motor provides increased efficiency and power output
  • PowerSharp chain minimizes downtime by allowing you to sharpen your chain right on the saw within seconds. The chain stays oiled using the built-in Lubri-Tec oiling system which reduces chain friction and increases the saw’s run time.

EGO Power+ CS1403 56V Battery Chainsaw

Although the EGO range of cordless tools might not be as durable or seem as rugged as ’s FlexVolt cordless tools, they are worthy competitors.

The Ego Power+ 56V Battery Chainsaw sports a 14-inch bar and chain and weighs in at 13.4 pounds, making it heavier than the.

This chainsaw seems to be comfortable and easy to use, according to the reviews it’s getting online, but with a 56V 2AH battery, it’s not going to be able to stand up to the FlexVolt 60V Chainsaw.

Our Notes on the Battery Life and Charging Requirements of the DCCS670X1

The Dewalt 60V Chainsaw’s battery takes roughly an hour to charge from dead to full.

Once charged, the battery has the ability to last long enough to chop down an entire tree, which is a huge plus considering the fact that you won’t have to stop what you’re chopping down to get the battery charged again.

The 60V FlexVolt battery will probably last you a good two or three hours, which is impressive, to say the least.

What are the Advantages of Using the FlexVolt Cordless Chainsaw?

  • It’s a comfortable cordless chainsaw that can be used by just about anyone
  • It’s generously sized
  • The tool-free adjustment system is effortless to use
  • It works hard and fast
  • It comes with a quarter-turn oil cap with a large flip-up tab for easier handling while wearing gloves
  • When compared to its competitors, this chainsaw has the best oil-pouring access of them all

What are the Disadvantages of Using the DeWalt Chainsaw?

  • The chainsaw has an enclosed side cover design, which may allow wood chips to pile up above the tension knob, leading to clogging issues
  • Because this saw sprays wood chips out the front of the saw, it may impair user visibility while working

DeWalt 60V Chainsaw Review- the Final Verdict

We’ve got to hand it to DeWalt and their innovative FlexVolt tech; they’ve really set the standard as far as cordless tools are concerned.

When measured up against its competitors, the FlexVolt 60V Chainsaw seems like the leader in its class, and although it might not be the fastest cutting chainsaw out there, it more than delivers on what you’d expect from a 60V cordless chainsaw.

If you’re looking for a cordless chainsaw that will perform on par every time it’s used and also sports a range of useful features, you couldn’t go wrong with opting for the FlexVolt 60V Brushless Chainsaw.

Since Dewalt guarantees that the performance of their 60V Chainsaw compares to other, gas-powered saws, and they offer a money-back guarantee on this product, it means that you can give it a go and see if it works for you, or else, simply return it if it doesn’t seem to cut it for you.

We’d be happy to recommend this chainsaw to folks that want and need a heavy-duty cordless chainsaw that still packs the power and stamina of gas-powered saws.

The Dewalt 60V Chainsaw offers you all the great benefits of a battery-operated tool, and if you’re looking to exit the corded tool scene, this saw might be your ideal fit!

Please check out our chainsaw safety tips, and also take proper precautions with safety gear which you can check out here. Always remember to keep your chain sharpened with the proper tools.

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