How to Mow Your Lawn Faster

Many homeowners abhor lawn mowing simply because it tends to be tedious and time consuming most of the time. Nevertheless, lawn mowing is important if you want to maintain an attractive lawn. If you leave your lawn unattended for a long time it may grow uncontrollably thus giving you even a harder time whenever you decide to tame it.

The quickest way to mow your lawn is by minimizing the number of turns you make with your mower to as few as possible. The fastest method to cut your lawn mowing time may vary depending on the size and the shape of your property but you will find this article very helpful in helping you to reduce this time as much as possible without compromising on the quality your work.

Start With a String Trimmer

Use a gas or electric or even a cordless string trimmer before you start mowing. Get all the weeds out of the way and trim the edges. Make sure to have a good quality trimmer line on your weed eater, however it’s powered. You can even use a leaf blower to clear up the trimmings afterwards.

Take Into Account The Features Of Your Lawn.

Based on the landscape features of your lawn, your mowing method and the time taken to complete the task will vary greatly. If your yard has features such as a flower garden, ornate trees, landscaping rocks or a path, you can save time by starting with such areas. For instance, if you have a flowers bed in the middle of your yard, mow around this area before you move to a regular mowing pattern.

Mow In Rows

Mowing in rows is faster and a more efficient way to mow your lawn. However, the direction of your rows will determine how fast mow. If you have an expansive lawn, mow in horizontal rows. Mowing horizontally will decrease the number of turns you will be require to make with your lawn mower hence you will finish your work faster. If your lawn has a bigger length than the width, make sure you mow parallel to the width to reduce your turn over time as much as possible. This will ensure you make as few turns as possible with your mower.

Mow In a Concentric Pattern.

If you find that mowing in a row patterns does not reduce your mowing time considerably, you can consider mowing in a circular pattern. You will follow the same principle- that is limiting the number of turns you make. You will also find that your turns while mowing are in the same direction which improve your mowing speed considerably.

Another advantage of mowing in a concentric circular pattern is the fact that the turns are gentle therefore it will be easier to maneuver with your lawn. Mowing in concentric circle will also make is it easier to mow around any obstacles such as a flower bed or an ornament tree present in the middle of your lawn.

Double Spiral Pattern

While the circular mowing pattern is faster and more efficient you will finish at the center of the lawn which is undesirable since you will leave tire tracks and trampled vegetation when moving the mower. To avoid this, a double spiral pattern is more ideal pattern. In this pattern you will follow a similar pattern to the concentric pattern while leaving subsequent circle unmown.

Once you reach the middle of the lawn you will turn your mower around and go back to cut the unmown circles which you skipped during the first round. This type of interlaced mowing will ensure you finish mowing the lawn at the exact comer where you started. This pattern of lawn mowing will leave your yard more aesthetically appealing.

More Tips To Help You Mow Your Lawn Faster

When using either of the three mowing patterns make sure you overlap your lines slightly to ensure you don’t leave patches of uncut grass in the lawn. You can use an object placed on the side of your lawn to mark your lines to ensure you work faster without wasting time on already covered spots.

Park your motorized wheelbarrow or utility cart close to the edge of a previously mowed portion adjacent to the section you are mowing. This will reduce the distance you need to walk to empty the cuttings collected, and therefore reduce the time it takes.

You can also reduce your mowing time by raising the height raise of your mower to ensure you cut only a portion of the grass’ height. This will ensure you don’t scrape off the grass completely. Most mowers including the Poulan Pro mower reviewed here have this feature. Although you will be required to mow more often, it will help you to reduce your mowing sessions thus you will save time in the long run.

Make sure you don’t spend too much time cutting around the perimeter of your lawn. Instead, cut the grass in any of the three patterns then continue to work around the perimeter of the lawn. This way you will be quicker and you will not have to compromise on the appearance of your lawn. You should also avoid cutting wet grass if possible. If you have to cut wet grass make sure you raise the height of you mower and move slower than usual to minimize blockage of the blades.

Finally, remember to invest in a good lawn mower because it will not only come in handy in reducing your mowing time but it will also ensure your lawn is more attractive after mowing.