Greenworks 80v Snow Blower Review

Being a relative newcomer within the industry, the Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Snow blower blows away the competition as if it’s been around for years.

Because it competes and compares well with the power of a gas blower, homeowners and commercial workers alike are finding great value in owning the Greenworks snow blower for this very reason.

When looking for a snowblower, people often look for simplicity and ease of use. After all, they aren’t shopping for another shovel. What many fail to realize is that the variety of snowblowers cater to a variety of differing needs.

One of the best things about the Greenworks cordless blower is that it can meet many of these needs without breaking the bank or your back. Lightweight and well-equipped, this snow thrower is possibly the ultimate winter necessity, assuming you live in an area that has regular snowfalls.

When searching for a new snow clearing machine, you will soon find yourself faced with a few decisions to make. Of course, there are shovels and electric shovels, but there are also many different snow blowers with differing functions.

There is gas-powered, corded electric, and cordless electric snow blowers – the Greenworks Pro 80v is a cordless electric blower.

Within these categories, you will find that there are often big differences in power and capabilities. This snowblower successfully closes that gap somewhat, leaving fewer differences between the different classes of snowblowers.

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Because some differences do remain, and it’s vital to get the appropriate blower, you should do some research on your area. To decide if the Greenworks 80V blower is right for you, you should start by evaluating the typical amount of snowfall for your area.

If you consistently encounter large amounts of ice and extremely heavy, wet snow, a two-stage gas powered blower is possibly the best fit for you.

Considering that the 80V is battery powered, it cannot handle overly heavy snow or ice; however, because it is so powerful, it can handle much larger falls of snow than its electric competitors.

With that said, if your location normally receives a moderate amount of snow with small amounts of ice and decent amounts of snow, you will absolutely enjoy the many benefits of this machine.

Will The Greenworks Pro 80v Suit My Needs?

Greenworks pro 80V Snow blower
Will run for up to 90 minutes on a 4.0 amp hour battery
Excellent clearing depth
20 inch clearing width snow thrower

With a wide variety of decent snowblowers on the market, it can be a struggle to determine which ones are ideal and which ones aren’t worth your time. Most homeowners need something practical and reliable.

Whether old or young, shoveling snow can be hard on the body, thus, finding the best snow blower is even more important. You have ditched the shovel to make the snow removal easier on you and your body.

Buying anything unnecessarily complicated or heavy would be counterintuitive. The ideal snowblower should be lightweight and easy to handle.

Of course, you will often find cordless blowers to be the most suitable for homeowners. Gas-powered machines are often bulky and require constant upkeep and maintenance. From changing spark plugs to refueling, the gas machines should be left for those with oversized clearing projects.

Also, your corded machines are going to keep you restricted and limited on your maneuverability. With these types of blowers, you are constantly rearranging or untangling the extension cord as well as having to work within range of the extension cord.

With the cordless electric blowers, you can expect simplicity and a much lighter machine. This will allow you to move freely and naturally, getting the job done quickly.

Good snow blowers will also run for a duration long enough to complete your task. If the machine can’t last even 40 minutes, you may find yourself struggling to get the job done without pausing to recharge.

Although these machines help you clear snow rather quickly, you shouldn’t have to rush to complete the job in fear of the blower dying on you either.

How Long Is The Warranty?

This machine carries a warranty of 4 years against defects in materials, workmanship, and parts, and a 2 year warranty applies to the battery and charger.

Also, knowing that a manufacturer has great confidence in their product is always great for the consumer. This means you can buy the machine and expect it to last for many winters without losing money year after year fixing or replacing it.

A 4 year warranty reflects a good product.

Will It Damage My Surfaces?

Clearing snow requires significant force, and sometimes certain devices may damage the surface you are clearing. Wooden decks or even certain driveways are at the biggest risk for this type of damage. This model will not cause damage to your deck or driveway.

Is It Safe To Operate?

Yes. With a bail switch, the blower will automatically shut down when released. The Greenworks pro 80v snow blower will also automatically shut off if something hits the rotating impeller too hard. This can prevent something from kicking up at you and possibly causing injury.

Greenworks 80 Volt Snowblower
Will run for up to 90 minutes on a 4.0 amp hour battery
Excellent clearing width and throwing distance
Clear your driveway with led lights on your snow thrower

What About The Battery?

As the battery life of the lithium-ion 2AH battery is approximately 45 minutes, you can expect to get your moderately sized areas cleared before ever thinking to recharge. If you do find yourself needing longer durations of operation, you can upgrade to the 4AH battery that operates for twice as long as the 2AH, or you can simply recharge your 2AH battery

How Long Will The Battery Last?

Depending on snow condition, the battery will run for up to 45 minutes. A spare battery is available and would be a useful item to have if you think your clearing may take longer than one battery charge can deliver.

Obviously, having a spare means that you don’t have to wait for the depleted battery to recharge.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

Charge time for the 2AH battery is only 30 minutes for a full charge, beating out the competition once again. With this battery, you will also enjoy using it in your other Greenworks pro 80V tools.

The 4AH battery takes twice as long to charge and is 30% heavier. The manufacturers do state that the 4AH battery is more suited for snow blowers and lawnmowers, so it is slightly odd that they don’t offer this as a standard option.

The reason is most likely due to the added cost that would be incurred by bundling with the bigger battery.

