DeWalt 20v Trimmer Review

Most of us don’t really like the idea of spending hours in our yards, clearing out weeds. Even with the right tools, the job can still be pretty tedious. That is, it used to be. Now, you can get it done pretty quickly when you are using the DeWalt DCST920P1 brushless string trimmer. This is …

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Husqvarna 445 vs Husqvarna 450

Husqvarna makes some of the most popular chainsaws around with models catering for everything from the casual novice user to an experienced contractor. Two of their most popular mid-range machines are the 445 and 450 18” gas powered saws which are very similar with just a couple of differences, mainly in the engine and power …

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How to Mow Your Lawn Faster

Many homeowners abhor lawn mowing simply because it tends to be tedious and time consuming most of the time. Nevertheless, lawn mowing is important if you want to maintain an attractive lawn. If you leave your lawn unattended for a long time it may grow uncontrollably thus giving you even a harder time whenever you …

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Mantis Tiller Review. 7940 4 Cycle Garden Tiller

The original 2-cycle tiller, introduced back in the 1980s, was treated as something of a gimmick when it first came out. Most keen gardeners, particularly men, thought it was not going to be up to the job and preferred to stick to pushing their trusty old and heavy machines around.