Will The Same Battery Fit Other Greenworks Tools?

Indeed it will, the same battery is utilized across the whole range of Greenworks Pro 80v tools, so if you have the leaf blower, string trimmer, and lawn mower, you could make some tidy savings by purchasing further tools without battery and charger.

Greenworks 80 Volt Snowblower
Will run for up to 45 minutes on a 2.0 amp hour battery
Runs up to 90 minutes with 4ah battery
20 inch clearing path

Does It Use Panasonic Battery Technology?

Yes, the battery cells are Panasonic.

Can I Buy One Without The Battery And Charger?

Yes, you certainly can. That is model number 2601302 which can be found on amazon below.

Product Overview

.A brief overview of its features includes:

• Completely cordless

• DigiPro Brushless Motor

• 20-inch snow cut

• 180° rotating chute with vertical movement as well

• Shoots snow 25 feet

• Plastic Paddle

• 2 LED lights

• 80 Volt lithium-ion battery (2AH) lasting up to 45 minutes, possible to upgrade to 4AH

• Versatile battery that is compatible with other Greenworks tools

• Compact storage ability

• Power comparable to that of a gas blower

• Quiet operation

• 7 inch rear wheels

• 33 pounds

• 500 pounds of snow a minute

• 4-year warranty on parts, and 2 years on battery and charger

To expand on these features a bit, this snowblower is exceptionally lightweight for how much power is packed into it.

Being the most powerful battery-powered blower on the market, it only weighs 33 pounds. From its lightweight frame to its 7-inch wheels, this machine is extremely easy to maneuver and push around.

Is It Easy To Store?

Yes, very. One unique quality of this blower is its compact storing capability. This machine can be folded and stored in a smaller, condensed shape and size.

Greenworks knows that this tool can only be used for a small portion of the year and that it will sit in your garage collecting dust for the warmer seasons.

To avoid taking up more space than necessary, you can easily fold down the handles and place the snowblower in the back of your storage space until the next snowfall.

Greenworks pro 80V Snow blower
Will run for up to 90 minutes on a 4.0 amp hour battery
20 inch clearing width
Clear your driveway with a single stage snow thrower

Does It Need A Power Cord?

No, this machine is powered by a battery. You will no longer have to struggle with long, tangling cords that limit your mobility and functionality.

You will no longer have to worry about fueling up before starting your work, or changing the oil when there’s already inches of snow on your driveway.

You simply need to make sure that your battery is fully charged, and you are good to go. With a push-button start, you will be done clearing snow before your neighbors have even gotten out of their garage!

Is It Loud?

No, in fact it is extremely quiet with minimal vibration. This means you can be outside clearing your driveway in the odd hours of the morning or evening without waking your closest neighbors.

Does It Have A Light?

Indeed it does, two LED lights are located at the front on the handlebar of the machine. This helps light up a larger area than its competitors typically illuminate., so rest assured you’ll be able to clear snow before the sun comes up without a problem.

Can I Rotate The Snow Chute?

Yes. The chute on the Greenworks Pro 80V can be rotated 180°, it has a throwing distance of a full 25 feet. Not to mention, the chute can also be vertically adjusted, allowing you to manipulate the angle it shoots as well.

Almost as much power as some two stage snow throwers.

What Is The Impeller Made Of?

The impeller is made from polyetheylene plastic, which while being extremely durable, it is also extremely unlikely to damage your driveway.In the event that the casing is broken or chipped by a small piece os ice, Greenworks say that this is covered by the extensive warranty.


With the brushless motor, you can expect a long-lasting snowblower. The brushless motor holds various advantages over the brushed motors often seen on the market.

You will enjoy a reliable, long-lasting machine, with added torque and less heat. This is what allows your battery to last so long, as less juice is wasted on keeping the motor in action.

Of course, the compact folding capabilities and the cordless aspects make this a favorable snowblower for homeowners as well. Many snowblowers are either attached to a cord or weighed down with a gas powered system.

This cordless, powerful battery system allows the blower to compete with the powerful gas blowers without the hassle and weight of gas blowers.

Because this blower generates virtually no heat, you don’t have to worry about melted snow or clumps gathering in the machine. As competing blowers often struggle with clumps, their users often have to stop and manually clear the snow.

With the 80 V cordless snow blower, you will not have this problem and snow will run smoothly throughout the machine.


Because this snowblower is primarily made up entirely of plastic, many question the durability of the blower. Although this is a reasonable concern, you can take comfort in knowing you have a four-year warranty for this product if durability does become a problem.

Fortunately, the plastic offers many benefits in keeping the blower lightweight and corrosion-free.

One other question arises with the chute angle rod fitting loosely in its slot. Although this is not a critical aspect, it can become an annoyance for some customers.


This product is a game changer. If you are a homeowner who encounters moderate amounts of snow at least once a year, you will appreciate the 80V Greenworks Snow blower. As it packs a lot of power while remaining lightweight and quiet, it is a necessity for your next winter.

Greenworks Pro 80V Snow blower
Will run for up to 45 minutes on a 2.0 amp hour battery
Brushless motor for extra power and 20 feet throw
Clear your driveway with a single stage snow thrower

If you feel that this is not the perfect model for you, please refer to our further reviews of cordless snow blowers here.

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